WooRank Review: SEO Website Analysis Made Easy

woorank review

In an industry filled with countless SEO software solutions, WooRank is slowly climbing its way to the top. But is WooRank worth all the attention it’s getting? Is it everything it’s made up to be?

Or should you consider another tool altogether?

Let’s find out in this WooRank review.


WooRank has to be commended for having a clean and simple interface. It makes it very easy for beginners to maximize their site’s SEO right away.


Analyzing your site or competitor’s SEO health using WooRank is a breeze. Check the most important on-page factors you need to be aware of about.


This tool walks users through the setup phase. That makes WooRank less intimidating to use – if not too easy – especially for people without SEO experience.


It has everything you need to get started to optimize your site. However, advanced users might find WooRank much too basic and ultimately not enough.

What is WooRank?

Are you looking for a tool that lets you scan pages or domains (whether it be yours or your competitor’s) and run an exhaustive SEO analysis of each one?

That’s exactly what WooRank does in a nutshell.

When you sign up for the tool, you’ll get access to various tools that are there to help you assess a site’s SEO performance through detailed reporting. You can then download a copy of the report for further analysis or future reference.

WooRank Features

What tools do you have at your disposal? Here’s a quick rundown of everything WooRank has to offer its members.

WooRank Projects

This feature lets you enter the domain you want to monitor and assess. You have to create a project immediately after signup to begin using WooRank.

my projects and reviews on woorank

WooRank Projects allows you to keep your different campaigns organized. It comes in handy especially if you’re working with different clients.

Keyword Tool

The built-in keyword tool lets you enter keywords that you want to monitor. It helps with optimizing your site for terms that you want to rank for.

woorank keyword tool

To make the results more precise to your needs, you can set what Google domain you want WooRank to monitor. If you’re in the United States, for example, then you should set the domain to that region. 

As of this writing, WooRank is beta testing a feature that lets you enter a city, country, or state to target.

Site Crawl

Site Crawl is the feature that lets you scan a page for possible SEO issues that your domain could come across. 

woorank site crawl

There are four main tools under Site Crawl. These are On-Page, HTTP Status, Indexing, and Canonical. 

Note: When you run Site Crawl, the results could take up to 48 hours to show up.

Page Reviews

Page Reviews is where you go to find the SEO report provided by WooRank. As soon as you open Page Reviews, you’ll find the page’s overall score. You’re also given visual indicators to let you know how many checklist items you passed, need to improve upon, or fix immediately.

page reviews and audits using woorank

It checks your on-page SEO, indexing, mobile performance, structured data, security, performance, technology (server uptime, server IP, etc.), branding, domain status, off-page SEO (backlinks), traffic source, local SEO, and social media profiles.

The Marketing Checklist lets you know exactly what needs to be done and how to go about accomplishing these tasks.

marketing checklist in woorank

Sales Tools

WooRank makes it so easy to send reports to clients and potential business leads. You can download reports as PDFs with a click of a button. 

WooRank Review: SEO Website Analysis Made Easy 1

Note: You’ll need to upgrade to the Premium version of the tool to download PDF files.

WooRank Extension

The WooRank Chrome Extension makes it possible to grade sites straight from your browser.

WooRank Review: SEO Website Analysis Made Easy 2

It’s an easy way to assess your competition and see what they’re doing right or wrong as far as SEO goes.

How to Use WooRank

Step 1: Choose a Project

After signing up for an account, you are asked to start a project. This is where you enter your domain you want to track.

When you click Create New, you’re given two options: Start a Project or Create a Review. The former lets you track keywords, crawl the page for issues, or monitor your competition. The latter option would let you check the page for basic SEO factors. WooRank will then give the page a score so you have a better idea of where it currently stands.

starting out with woorank

For the sake of this review, let’s create a project for The Washington Post just as an example. 

Step 2: Start a Page Review

In the sidebar, you’d find a list of all the tools that you have access to. Click Page Reviews.

woorank page reviews

Once you’re in, you can add specific internal pages. By doing so, you can review them the same way you do for your homepage. 

on=page on woorank

Step 3: Add Keywords

Next, head on over to the Keyword Tool. Add keywords that you want to rank for. WooRank will monitor these terms and show you the keyword volume, position in SERPs, CPC, and URL of the ranking page.

adding keywords on woorank

You can download your keyword information as a CSV file afterward.

Note: It may take a while for WOoRank to collect the keyword data.

Step 4: Crawl Your Site

Click Site Crawl on the sidebar. Make sure you run the first crawl to gain a better understanding of your site’s SEO status.

Use this feature to see if you have 404 errors or any other type of HTTP status that could cause your site to go down in the search results.

Step 5: Update Your Project Settings

Under Project Settings, you can sync your WooRank account with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Facebook account.

WooRank Review: SEO Website Analysis Made Easy 3

This is also the section where you enter your competitors’ domains. You can enter up to three domains for a side-by-side analysis when compared using the Keyword Tool.

Step 6: Download Your Report

As mentioned earlier, you can download your report in PDF format. Keyword Tool results can be exported as a spreadsheet.

WooRank Pricing

At the moment, WooRank has three pricing options. The simplest one, Pro, costs $59.99/month. For that price, you can create one project, track 50 keywords, and analyze up to 2,500 pages.

The Premium plan costs $179.99/month. This plan lets you manage up to five websites, track 250 keywords, and analyze up to 10,000 pages. This plan also unlocks unlimited PDF reports.

The Enterprise plan is available for large teams that need the ability to manage more than five projects. This would also up the keywords that you can track. You’ll have to contact WooRank to get a quote.

woorank pricing

There is a significant discount for those who’d choose to sign up for the yearly billing cycle. For example, the Pro plan would go down to $39.17/month if billed annually.

WooRank Review: Pros and Cons

WooRank has its share of pros and cons just like any SEO tool. Do the cons outweigh the pros? How does WooRank compare to other SEO software solutions like Moz and SEMrush?

Let’s find out.

PRO: WooRank Has Great UX/UI

WooRank has a clean interface that’s easy for anyone to understand. Everything is self-explanatory. First-time users won’t feel overwhelmed.

my projects and reviews - woorank

All the tools you’ll need are in the sidebar. At no point does the interface get cluttered. 

CON: Analysis Takes Too Long

This could be a temporary issue but right now, the analysis takes a long time to finish.

keyword rankings on woorank

This could discourage people from using the product. Having to wait for hours (or days even) to get your first analysis is frustrating.

WooRank Review: SEO Website Analysis Made Easy 4

PRO: Easy to use

It seems like the WooRank team has gone out of its way to make the tool easy to use. 

Setting up WooRank won’t cause any headache as WooRank does a great job of walking users through the setup process. 

CON: Features Are Lacking

Experienced marketers might find some of the features too basic. WooRank does provide sufficient data for webmasters and entrepreneurs to make informed decisions about what to do with their site. And the instructions provided by WooRank will help them improve their SEO.

However, when compared to all-in-one SEO software companies, WooRank leaves a lot to be desired. And when you consider that the Pro and Premium versions put a limit on how many projects and keywords you can track, WooRank might be a tough sell. 

PRO: Pricing

Given how expensive some SEO tools can be (there’s even software that cost upwards of $100), WooRank might make a good tool for those who are diving into SEO for the first time. 

CON: Con: PDF White-Label Reports Are Only Available in Premium Plan

WooRank makes a big deal of its white-label reports. However, it should be said that the unlimited white-label reports feature is only available when you sign up for the Premium plan. 

woorank unlimted pdf downloads for premium account holders only

So if you’re a Pro user, you’re out of luck.


So how does WooRank compare to other SEO tools out there?

While Moz is definitely more expensive (plans start at $99) than WooRank, the former does make up for it with its many features. 

But even putting features aside, the fact that Moz has built a great community of SEO experts you could consult with and it has tons of training resources in their library makes the price worth every penny.

While both tools have mostly the same features (with SEMrush having slightly more), SEMrush is the better choice for those that need to incorporate PPC campaigns into their overall strategy.

SEMrush also has the benefit of having more means of contact in case you have any questions about the product.

Moz is one of the longest-running SEO tools in the market. It can do everyone you need to help optimize your site. Its keyword research and on-page SEO analyzer are great tools for improve the SEO performance of all your pages. Its Link Analysis is another popular feature that identifies the quality of a website based on its link profile.

In some ways, Moz arguably works better than WooRank in this respect. However, Moz lacks WooRank’s sales tool, which makes generating and closing leads much easier.


WooRank Review: Convenient Website Analysis Tool But with Shortcomings

Rafael Rivera



First off, you can’t deny how clean and professional WooRank looks and feels. And because it’s so simple to use, everyone can sign up for an account and set it up within minutes.

All you have to do is enter your domain and keywords. After that, you’re off to the races. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


Its simplicity might also be its downfall. Using the tool, you’d find that there aren’t that many options to play with. It does a great job of giving you basic information about your site’s SEO. And honestly, for most users, this would be enough.

But those who are used to using other SEO tools might not make the transition to WooRank. There’s also the issue of having to wait for a long time before WooRank is able to provide you with data. This might be unacceptable for some marketers.

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use SEO tool though, WooRank is a safe bet.