What Is the Best Link Building Strategy Out There?

There’s no such thing as one size fits all when building links. There are many link-building strategies and tactics available out there. And although most experts prefer guest blogging to other methods, it doesn’t mean that it’s the best for everyone. 

I would pick something broader than guest posting and create content in general for others and my own site.

I’ll show you different content marketing tactics you can apply from this post. And also share some other strategies outside this method. 

The Power of Content Marketing Strategy 

A good content marketing strategy involves consistently planning, writing, and distributing relevant content via social media and search. Its primary purpose is to attract, convert, and retain customers.

But aside from that, content marketing is also a great method to rank higher on Google and become a known expert on your niche by getting authoritative links pointing to your site. These links are known as backlinks or inbound links. 

Why Content Marketing? 

what is the best link-building strategy out there

Since the two main factors in getting a high ranking on Google is content and links, the best way to obtain backlinks is to create and publish “linkable” resources. You’ll attract readers, sharers, as well as other professionals once you focus on providing and promoting blog posts that are outstanding, relatable, and unique. 

The good thing about this strategy is that there are so many linking tactics available for you to try. I can’t name all of them, but here are some of the best ones:

Case studies

Case studies are great examples of useful and original content that can get you backlinks.

A case study is a real-world example of how a particular idea or strategy is implemented. It helps prove the value of a concept by showing how it has already been used successfully in other situations.

By writing case studies, you are helping other websites provide valuable information to their readers. In return, they will link back to you. 

Here’s an example of a good case study written by Pat Ahern:

What Is the Best Link Building Strategy Out There? 1

By sharing how he helped a client scale their business through link-building in a short period, Pat was able to get 77 backlinks with 64% do-follow.

What Is the Best Link Building Strategy Out There? 2
Results from Ahref’s Backlink Checker

The article also appears on the 3rd spot of Google search when you type “link-building case study.”

What Is the Best Link Building Strategy Out There? 3

Original Research 

Besides publishing case studies, conducting surveys and providing original research can help your content stand out. And as it can help support writers’ and bloggers’ claims, it can help you build links. 


Because an article stating that something is a fact but can’t show any proof to support it won’t be as effective as one backed up with data. Original research blog posts work as resource pages for them.

Coming up with a new topic that other websites haven’t touched might be impossible. However, instead of simply getting answers from questions they have already answered, you may try to look at the topics from a different angle and aim for a more unique or specific result. 

Just look at these two studies from Adobe and Backlinko. They are both about voice search, but they approached the topic differently. 

Doing original research and conducting interviews, studies, or surveys might be more difficult than the others on this list, but once you publish a helpful resource page for sites, it will surely boost your backlinks. In addition, you will be seen by people as a credible expert as you’re providing your own unique and fresh content to them. 

Long-form Content or Pillar Pages

Although not all long-form contents are pillar pages, they both provide an in-depth explanation or guide about a specific topic. Search engines, especially Google, love them. They are good for SEO and can help you get more organic traffic. 

Other than that, these two can help with your internal link-building tactic.


When you create long-form content, chances are you’ll mention important terms or facts that your readers are unfamiliar with. Explaining it to them on the same page won’t be a good idea as the words may not align with the current topic and might create confusion. 

You can create content that focuses on that certain term instead and link it to your long-form content. 

Just like what SEMrush did with their blog “On-Page SEO: An In-Depth Guide.” 

What Is the Best Link Building Strategy Out There? 6

Somewhere down the content, the writer mentioned about off-page SEO. And even if there’s a short description about it, he put a link that points to a more comprehensive guide about off-page SEO. This way, readers can click the anchor text if they’re interested to know more. 

What Is the Best Link Building Strategy Out There? 7

Guest posting 

I’m sure you’ve heard about writing a guest post. But in case you haven’t, it’s creating and publishing content on other relevant websites to share your knowledge with their audience and gain traffic and backlinks. 

Guest blogging is one of the most popular link-building strategies out there. Aside from earning you high-quality links from credible sites, it also helps establish your name or business online and build your network. 

There are so many benefits that a guest post can offer. That’s the reason why the majority of experts still prefer it to others. 


As far as link baiting and social media are concerned, visual content is more powerful than plain text. People are more inclined to link to pages that offer attractive and comprehensive infographics. It is because they are easier to remember and digest. A study shows that visuals can boost data retention by 78%

If you haven’t already, you should consider creating infographics and other visual elements like videos and GIFs to help readers digest your content and encourage links to your site. 

Skyscraper technique

Brian Dean of Backlinko introduced this strategy.

What Is the Best Link Building Strategy Out There? 8

With the skyscraper technique, you assess popular content under the same niche and see what sites they link to. After that, you can choose one from those links, identify the weaknesses or gaps with their content and publish a better version of it on your website. 

Once you’re confident with it, you can now reach multiple sites that can use your content and show why it’s better than what they’re currently linking to. 

Although some sites failed to build more links using the skyscraper technique, some succeeded. A good example is this case study about a SaaS company that grew its organic traffic by 36%. 

What Is the Best Link Building Strategy Out There? 9

Besides content marketing, here are some other 

  1. Broken link-building 
What Is the Best Link Building Strategy Out There? 10

This strategy refers to finding broken links to other sites that you can take advantage of. 

To replace broken links, you can connect with the site owners via email and offer your content as a replacement. In this strategy, you need to ensure that your blog post is high-quality and good enough to link to. 

You can use the  Broken Link Checker of Ahrefs for free to identify if your prospect’s relevant page has a broken link. 

2. Unlinked Brand Mentions

If your business has been around for quite some time, and you feel that some sites that mentioned your brand didn’t link to your site, this is the perfect link-building method for you. 

All you need to do is locate these mentions, connect with the author or site owner and request if they can put a link that will direct their readers to yours. 

Target sites with good domain authority first, as they have more power in boosting your search engine rankings. 

Manually looking for brand mentions may take you forever as search engines will show you millions of results. The easier way is to use tools like BrandMentions or Ahref’s Content Explorer.

3. Targeting Your Competitors’ Backlinks 

Another effective strategy is doing backlink research of your direct competitors, analyzing their links, and choosing their referring domains from which you can get links. 

You can also find backlink gaps. These are relevant links that you and your competitors aren’t targeting. SEMrush is a great tool to find them easily. All you need to do is enter your site and four of your direct competitors on their Backlink Gap Tool, and it will show you untapped opportunities you can utilize for your link-building campaign.


Although publishing content is powerful for link-building, it’s only part of the equation. The other half is sharing, promoting, and marketing it.

The more people and websites that share your content, the more links you build. So remember them when planning and creating anything online. 

Which of the following strategy is your favorite? Let us know!

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