Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools?

ubersuggest review

Ubersuggest is a known name when it comes to keyword research. And honestly, its reputation is well-deserved. Its simplicity makes it accessible to just about anyone.

But can it compete in a market that’s already saturated with keyword research tools?

In this SEO tool review, we’ll show you what Ubersuggest can do. We’ll also explore its pros and cons as well as its pricing. This should help you decide if Ubersuggest is the right SEO tool for your SEO campaign or if you should try your luck elsewhere.


This SEO tool is about as simple and clean as they come. It’s a great choice for beginners.


It can quickly provide you with fresh keyword options to pursue. Content Ideas is a plus.


It does lack a few features but it has enough to set you in the right direction.


It does provide basic metrics to help you gauge a keyword’s worth. But it could do better.

What Is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is made available to us through Neil Patel, an online marketing guru who’s made a name for himself in the SEO community.

His promise? 

To help you win the game of SEO.

That’s quite a bold claim. But Ubersuggest does have the features and the potential to get you across the finish line.

The said features give you a better understanding of your pages. Not only do they assess your page quality, but they also show you ways you can build on what you’ve already started.

Ubersuggest Features

At its core, Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool. It provides words and phrases you could use to better optimize your site.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 1

But it’s also much more than that. The Keyword Overview section alone makes that perfectly clear. Ubersuggest lays out key information about the seed keyword you entered.

Just below that, you’ll see how many people click on the SEO results for the term as well as their age range.

Scroll down a bit further and you’ll find keyword suggestions along with metrics so you can gauge their value.

You can even get content ideas based on the top-performing pages that relate to your search term.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of this tool’s features.

Keyword Ideas

Discover new terms to use for your SEO campaign through the Keywords Ideas feature. 

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 2

The keyword suggestions Ubersuggest provides can fall under five categories. They could be straight up suggestions. But there are also related keywords, keywords in the form of questions, keywords that include prepositions, or they could be comparisons.

All words and phrases have metrics like search volume, cost per click, paid difficulty, and SEO difficulty.

Over on the side, you’ll find additional information about the seed keyword you entered. To be more specific, it’ll tell you the top pages that rank for the keyword and what’s their average number of backlinks and domain scores.

Content Ideas

Even when you have keyword ideas, you might run into trouble coming up with new post ideas. That’s where Content Ideas come into play.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 3

It’ll take some of the most popular posts around your keyword and puts them in a list. Here you can see their estimated visits, number of backlinks, and their social media stats (Facebook and Pinterest).

Domain Overview

Domain Overview works the same way as Keyword Overview. But as the name suggests, this feature targets a specific domain.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 4

After you enter a domain, Ubersuggest will show how many organic keywords it ranks for, what its organic monthly traffic is, the domain score, and its total number of backlinks. It’ll even tell you how many of those backlinks are no-follow.

Scroll down and you’ll find more information like the domain’s SEO keywords ranking, top SEO pages, and SEO keywords.

Top Pages

Top Pages will expand on the top-performing pages mentioned in the Domain Overview.   

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 5

This feature shows which pages bring in the most traffic for the domain you entered. You can sort the results by country.

The results themselves reveal the page title, their URL, the estimated number of visits, number of backlinks, as well as their Facebook and Pinterest shares.

Domain Keywords

This feature works just like Keyword Ideas. Only this time, it’ll show you the keywords that the entered domain ranks for. 

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 6

Site Audit

Ubersuggest also provides features that let you assess your site. One of them is the Site Audit.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 7

Here you can see what factors prevent your domain from ranking higher in the SERPs.


The Backlinks feature is where you can find information about the sites that point to your pages.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 8

You can use the provided metrics to gauge the quality of every backlink. You can use domain score, page score, link type (image or text), or the anchor text used.

How to Use Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is very easy to use. You can work with Ubersuggest even if you’ve never used an SEO tool before.

Everything is laid out for you which makes using the tool so intuitive.

Here’s how you can get started.

Step #1: Spy on Your Competitors

Normally, you’d want to start with keyword research. But if you know who your competitors are, you might want to look at the keywords they currently rank for.

For this, you’d want to jump to Traffic Analyzer > Keywords.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 9

Scroll through the search results to find which terms are a great fit for your brand. You’d want keywords that have high search volume but have low SEO difficulty. This will improve your chances of success.

Step #2: Expand Your Keyword List

After lifting keyword ideas from competitors, that’s when you go into Keyword Ideas. 

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 10

When you try ranking for a keyword, you don’t stop at one term. You want to populate a page with contextual keywords to let Google know what your page is all about.

That’s why you need to add related terms.

Click the Related tab to find additional keyword opportunities to add to your posts.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 11

If you want to rank for voice searches, adding questions will definitely help. 

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 12

Or you could use keywords that include prepositions instead. There’s also Comparisons that shows keywords where your seed term is compared to a related product or category.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 13

Step #3: Perform a Site Audit

Before you start drafting your content, you might want to use this opportunity to audit your website.

A site audit is a quick way of understanding your domain better. Ubersuggest’s Site Audit, in particular, has gone out of its way to make audits more manageable.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 14

You’ll find all the errors that Ubersuggest finds categorized by severity. Urgent issues that you need to address immediately are labeled as Critical Errors. Less severe issues are under Warnings while the rest come up as recommendations.

Clicking View All will reveal the specific issues your domain faces. 

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 15

And clicking Learn More will give you a description of what the error is and what you can do to fix it.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 16

Step #4: Create or Update Content

Once you have your target keywords and made sure that your domain does not have critical errors, you can go ahead and draft new content. You can also use this opportunity to update your older posts.

Use the Content Ideas feature to look for inspiration. 

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 17

What you’ll see are top-performing pages with indicators on how great they are. The Estimated Visits column will show how roughly many visits a site gets from Google. Not all entries will have huge numbers but they’re still included in the list based on their social media digits.

The list will also show you how many backlinks each entry received.

Pages with high monthly visits and Facebook and Pinterest numbers are great candidates. You’ll want to focus on these topics since the metrics show that people love these topics.

Step #5: Look for Backlinks

Once you’ve published your content, you want to look for sites that could link back to you. But you don’t want just any site. What you want are high-value domains — those with great authority in your niche.

Again, you can use your competitor’s information against them.

The Backlinks feature will reveal sites that linked back to your competitors. Since they gave your competitors backlinks, that means they’re open to giving links to sites within your niche.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 18

Visit these domains and see if they accept guest post opportunities. If not, maybe they’re open to adding resource materials or doing collaborations.

See if there’s a way you can work with them in any capacity (anything short of paying for links, of course) in exchange for a backlink.  

Use the metrics provided to find sources with a high domain or page score.

If you want, you can filter the list to only show sites that give do-follow backlinks. No-follow links are not crawled by Google so they’re not worth seeking.

Ubersuggest Pricing

As far as SEO tools go, Ubersuggest is one of the most affordable ones. The Individual plan starts at just $12/month. The Business plan is $20/month while the Enterprise/Agency plan is $40/month.

Ubersuggest Review: Does It Win The Game Of SEO Tools? 19

But here’s the kicker:

Ubersuggest has a one-time lifetime offer. You can pay $120 for the Individual plan, $200 for Business, and $400 for Enterprise/Agency. And yes, you’d get all subsequent updates to Ubersuggest.


For SEO newbies, Ubersuggest is sufficient enough to help you develop a strategy for growing your site’s or client’s organic traffic.

However, if you want a similar tool that can do more in terms of SEO, you can look at some of the top Ubersuggest alternatives below:


semrush link building

SEMrush is one of the most popular online marketing tools in the market. It offers more features to help you research for better keywords and create greater content. At the same time, the tool lets you find link opportunities to help round up your SEO strategy. You can launch an outreach campaign from the tool and monitor the results.



Ahrefs is the top dog as far as SEO tools is concerned. It has the largest content, link, keyword database among the different tools, thus providing you with the best and accurate data for your research. The only thing going against it is the cost ($99/month with strict limitations), which makes Ubersuggest attractive for budget-conscious SEOs.



If you want an even better keyword research tool, KWFinder is for you. As part of the Mangools SEO toolset, this feature provides highly accurate keyword data such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and more to help you decide which set of keywords you should target next for your content campaign.

Ubersuggest Review: Pros and Cons

Here’s a short roundup of Ubersuggest’s advantages and disadvantages.

Pro: Ubersuggest Is Great for Content Creators

Content creators—especially freelancers—don’t necessarily deal with on-page optimization and SEO factors of that nature. They mostly need access to keyword suggestions, content ideas, and backlink opportunities.

So in that regard, Ubersuggest is more than enough to meet their demands.

Con: Ubersuggest Lacks Advanced Features

Ubersuggest sorely lacks features that advanced SEO users expect to find in a premium SEO tool.

For example, some SEO tools have advanced filter options that help refine searches based on your goals.

Pro: Ubersuggest Is Easy to Use

Anyone can pick up Ubersuggest and start a campaign in minutes. It’s a fantastic starting tool for those who have never used one before.

The recommendations under Site Audit even explains—in simple terms—what you need to do to improve your on-page SEO.

Con: Ubersuggest Only Has Basic Metrics

Keyword volume, cost per click, paid difficulty, and SEO difficulty — that’s all you get. To be fair, this might already be enough for some users. But if you’re looking to switch from a more advanced SEO tool, this is something you should be aware of.

Pro: Ubersuggest Is Affordable

Not only are the monthly plans cost-efficient, but there’s also a one-time payment option on the table. If you’re sick of paying recurring fees, Ubersuggest might be the right tool for you.

Con: Ubersuggest Has Data Caps

While Ubersuggest is far from the only SEO tool that caps data, it’s still worth noting. 

The entry-level plan, for example, only lets you track 100 keywords per project. And the Site Audit feature only crawls 1,000 pages.

The cap limit goes up as you upgrade to higher-tier plans. 


Rafael Rivera



So, is Ubersuggest the right tool to purchase? 

Ubersuggest is perfectly fine for people who need a quick way to research new keywords and come up with new post ideas. 

But as a replacement to an all-in-one SEO tool? It’s hard to recommend. It simply lacks some of the features that can take your SEO strategy to a whole new level.