Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass Review: Topics Covered, Who It’s For and More

One way to stand out from the sea of average content writers is to provide SEO content services that will drive results to your clients.

But how? 

While it’s true that you can learn everything online for free, it will take you years without the guidance of professionals who already know what to do. 

So I’d like to recommend this SEO writing course created by the Surfer team.

In this unbiased masterclass review, I’ll be discussing what it is about, the topics covered in the module videos, who the course is for (hint: not just for “writers”), pros and cons, as well as some of my thoughts about Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass. Let’s get started!

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass can provide you with all the SEO information you need in a structured and efficient way.

The main goal of this SEO Writing Masterclass by Surfer is to help you get a massive advantage over average copywriters by teaching you in-depth search engine optimization.

The module and content of the course go beyond the writing phase. It discusses how to build an effective content strategy, keyword research and prioritization, the different stages of content creation, and how to increase your wages for your content.


Tomasz and Karolina are professional marketers, and they both have backgrounds in SEO and content writing. You know that they can offer you actual best practices and not just learnings based on the book.

Plus, they consulted other professionals on the Surfer team to provide the best quality lessons out there.

My Personal Experience

SEO Writing Certificate

I took the course last February as they offered free limited-time access. And I can say that it is one of the best courses that I have taken. It isn’t because I need to write this review, but I learned a lot of new things that are very helpful not only for writers offering content services but also for content marketers or anyone interested in SEO.

What Are The Topics Covered?

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass Review: Topics Covered, Who It’s For and More 1

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass has a total of 3 modules plus a bonus one added recently.

Let’s take a detailed look at each one of them.

Module 1: Content strategy and keyword research

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass Review: Topics Covered, Who It’s For and More 2

Learn about the foundations of content creation and the basic knowledge you’ll need to offer better services from Module 1.

This SEO optimization process module will teach you how to find relevant topics for your audience, do keyword research, and improve your website’s authority by utilizing and planning topic clusters.

After this module, you’ll have a clear grasp of the stage of awareness, content strategy, and keyword research.

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Module 2: Four phases of SEO writing

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass Review: Topics Covered, Who It’s For and More 3

The second module dives deeper into teaching how to produce optimized and relevant content for your audience. The four phases of SEO writing are discover, write, convert, and optimize, all of which you can easily do using Surfer SEO Content Editor.

Here’s what you’ll learn from the different phases:

Discover Phase

  • The pre-writing stage.
  • You’ll learn how to identify your audience’s search intent, conduct keyword research, create an outline and guidelines for words, phrases, and content structure, and more.

Writing Phase

  • Unlike other writing courses, Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass won’t teach you how to write better.
  • This phase will guide you on how to optimize title tag, meta description, and images and identify the top 3 essential guidelines that you should follow to enhance your content.

Conversion Phase

  • After creating optimized content, you’ll learn how to turn readers into potential customers. Your effort as an SEO writer doesn’t end in creating content. You must help your client get leads.

Optimization Phase

  • The last part of the four phases will guide you on how to optimize your existing content. Building your website’s authority isn’t only about creating new content. It’s learning how to enhance your existing content’s rankings with Google search.

Module 3: Increase wages for your content services

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass Review: Topics Covered, Who It’s For and More 4

It’s time for the most exciting part, knowing how you can charge more.

This module teaches practical steps that you can follow and apply. But there’s one thing that you should never forget – your focus shouldn’t be about the money, but how you can deliver more for your clients.

Module 3 will let you realize that it’s possible to charge more as a writer. But you’ll need to change how you offer your services.

Bonus: Bulletproof Content Strategy

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass Review: Topics Covered, Who It’s For and More 5

This module is a recorded webinar video that is divided into five parts, including the Q&A session. The hosts discuss the future of SEO content creation, how to use their Surfer tools for that, internal linking, and advance tips and tricks that Surfer subscribers can use.

Who is this for?

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass Review: Topics Covered, Who It’s For and More 6

Although I mentioned content and copywriters multiple times, this masterclass isn’t only for them. It is also for:

  • In-house content writers and marketers.
  • SEO specialists who still rely on obsolete tactics.
  • People interested in SEO or use SEO as part of their job.

Pros & Cons of Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass

PROS: Detailed and digestible lessons.

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass Review: Topics Covered, Who It’s For and More 7

I like the length of each lesson. Although videos on the bonus module are around 20 minutes each, the longest video in the main module is only 11 mins. And I think that’s bearable. The instructors also provide practical examples and show how you can use Surfer SEO to offer better content.

PROS: Lifetime access, deals, and certificates.

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass Review: Topics Covered, Who It’s For and More 8

Although it’ll still boil down to how you can apply your specialty, having a certificate from a trusted software company can boost your credibility as a writer. It also shows that you’re willing to learn and improve on your craft.

I also like that once you buy the course, you’ll get lifetime access and course updates.

Plus, after the course, you’ll get a special promo of 30-day surfer access for only $1! I think this is a great way to practice what you’ve learned. I even purchased it and experienced how useful their software is. Check this Surfer SEO review if you’d like to know more about the software before availing of the promo.

CONS: Some parts were incomprehensible.

The audio quality of the lesson was excellent, but there were times when I couldn’t catch some of the instructors’ words. I think it’s because of their accent.

BUT don’t worry! They already took action and fixed this. They now provide subtitles for the writing masterclass, and it’s a huge help!

PROS: Lifetime course update.

They recently added a bonus module of the recorded webinar they conducted around March. And the speaker also promised that they would update the content of the course, which is good because SEO and Google Algorithm are constantly changing.

CONS: Not so interactive.

If you’re someone who likes courses that have assignments, polls, and quizzes, you might be disappointed because Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass doesn’t give any of the three.

Pricing & Inclusion

Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass Review: Topics Covered, Who It’s For and More 9

You need to pay a $199 one-time payment fee to get lifetime access to the Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass. This fee includes:

  • E-certificate after completion
  • Access to lifetime course update
  • 28 main lessons + bonus lessons
  • 3 main modules + bonus module
  • Special Surfer deal
  • 14 days money-back guarantee

Conclusion: Is Surfer SEO Writing Masterclass Worth It?

Yes. It definitely is.

If you want to learn how to write SEO-friendly content, improve your copywriting skills and make your clients happier, this is the perfect course for you.

It’s excellent for beginners who want to start on the right foot AND experienced writers who need some refreshers on the latest best practices for SEO. So sign up now! You won’t regret it!