Surfer SEO Review: The Best SEO Copywriting Tool in the Planet!


On-page optimization helps you build a solid SEO foundation for your site. The task is daunting, Surfer SEO simplifies the process by allowing you to create content that is comparable to your top competitors. As a result, you increase your chances of ranking on top of SERPs for your keyword!


Type in your keywords and get all the data you need for creating valuable and SEO-friendly content in seconds. Plus, finding the right information for your keyword is not an issue.


You can research for keywords from the tool to analyze. Then you can find related keywords and questions you can mention in your content to help it provide more value to readers.


I love the mountains of data you get using the tool’s Keyword Analysis and Content Editor. But my small gripe is that the credits don’t carry over the next month if you don’t use them.


Surfer SEO uses data from Google SERPs, so you can be sure that you’re gathering information from the search engine itself. Learn how to leverage it and you can’t go wrong!

In this Surfer SEO review, you will find out why this is the best SEO copywriting tool in the market.

People are buzzing about this tool since last year. From personal experience, I can promise you that the hype is real.

Surfer SEO* truly helps you create data-driven and proven content guaranteed to rank for organic search!

But I’m getting ahead of myself – read below to learn the following:

  • What Surfer SEO is all about
  • What are the features of this tool
  • How to use Surfer SEO to create SEO-friendly content
  • Pros and cons of the tool
  • Who the tool is for and who shouldn’t use it

Let’s proceed!

Surfer SEO Review: Use SEO Data to Your Advantage!

Surfer SEO boasts features that content creators and copywriters will find useful for conducting content research and development. In fact, it’s one of the better content creation tools coming out of the woodwork to date.

So, if you haven’t tried out this tool, then you’re in for a treat! You will learn how to leverage Surfer SEO for optimizing content old and new!

Keyword Research

Surfer SEO’s Keyword Research tool helps you find the search volume of your keyword and related ideas you can use to optimize your content with.

To use this feature, click on the Keyword Research tab and just type the keyword on the search bar. Then find the keyword you typed in on the Keyword Research History and click it.

surfer seo keyword research

On the next page, you will see the similar keywords to your initial term.

surfer seo keyword research results

You can toggle the results to show Having same terms and Questions. This should help you broaden your keyword research and find other keywords to optimize in the same content or a different one.

To help you find the most relevant keywords to choose from the your initial keyword, refer to the SERP availability column to find terms with the highest correlation to your seed keyword.

Other than that, Surfer SEO’s Keyword Research is pretty simple and isn’t as sophisticated as other tools out there. For one, it doesn’t show you the keyword difficulty of the term, which is a vital component of every keyword research tool.

However, the great thing about Surfer SEO is you not only can manually the ease of difficulty of ranking for that keyword, but also the exact factors you must optimize for with your content!

This is where the SERP Analyzer comes in!

SERP Analyzer

Part of creating optimized content is to compare it with the top 10 results for your target keyword.

Normally, you’d want to manually open each page and identify what makes them rank far on organic search.

Now, this process would take hours to complete especially if the pages have thousands of words between them.

There are many factors that you need to watch out for that analyzing each page is just never time-efficient.

With Surfer SEO’s SERP Analyzer, you can analyze not 10 but 40 pages for the target keyword in a matter of minutes!

Once you signed up for an account, enter your keyword in the SERP Analyzer bar to commence analysis. You can also enter a URL of a page if you’re looking to analyze your competitors.

surferseo search bar

Also, make sure that you choose the right country for the tool to analyze the results from the correct Google database.

By default, it is set to United States. If you’re doing local SEO, you may need to specify the right country here.

Also, toggle between desktop or mobile search results to optimize your content for the appropriate device.

Once the analysis is complete, you will see something like this:

surferseo analysis

The SERP Analyzer shows the graph of the average number of words for every 10 pages ranking for the keyword you entered.  You can toggle the graph by ticking the boxes on the left sidebar.

What you need to focus on here now is how you can use the data provided here to create content that search engines and people love.

Here’s the breakdown of the different section that Surfer SEO analyzes:

  • Search Visibility – Shows the number of ranked keywords and estimated traffic that the page attracts
  • Backlinks – Reveals domains where you have backlinks
  • Structure – Arguably the most useful section for content creators. You can identify the different on-page SEO factors prevalent among the pages that appear for your keyword
  • Quality – Checks the variables that affect the speed of your site
  • Media –  Gives you the number of images that appear on the page

Now, if you check each section starting with Structure, you can see a rating bar on each variable.

surferseo structure section

The bar color for the variables under each section shows how important they are as a ranking factor.

Red to yellow for the bar colors means that the correlation of this variable in relation to SERPs ranges from 1-59%.

In other words, it does not carry enough weight as an on-page SEO factor!

In this case, the number of words isn’t a big deal in search results.

This means you can have less than a thousand words and still rank on the first page of SERPs.

What you need to focus on are variables with green bars or with a correlation of above 60%.

For example, when optimizing for the keyword “surfer seo review,” you need to focus on the different variables:

  • Missing common words and phrases
  • Exact keyword
  • Exact keyword density
  • Partial keywords

Thanks to SERP Analyzer, you increase its correlation with the top pages for the keywords by including them in your content. As a result, you boost your chances of ranking on the first page of search results!

Later on, we’ll talk about how to find these factors and more when creating SEO-friendly content.

Surfer SEO Content Editor

Surfer SEO’s Content Editor helps you optimize your content in real-time in reference to the most relevant on-page factors.

In fact, this is hands down Surfer SEO’s best feature yet!

To use this feature, click on the Content Editor on the menu and enter the keyword you want to rank for in SERPs.

surferseo content editor

Once done, click on the analyzed keyword to choose pages that you want to use as guidelines for creating your content.

surfer seo content editor results

By default, Surfer SEO will choose the top competing pages with the highest Content Score. In a nutshell, you want to write content that’s as good if not better than these pages.

The Content Score is one of Surfer SEO’s most important metrics. Using Surfer’s Content Editor, you must score at least 67 or higher to reach the green mark and stay competitive with the top-ranking pages for your keyword.

The score is computed by the number of times keywords and terms related to the keyword are mentioned in the score. If the post covers lots of these keyword, the higher your score will be (ideally).

surfer seo content editor terms

If the Missing common words and phrases variable has a high correlation to search rankings, then you need to include the words here in your content.

At the very least, the words and phrases here will help you brainstorm for topic ideas within your article.

Keep in mind, that just because the page has a high Content Score, doesn’t automatically mean it’ll rank on top of Google SERPs. The Content Score doesn’t take into consider off-page factors such as Authority, backlinks, and others that influence page ranking on SERPs.

Once you’ve chosen the pages, click “Save changes” to apply changes.

Scrolling down the page, you will also see the different factor you must follow for your content structure.

surfer seo content structure

This part takes the averages for the pages you selected and show them to you here.

To make your content comparable to the ones you’re tracking, you need to follow the data provided here.

At the same time, you can edit the settings to fit your needs. In this case, I tweaked the number of words to only 2,300.

Next, you will see words and phrases you must use on your content.

Next, you will see topics and questions you must discuss and answer on your content.

surfer seo topics and questions

The results will depend on the keyword you entered. Normally, head terms will have lots of questions and topics that you can discuss in your article.

What’s cool is that this section shows the search volume of each topic/question. Use this information to focus on topics with lots of monthly searches to help optimize your content even more.

Once finished, click “Finalize customization” to begin writing your post.

You will see the on-page factors on the right side of the text editor.

surfer seo content editor editor

This is important because the tool updates the factors as you type the content. If you add a heading or mention a term, the changes immediately reflect. It keeps you aware and conscious of how optimized your content is in relation to the most relevant factors.

If you have a copywriter who will write the article, you can either export the guidelines in .txt format that you can share with him/her. Or you can share the link to the Content Editor so they can write the post from there.

Once the content writing is done, you can export the content as HTML that you can paste on the text editor of your CMS.

Personally, I think this is an awesome feature and addition on Surfer SEO. It reminds me of MarketMuse without the exorbitant costs and SEMrush Writing Assistant but with better data.

That said, I’m confident to say that it’s better than both and it’s barely scratched the surface!

However, there’s a lot more work needed to make the Content Editor better than it is now.

For instance, when you want to insert an image in the editor, it only lets you enter the image alt image and not the actual image.

surferseo image alt

I understand the difficulty of managing the images from the editor and exporting them to a CMS. At this point, however, it’s better to just type the content and upload the images from your CMS and paste the finished product in the Content Editor.

That said, it would be great moving forward if Surfer SEO has a WordPress plugin (or Joomla extension) where users can see data from the Content Editor and edit accordingly plus upload the images from the CMS.

Learn more about the Content Editor, which unequivocally Surfer SEO’s best feature, by clicking here.

How to Create SEO-Friendly Content Using Surfer SEO

As mentioned, Surfer SEO is the best SEO copywriting tool available in the market.

For the SEO data it provides, there’s no excuse for you to not create content that Google loves!

The Content Editor is perhaps the easiest and best way to create content based on your target keyword.

However, while it’s still in beta mode and may undergo changes in the coming months, you can create SEO-friendly content using the Keyword Analysis.

We discussed that you can view the most relevant SEO factors to include in your content from the left sidebar.

What I didn’t mention yet is where you can find the common words and phrases as well as LSI keywords you can sprinkle into your content!

You can find it on the menu just below the graph.

Surfer SEO Review: The Best SEO Copywriting Tool in the Planet! 1

Use similar keywords

This refers to keywords that have a high correlation with the keyword you entered.

Clicking on this page will show you keywords that you can mention in your content to diversify your on-page SEO and hopefully rank for those as well.

Here’s what you will see for the keyword “data recovery software,” for example:

similar keywords from surferseo

It shows the keyword, search volume, and the number of pages from SERPs that mention the keyword in their content.

Use this data to identify other keywords to mention in your content and further optimize it!

Answer the Top Questions

To help create the best content that people will also love, you need to answer questions that people search for about the topic.

You can find these in the Questions page where you can see the question query, search volume, and the overlapping pages count.

questions surferseo

Some of the questions here repeat themselves, so it’s best to mention the question query with the most searches and answer it in your post.

If possible, use the questions and similar keywords as subheadings in your post to help improve the SEO signals of your content.

Use prominent words and phrases for topic ideas

You want to be talking about the things that the top pages for your target keywords discuss.

That’s where the Prominent words and phrases come into play!

Clicking here will show you the words and phrases that the posts on SERPs mention the most.

prominent words and phrases in surferseo

The data here shows you how often the word is mentioned in the top 10 results, how many times it’s been mentioned, and the overall density of the word in relation to its total word count.

The screenshot above shows the words you need to mention in your content. You can toggle the results to show the phrases.

prominent phrases surferseo

You can click on Popular Phrases to show the ones that appeared the most times and their respective densities.

popular phrases surferseo

Again, the purpose of this data is to show you the words and phrases that you need to mention in your content.

Focus on those with the highest densities among the top 10 pages and type them out in your content.

You can also export all the results from here into a CSV file to create content briefs for your writers.

Analyzing the Competition Using Surfer SEO

While I truly believe that Surfer SEO is arguably the best SEO copywriting tool on the planet, its additional features are nothing to scoff at!

I’m talking about its Search Visibility features.

You can spy on your competitors by finding out the keywords they are ranking for and the estimated traffic of the URL or domain.

Best of all, you can also pull out the backlinks of the URL/domain and determine how you can also get those sites to link back to you!

Right now, I don’t have access to both features – they are available on higher plans (more on this later).

However, what I can show you is the site audit feature. You can review your content against your competitors or even drill down on each of your competitor pages.

To do this, go the Keyword Analysis, search for your keyword, and scroll down the analysis page before the body menu.

compare competitors

There are two things you can do here:

  1. Enter your URL of the page optimized for your target keyword to see how optimized it is based on the SEO factors of the top 10 pages
  2. Click on the Audit icon to see how optimized your competitors are and their areas of improvement

In this case, let’s click on the Audit results of the top page for the keyword.

surfer audit

The audit shows the errors and warnings that the page needs to work on to make it more optimized in accordance with Surfer SEO data.

To get a better idea on how to make the content SEO-friendlier, click “Show details” on the respective issue to know what needs to be done.

Running an audit on competitor pages is a great way to understand how optimized the content is and whether you compare favorably against it.

Now, if your content is ready, you can enter your URL on the search bar to compare.

Check and see if your content meets the average standards of optimized content for the target keyword.

Surfer SEO Pricing

Now that you want what Surfer SEO is capable of, it’s time to check out how much it costs for you to use these features.

For starters, you can sign up for 7-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE account.

But if you like what you see from Surfer SEO, then you need to pony up for any of its paid subscriptions:

surferseo pricing

The $29/month is perfect for copywriters who want to get common keywords and LSI keywords for their target keywords to create SEO content.

The higher-tier plans are for professional SEOs who require technical audits on each of the pages and want to delve deeper into a URL or domain’s link profile and organic keywords.

As for their Content Editor, it currently lets you audit a maximum of five (5) keywords a month. The limit refresh after a month of use.

The plans are reasonable, when all’s said and done. But if you want to save on your subscription plan, fill out the form below so I’ll send you Surfer SEO’s sale or promo the first thing I find out about it!


Surfer SEO Pros and Cons

As great as Surfer SEO is as an SEO copywriter tool, I have some legit gripes about it as well.

Now, let’s get on with the pros and cons!

PRO: Loads of data to work with

Surfer SEO isn’t lying when it claims to be a data-driven SEO tool. There’s a lot to bite into this tool if you’re looking or concrete information about your keyword that’s not seen on most keyword research tools.

CON: Daily quota limits a drag

Personally, I hate how I only have limited searches a day. They refresh after 24 hours but it’s not like I use the tool everyone. For example, creativity struck and I need to analyze more than five (5) keywords using the Copywriter plan. So I’ll have to wait for more than a day to complete the analysis.

PRO: Content Editor Helps User Achieve SEO-Driven Pages

The Content Editor features combine the best features of SEMrush Writing Assistant, MarketMuse, Page Optimizer Pro, and Clearscope at an affordable price. You can create content optimized for search engine and readers even without extensive writing experience. Better yet, you can create comprehensive content briefs for your content team to help them cut the time in research and brainstorming.

CON: Minor unstable moments

Sometimes, I search a query and it’s not loading properly. So I refresh the page hoping that the query didn’t count from my daily quota. Unfortunately, it did count and there’s no analysis for that keyword. This happened only once so it’s not a big deal, but there must be an easy way for people to recover the lost query should it happen to them.

PRO: Exporting data is a breeze

You can download the reports in different file formats or share a link of the report to your content team. Either way, it makes collaborating between you and content creators much easier.


Christopher Jan Benitez



SurferSEO is one of the better SEO tools in the market for content creators and publishers.

It provides all the data you need to create content that a notch above the top 10 results, thus increasing your chances of ranking above them in search results.

The Content Editor, while still in beta version, is going to be a killer tool moving forward. With its affordable price point, I can easily see this tool breaking it big once the beta features go live.

In my opinion, Surfer SEO right now is a perfect complement to your primary SEO tools like Ahrefs or even SEMrush.

It gives additional insights to data not available on the aforementioned tools. It’s also a more budget-conscious tool for people who conduct competitive analyses aside from content creation.

But the thing is that Surfer SEO seems to be striving to become more than just complement as seen from the Search Visibility and Backlinks features.

That’s definitely not a bad thing. But it has long ways to go if it wishes to compete against the big boys of SEO tools.

Personally, I prefer SurferSEO as a niche SEO tool. It works perfectly as an on-page SEO tool for creating valuable content and I implore that they build on this alone. The Content Editor is a step in the right direction.

However, I’m not too sold about branching out to competitor analysis features. Not yet, at least.

But for what it’s worth, SurferSEO is worth every penny if you’re looking to shore up your site with data-backed SEO content.