SEOProfiler Vs SEMrush: What’s The More Complete SEO Solution?

As far as all-in-one SEO tools go, one of the biggest matchups we see is SEOProfiler vs SEMrush. While you could argue that SEMrush is much more popular, SEOProfiler can go head-to-head in terms of features.

With that said, which of these is the right software to use for your website?

In this SEMrush vs SEOProfiler review, we’ll talk about who each product is for, what they can do, how much they cost, and what advantages each product has over the other. 

By the end of this post, it should be clear if you should go with SEMrush or SEOProfiler.

Let’s get started.

What Is SEOProfiler?

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SEO Profiler brands itself as a full SEO solution that increases your site visitors and sales through optimization.

It claims to help all users regardless of how small or big their businesses are. It can also work with SEO agencies by providing progress reports that they can show their clients.

SEO Profiler started in the 2000s and continues to grow as a cloud-based internet marketing software tool. Through its many wonderful features, you can create and implement an SEO strategy that can move your business forward.

SEOProfiler Features

SEO Profiler says it’s a complete SEO solution. But what does that mean? Can this SEO software truly handle all your online marketing needs?

Let’s look under the hood to see what SEO Profiler has to offer.

Website Optimization

One of the key features of SEOProfiler is its ability to check your website optimization. And as a bonus, linking your Google Analytics account will let you check your website analytics from within SEOProfiler. 

When SEOProfiler scans your website, it will tell you what you can do to optimize your site. It will categorize these issues so that you know which ones you need to address immediately and what errors aren’t as critical.

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On top of that, SEOProfiler will also check your pages for readability. Updating your pages to be the correct length will boost your chances of ranking higher on search engines.

Keyword Research

No SEO tool is complete without a way to research keywords. Without it, you wouldn’t know what words or phrases to target to find the right audience. 

There are two ways to perform keyword research using SEOProfiler — Keyword Suggestion Tool and Keyword Spy.

With the Keyword Suggestion Tool, all you need to do is enter a seed term. From there, SEOProfiler will provide suggestions along with metrics like their search volume, cost per click (CPC), search volume changes over time, competition, and more.

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This tool can handle suggestions for 72 countries and languages so you’re covered no matter where you’re from.

Keyword Spy works a little differently. It uses your competitor’s website data to figure out what keywords they’re ranking for. SEOProfiler also pulls data from Google Ads and tells you what words and phrases your competition bids on.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is a section where you can learn more about your competitors. In a nutshell, SEOProfiler tells you who your competitors are and what keywords they’re trying to rank for. 

And if you want to know which of their web pages outrank you in the search engine results pages (SERPs), SEOProfiler will show you. That way, you can adjust your web pages based on what’s already working for your competition.

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This feature also works for users who’d like to compare Google Ads strategies.

Competitor analysis is so important in SEO and SEOProfiler makes the whole process more convenient for its users.

SEOProfiler makes link management so easy. Which is a great thing especially for a small business that needs all the help it can get.

Yes, you get to see which sites link back to you and what pages they link to the most. But what’s even more impressive is SEOProfiler’s ability to tell you which sites you should get your backlinks from. 

The Starter Backlinks tool, for example, curates a list of good websites that accept user-submitted content. As of now, there are 813 sites in the list that spans 23 categories.

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SEOProfiler can also help you get your small business listed in local hubs if your priority is local SEO.

You can also make use of influencers for backlinks through the Link Influencer tool. The Domain Finder tool looks for domains that relate to your site and business.

And of course, you can use SEOProfiler to find sites that link back to your competitors. Theoretically, if you get the same backlinks as your competition, you can rank higher on a search engine like Google.

Search engines don’t like it when you get backlinks from spammy or suspicious domains. So you do have to check the ones you get from time to time.

SEOProfiler gives you tools to help with that. 

The Backlink Checker tool not only shows you how many backlinks you have, but you can also filter them based on multiple factors. This helps you see which ones bring the most value to your site. 

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The Link Disinfection tool tells you which backlinks are low-quality and helps you disavow them. Using the Link Disinfection tool, you can clean up your backlinks so you’re left only with the best.

Rank Tracking

The Rank Tracking feature is there to track your progress and make sure you’re ranking for the right keywords. SEOProfiler updates the list every day so you have the most up-to-date daily ranking information on where you place on the SERPs.

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And if there are keywords that you’re missing out on, you can check the Content Gaps tool to optimize your pages for the right words and phrases.

Local SEO

The Top 10 Optimizer feature lets you enter your site URL, target keywords, and country you want to rank for. After entering the information, SEOProfiler will walk you through the page optimization process so you get better results for local searches.

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Mobile SEO

Google Mobile is what people use to do searches these days. So you need to optimize your pages for mobile searches as well.

You can also use the Top 10 Optimizer for this purpose.

White Label Reports

If you’re running an agency and need to submit reports to clients frequently, then you’d be glad to hear that SEOProfiler lets you create branded reports with ease. 

You can even customize the report so that it’s in line with your company branding.

SEOProfiler Price

SEOProfiler offers four pricing plans. The Standard plan has a starting price of $69.95 per month (20,000 page audits). The Smart plan is $99.95 per month (50,000 page audits). The Professional plan is $249.95 per month (150,000 page audits) and the Enterprise plan is $999.95 per month (750,000 page audits).

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The Standard plan only comes with standard reports though. That means you can’t create customized reports.

Out of the four, only the Enterprise plan offers unlimited users. This plan also offers unlimited projects so it’s great for large-scale operations.

There is a free trial offer that lasts one week.

What Is SEMrush?

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For most online marketers, SEMrush is one of the best products as far as all-in-one SEO tools go. This web-based SEO platform is jam-packed with features. And because it’s been around for some time, users have learned to trust and depend on it for their needs.

So when it comes to SEMrush vs SEOProfiler, what’s the better choice?

To answer that, we’d have to take a closer look at what SEMrush has to offer.

SEMrush Features

The choice between SEMrush or SEOProfiler gets a bit more complicated once you see what SEMrush can do for your website.

SEMrush user reviews had always been positive as the web-based software does pretty much everything you need it to. Backed by great customer support, you’re left with very little to complain about.

Keyword Research

The SEMrush software does a great job of finding new keyword opportunities for you to explore. The Keyword Overview tool gives you instant access to a keyword’s metrics so you know its value straight away.

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You can also research a competing website and find what keywords work best for them. 

The Keyword Magic Tool can scan a database of over 20 billion keywords so you discover new words and phrases to target. And if there are related keywords that you might not know of just yet, the Keyword Gap tool can fill you in.

You can also see the historical data of the keywords you enter.

The Keyword Manager tool lets you manage all of the keywords you gather easily so anyone can do it — even users who have not used SEO software before.

On-Page SEO

You want to perform a site audit as soon as you get access to SEMrush especially if you’re a small business. 

Some could argue that SEMrush has the best SEO audit tool around. That’s partly due to its great user interface. But something has to be said about the amount of data it provides its users.

It has a fast page crawler that not only tells you what errors there are on your website but also gives you instructions on how to correct them. Then there’s the On-Page SEO Checker that dives into each page and provides page-specific optimization tips.

The Log File Analyzer shows you how Google crawls and interacts with your website.

Competitor Analysis

If you plan on using your competitor’s data against them, SEMrush will not disappoint. This website audit tool includes competitor analysis features that make it so easy to gain more insight on how you can beat any website for your target keywords.

Traffic Analysis compares your site performance against similar websites. You’ll see metrics for domains you enter. This gives you data like traffic volume, website audience insights, top products and services, and more.

Organic Research lets you know who your competitors are in the first place. And it shows you the value of all the keywords that your competitors rank for.

Advertising Research tells you how your competitors perform on paid search. Brand Monitoring tracks any mention of you or your competitor’s brand online. You can even go as far as tracking your competitor’s social media presence such as their engagement on Facebook, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

Content Marketing

You can do everything to optimize your content — topic research, creating a content calendar, creating SEO content templates, brand monitoring, post tracking, and content audits. 

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You can even use the SEO Writing Assistant to check your post’s SEO score and originality before you publish.

Local SEO

SEMrush’s features list includes tools that aim to improve your ranking for local search queries. These features include the distribution of your website data to online directories, ranking checks based on your ZIP code, an SEO checker, and a social media toolkit.

SERP Tracking

Whether it’s for desktop or mobile ranking, you need to check your daily ranking to see how your website stacks against the competition on search engines. Fortunately, this SEO toolkit has you covered.

Position Tracking can keep an eye on any keyword, domain, and competitor. It will notify you of your campaign progress, fix cannibalization, and optimize your pages based on recent data. It will even research websites with the best organic visibility in your target categories.

You can use the data provided to you by SEMrush to improve your online visibility.

Social Media Management

If you’re running a small business, you may not have enough time to manage your online activity. But SEMrush has features that take some of the weight off your shoulders so you can continue running your business.

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The Social Media Poster, for example, lets you schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms to save time.

Other Features

From site audit to link building, this internet marketing platform has all the features you’ll need to take your business on top of any search engine.

SEOProfiler Vs SEMrush: What's The More Complete SEO Solution? 13

But the features don’t stop there.

Your business will benefit from other features like content creation, optimization, and distribution tools; content marketing analytics; market analysis; paid advertising; competitor PR monitoring; PPC keyword research; and website monetization.

SEMrush Price

So SEMrush vs SEOProfiler — which software has a better price structure? Surprisingly, it’s SEMrush.

SEOProfiler has the better starting price at $69.95 per month. But once you go up, SEMrush becomes the more affordable option.

The SEMrush Pro plan is $99.95 per month. The Guru plan is $199.95 per month and the Business plan is $399.95 per month. If you need a bigger plan, you can ask SEMrush for a custom solution.

SEOProfiler Vs SEMrush: What's The More Complete SEO Solution? 14

SEMrush offers customer support, a knowledge base, blogs, events, and webinars for its users.

SEOProfiler Vs SEMrush: How Are They Similar?

Because both software build themselves as all-in-one SEO solutions, you’re bound to find similarities between the two. Here are a few features that both SEOProfiler and SEMrush share.

Similarity #1: They Are Both Great for Competitor Research

Users of both software will quickly learn that they are fantastic for doing competitor research. It’s so easy to determine what keywords make your competitors rank in the SERPs, who give them backlinks, and how your site fares against them.

Similarity #2: They Both Optimize Your Site for Local SEO

Both software has optimization tools for local SEO. This makes it easier to rank for search queries for your target location.

Similarity #3: They Both Have On-Page SEO Optimization

It’s one of the features that users look for in an SEO software. You can use either SEMrush or SEOProfiler to find SEO issues on your domain (or for specific pages) in order to correct them and improve your chances of ranking higher on search engines.

SEMrush vs SEOProfiler: How Are They Different?

Now here are the ways that they differ from one another.

Customer SupportYou contact SEOProfiler through “Private Support”SEMrush gives you multiple phone numbers depending on your region. You can request demos. There’s also a help center if you have questions about using the software.
PriceSEOProfiler is a bit more expensive than SEMrush. But it does a cheaper entry-level plan.SEMrush is more affordable as plans go higher. It’s a sensible option for a small business that’s bound to scale.
White Label ReportsSEOProfiler gives you branded reporting straight away (except for the Standard plan).SEMrush asks you to pay an additional $100/month for the Agency Growth Kit that includes white label reporting.
Writing AssistantSEOProfiler doesn’t appear to have tools specifically meant for improving the quality of an article.SEMrush can check your work for plagiarism and the inclusion of targeted keywords.
IntegrationsSEOProfiler will let you integrate Google Analytics.SEMrush has more integrations including Gmail, Google My Business, and social media platforms.

What’s Better About SEOProfiler?

Here’s are areas where SEOProfiler wins over SEMrush.

  • White Label Reports — SEOProfiler gives you access to white label reports out of the gate for the majority of its plans.
  • Projects — You can do more projects with SEOProfiler. Its base plan already covers 10 projects compared to SEMrush’s base plan that only allows 3.
  • Users — Comparing SEOProfiler to SEMrush, you can add more users to the former. All SEMrush plans only grant access to 1 user. Additional users will cost $70 or $140 depending on the plan selected.

What’s Better About SEMrush?

And now, here’s where SEMrush outshines SEOProfiler.

  • Data — SEMrush is known for having a huge database from where it draws keyword data from. That means having more keyword options with up-to-date information. 
  • Pricing — If you’re a one-man team, then SEMrush’s pricing makes more sense since it is more affordable than SEOProfiler. Even more so if you sign up for the annual billing cycle.
  • Custom Solution — If you need a custom plan, you can arrange it with SEMrush.

Who Should Get SEOProfiler?

SEOProfiler is a great fit for SEO agencies that need to strategize new marketing strategies for their clients and report their progress frequently under their company’s branding.

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Who Should Get SEMrush?

SEMrush is a great choice for freelancers or startups. But as you expand, do keep in mind that you’ll likely spend more as SEMrush requires you to purchase add-ons to expand the features you have access to.

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