SEOProfiler Review: Is It Really The “Complete SEO Solution?”

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There are lots of SEO tools out there that claim to be “complete.” Only a handful of them actually delivers the goods. Is SEOprofiler one of those tools?


SEOProfiler has everything you need from an SEO software. Whether you’re a site owner, an SEO freelancer, or an agency, you’ll have your hands full with this tool.


Due to having lots of features, its interface and UI takes a bit of a hit. It will take you a while before you can get a hang of SEOProfiler’s SEO features and workflow.


There are loads of information and insights that you can gather and interpret for the sites you manage. Just pick and choose which ones you find useful for your projects.


If you’re working with team members, you can assign tasks for them to complete from within the tool to simplify your process and get more things done.

In this SEOProfiler review, you will learn if this “Complete SEO solution” lives up to its name.

We will discuss the different features it possesses and how you can use it to improve your site’s SEO.

We’ll also delve deep into the strengths and weaknesses of SEOProlifer. Make no mistake, we’re not pulling our punches on this one!

If you’re ready and we’re set, then let’s go!

SEOProfiler review: Introduction

Founded in 1997 by Axandra Company, SEOProfiler* is most likely to be one of the oldest SEO tools around.

The fact that it’s still around 22 years later is proof that it works, and it works well. It’s helped countless companies improve their rankings and conversion rates without having to resort to black-hat SEO.

Off the bat, SEOProfiler makes some bold claims. As your complete SEO solution, it promises to get you more visitors and increase your sale with just one dashboard.

As a website promotion tool, it offers a wide array of SEO tools for page optimization, keyword research, rank checking – pretty much everything you need to get your website to the top of the SERPs.

Unlike other SEO platforms that make the same claims, SEOProfiler allows you to have full control over your marketing strategies.

It doesn’t always automate your marketing tasks, it mostly provides you with tools to accomplish those tasks. While it can give you recommendations on how you can improve your site, SEOProfiler still leaves it to you to implement your strategy. With this tool, you’re in charge.

At least, that’s what this tool is trying to say.

In this SEOProfiler review, we’ll find out once and for all!

SEOProfiler Features

Is SEOProfiler really the “complete SEO solution”? Let’s dive into its features and see if it’s really what it claims to be.

But before that, here’s a rundown of this SEOProfiler review so you have an idea on what to expect from it:

Done? Then let’s proceed!

Website optimization

One reason why SEOProfiler is so popular is because of its website optimization feature.

If you’ve always wanted a platform that combines web analytics and website optimization, then SEOProfiler puts together the best of both worlds for you. Just link your Google Analytics account to your SEOProfiler account to start optimizing your marketing efforts.

seoprofiler review - website optimization

If you’re new to the SEO game, the “Top 10 Optimizer” feature will tell you how you can improve onsite optimization, like inserting keywords in your content and changing the anchor texts of your backlinks.

The website optimization feature does more than just check your website for readability. It offers you a list of “things to do” that will make your rise to the top faster and easier.

Keyword research

Before you can rise to the top, you first need to know the keywords that your audience is using to find you or your competitors.

Keyword research is crucial in any online marketing strategy because it’s what drives traffic to your website. You can’t implement a successful SEO or content strategy without the right keywords.

With SEOProfiler, you can find keywords easily using the suggestion tool and the Keyword Spy!

keyword research feature of SEOprofiler

Just enter your main keyword in the keyword bar and in a few seconds, you’ll get a list of relevant keywords you can add to your strategy.

You can even choose the country or language to check how profitable your keywords are in different parts of the world.

Competitive intelligence

Do you find yourself shying away from your competitors? Then you’re missing out on the opportunity to get ahead of them.

Spying on the competitions shows you their strategies that work and those that don’t. By knowing what exactly you’re up against, it will be easier for you to create SEO and content strategies that drive your target audience to your website.

SEOProfiler competitive analysis option

SEOProfiler tells you who your competitors are, the keywords they’re using, as well as their pages that are currently beating yours in the SERPs. If you’re investing in ads, SEOProfiler also has a feature that lets you check your competitors’ ads.

As Google continues to bring down the hammer on black-hat link building techniques, SEOs far and wide are looking for creative ways to build links that will keep search engines happy.

The great thing about SEOProfiler is that it’s designed to simplify your link building tasks and get you quality backlinks for your website.

One feature that’s worth trying is the Starter Links feature. SEOProfiler tells you how many easy backlinks you can earn from reputable sources.

link builder feature of seoprofiler

Instead of spending many hours looking for guest posting opportunities online, this feature gives you a list of websites where you can easily build links. It also shows you whether you can get the link for free or for a fee.

On the downside, the link building options have flaws as well.

seoprofiler opportunity finder

The Opportunity Finder is pure fluff. Basically, you enter your keyword and SEOProfiler adds basic phrases to search on Google. It’s useless considering that you can perform these search queries yourself with a bit of research.

New SEO software tool

While we’re on the subject of links, by now you already know that Google doesn’t look favorably over suspicious links.

So, having hundreds pointing to your website is a surefire way to put your website at risk of getting penalized by Google.

Even if you didn’t build those links yourself, Google’s algorithms can be very unforgiving.

To counter this, you need to use the SEOProfiler Backlink Checker and the Link Disinfectant tool.

SEOProfiler Backlink Checker

The Backlink Checker shows you the indexed links pointing to your site. You can filter the links according to different factors to help you organize your link profile and prioritize the best links.

Also, the Link Influence Score gives you an idea on how strong your link profile is at the moment. Use this feature to build better backlinks and increase your score.

seoprofiler tool - link analysis feature

On the other hand, the Link Disinfectant tool determines links from low-quality and spammy sites and lets you disavow them. Doing so helps increase your chances of ranking higher for your target keyword on organic search.

Another cool Link Analysis feature of SEOProfiler is the Industries feature.

industries feature of seoprofiler

The tool identifies your links according to industry. Let’s say you’re an education website. To increase your organic search rankings, you need to build links in the Career and Education industry.

Acquiring links from .edu sites or anything related to education can strengthen your link profile and help your site perform better in organic search. And SEOProfiler can show you the way!

Rank tracking

To earn the top spot in the SERPs, you need to keep a close eye on your keyword rankings.

While most people prefer to track their keyword rankings on a monthly basis, knowing your place in the SERPs daily will help you strategize your marketing efforts better.

SEOProfiler’s ranking monitor lets you see if you’re hitting your targets.

seoprofiler keyword ranking

Aside from checking your website’s position in different search engines, it also lets you monitor specific URLs to see how well they’re performing.

And the best part? SEOProfiler updates their data every day so you can track your metrics at any time.

Now, let’s say you’re tracking all your keywords. Everything is trending upward, which is a good sign.

Does this mean, you need to rest on your laurels and call it a day? Of course not!

This is where Content Gaps come in handy.

This feature of SEOProfiler identifies keywords that you can rank for your site but don’t have content for it yet. You should then use the keywords to create an optimized page for it and drive even more traffic to your site once it starts ranking for it!

Local SEO

Trying to promote your local business online? Then you need a platform that will help you rank in local search engines.

If you’re having a hard time generating interest from a worldwide audience, going local could be a good move for your website.

Think about it:

People searching for local information like store address and business hours are already in the buying phase!

Remember earlier, we mentioned the “Top 10 optimizer” feature. Well, it also works wonders in optimizing your website for country-specific search engines.

SEOProfiler Review: Is It Really The “Complete SEO Solution?” 1

All you have to do is enter your website URL, keywords, and country where you want to rank and this feature will tell you exactly what to do to get to the top.

Mobile SEO

With most people accessing the internet via their smartphones, you want to make sure that your website appears on searches done using mobile devices.

Most people research products and services using their smartphones because they’re curious about it.

So, optimizing your website for mobile search is stoking the fire of their curiosity until they get to that point where they’re ready to buy.

SEOProfiler’s ranking monitor doesn’t just show your position on web SERPs, it also tells you if your website is listed as AMP.

Your goal is to be where your target audience is, so it just makes sense that you know how easy your target audience will find you.

mobile seo for SEOprofiler

Also. the “Top 10 optimizer feature” lets you choose if you’re optimizing your website for desktop or mobile.

White label reports

For digital marketing agencies and SEO specialists working with multiple clients, SEOProfiler’s reports feature makes reporting a breeze.

And the best part? The feature offers tons of customization options for professional looking reports. If you’ve always hated creating SEO reports, you’ll love using SEOProfiler.

Now, you don’t have to settle for the same old boring spreadsheet or word document when you send out reports to your clients.

white label reports using seoprofiler

Aside from inserting a company logo, you can adjust the color settings to create reports that match your brand’s color scheme.

Too busy to remember when to send out those reports? Using the scheduler will ensure that you send those daily, weekly, or monthly reports on time.

SEOProfiler Pricing

seoprofiler pricing

Pricing starts at $69.95 per month for the Standard plan, which is perfect for startup companies working with less than 10 websites or “projects”. The Professional plan, at $249.95 lets you audit up to 150 projects, while the Enterprise plan gives access to unlimited projects for unlimited users.

You can pay for your chosen plan monthly or annually, depending on your budget.

If you’re looking to invest in SEOProfiler for the long term, signing up for yearly billing will give you a 33% discount and four months free. Pay only $1312 when you subscribe to the professional yearly plan instead of $2999.4 for the professional monthly plan.

All plans come with a no-risk 30 days money back guarantee.

If you think that SEOProfiler isn’t what you’re looking for, just cancel the plan within the first 30 days and get a full refund. Even if you sign up for annual payments, you can get a full refund as long as you cancel on your first month.

Of course, you don’t have to pay up front just to see how well SEOProfiler works. Just like most marketing platforms of its kind, SEOProfiler offers a free trial, or what they like to call the Smart plan, so you can see for yourself if it’s worth the investment.

Pros and cons


After learning about SEOProfiler’s main features, let’s look at its advantages over its competitors. And even though SEOProfiler looks like it has everything you need from an SEO tool, it still lacks in certain areas.

PRO: Wide range of features

They are constantly being updated to match search engine algorithms. From keyword research to web analytics, SEOProfiler truly is a one-stop-shop for all your marketing tasks.

CON: Clunky interface

SEOProfiler isn’t as intuitive as other SEO tools in its price range. Granted, it has a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use SEOProfiler in the dashboard. This section comes in handy especially if you want to maximize the tool’s ability to help grow your business. However, the fact that there’s an onboarding guide below the first page of the dashboard means that the tool has a steep learning curve.

PRO: Very capable competitor analysis stats

It provides basic data and information, but what’s impressive is how the tool presents the data in graphs. On the downside, it would be nice if SEOprofiler can break down the organic keyword results for each site. Also, some of the options (Similar Sites, Top Referrers) are blank.

CON: Need to manually enter everything

Part of the tool’s unintuitive interface, you need to enter all the details about your website and SEO campaign to capture data. It doesn’t hand you all the information in a silver platter. That said, SEOProfiler will require a steady and experienced SEO hand to get the most out of this tool. If not, SEO beginners will find themselves scratching their heads trying to figure out how to work this tool.

PRO: Excellent SEO project management tool

Thanks to the volume of projects you can save for any plan, you can oversee your client sites more effectively using SEOProfiler. The wealth of features available and the data you can gather from it will help you come up with an SEO strategy tailor-made for the needs of your clients.

CON: Data extraction can be a bit slow and sluggish

There’s a slight delay when you navigate through different features of this tool, especially those that produce reports.


SEOProfiler is just one of the many SEO tools to choose from in the market. There are other similar software out there that can do the same thing SEOProfiler does – it’s just a matter of finding the best one for you.

Below is a list of tools that compares favorably well with SEOProfiler:



If you’ve been searching for an SEO tool to use, you should have stumbled SEMrush more than once and with good reason. It’s one of the most all-encompassing SEO tools in the market and compares well with SEOProfiler. One thing that SEMrush has going is it does more than SEO. It lets you develop and run PPC, content marketing, and social media campaigns from the tool.

SEOProfiler Review: Verdict

Nia Morales



SEOProfiler is a competent SEO tool that has everything you’re looking for in a product that will help you manage your SEO campaigns for different clients. It has loads of features that allow you to dissect every SEO facet of your client or competitors to make informed decisions. On the downside, the tool works best for experienced SEOs who have a clear idea of their client’s current SEO strategy. Beginners will find it difficult to perform research and gather data from the ground up due to its less-than-ideal interface. TRY OUT SEOPROFILER FOR 7 DAYS AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!


So, did this SEOProfiler review prove that the tool is indeed the “Complete SEO Solution?”

In many ways, it is!

Similar to SEMrush, SEOProfiler offers everything that you need from an SEO tool. Start with keyword research down to custom and white label reports, it gives you all the information and feature you need to make informed decisions for your client’s SEO campaign.

But here’s my gripe about SEOProfiler.

It’s not a very user-friendly tool.

For SEO newbies, they will find it difficult to navigate through what seems to be endless options for a specific SEO task.

SEOProfiler is not an out-of-the-box tool where they can get a campaign up and running in minutes. You need to take time and understand how the tool gathers data and information for you to use.

And another thing: You need to enter information manually.

This won’t be a problem for SEO experts who have a clear picture of how their competitors are, what their target keywords are, and more.

For newbies, that’s another added time for them to research competitors and target keywords before they can use the tool to great effect.

In a nutshell, SEOProfiler is highly recommended for SEO freelancers working for different clients and want to jumpstart their existing SEO campaign over to a more affordable platform than Ahrefs or SEMrush.

But for beginners, the bulky interface and steep learning curve make the tool impossible to use unless they have the time to learn everything from scratch using the tool.

Still, you have the choice to try out SEOProfiler and see for yourself – SIGN UP FOR ITS 7-DAY FREE TRIAL!

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