SEOPressor Review: The Be-All-End-All of WordPress SEO Plugins?

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If you want to get the most of your WordPress site’s SEO, then SEOPressor provides you all the tools and features to ensure that your site is optimized and indexable by search engine spiders.


SEOPressor is easy to use. Your level of SEO comprehensive is immaterial once you use this SEO plugin. It lays down all the important details you need to know about your site’s current SEO status and what areas of your site need improvement.


The tool is slow to load especially the on-page SEO suggestions. However, it audits your site the way every SEO tool should. It presents complex data simple to the user. The plugin also shows what you need to fix and how to fix them so you can act on them as soon as possible.


I love the pricing structure and the ability to install the plugin on unlimited sites. Even if you don’t manage a lot of sites, the nominal monthly fee should still convince you to try the tool at the least.


It’s difficult to reach the owner of the plugin for questions about the tool. The knowledge base is decent enough to provide you with all the info you need. But I still SEOPressor could have done more to provide their customers with a better customer support system.

WordPress is arguably the most popular CMS in the market. There are reasons over 76 million websites worldwide that run on this platform. Aside from its flexibility and customization options, you can install plugins to supercharge your site at will. Regardless of your website goals, you can expect there’s a plugin for that.

If you want to optimize your website for organic search, then there are lots of SEO plugins to choose. One of them is SEOPressor (affiliate link). It is a premium SEO plugin that lets you tweak your website hoping to achieve higher rankings on Google search.

With all the available SEO plugins in the market, is SEOPressor the right one for you?

In this SEOPressor review post, you will:

  • learn the unique features of SEOPressor
  • find out its pros and cons to have a full idea of what you’re getting into
  • determine whether SEOPressor is the best SEO plugin for you

What is SEOPressor?

Before we begin, we need to establish the variables to be used for reviewing SEOPressor. Below are the following:

  • Usability – is it easy to use or intuitive for users of all levels?
  • Performance – does it deliver on its promise of being a great SEO plugin?
  • Cost – Is the price of the tool justified given its features?
  • Support – Is there a way to ask questions about the tool to the owner or support team? Do they respond in a timely manner, if not at all?
SEOPressor Large Logo

Daniel Tan developed and launched SEOPressor in 2016. It aims to become the best plugin for all your WordPress SEO needs. SEOPressor is comparable to Yoast SEO in usability and performance (which we will get into later).

Now, let’s talk about its unique features:

Site Audit

seopressor site audit

SEOPressor grades your website based on the different factors assessed by the plugin. The audit can take up as fast at three minutes if your site is new. For larger sites with thousands of pages, the audit can take up to hours. The audit runs on the background so you can use the site for other reasons.

Once the tool finishes the audit, you will see a general overview of your site’s potential issues preventing your site from ranking high on Google search. You can comb through each error and fix them individually. This feature is a great way to assess your site and make the needed tweak to improve your site’s SEO health.

seopressor link manager

Arguably SEOPressor’s best feature, the Link Manger lets you monitor the status of all the links in your page. The plugin will tell you the broken links or those that return 404 pages. This factor is crucial especially if you want to improve the circulation of the link juice flowing within your site. It also helps identify which external links aren’t working so you can replace them with better and working pages.

Another feature under Link Manager is the automatic linking. Ideally, you want to link to your pages within the content to improve the flow of link juice to your site. However, doing this from the start would be impossible if you have hundreds and thousands of published pages already. Inserting the anchor texts and links on each page is a time-consuming process.

Using this Link Manager feature, you can show the link and anchor text you want the pages of your site to link to. SEOPressor will then find the anchor texts in all pages and insert the link in there. It’s an efficient and useful feature to link internally from different pages on your site.

On-page SEO suggestions

seopressor on page seo suggestions

Optimizing your content is of utmost importance. SEOPressor knows this which is why it shows you the on-page score of your posts and pages. For this feature to work, you need to assign a maximum of three keywords for each of your pages. After doing keyword research and choosing at least one keyword, the tool will show you different suggestions on how to improve your content’s SEO score.

What makes this feature different is it provides latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords you need to mentioned in your post. While studies regarding LSI keywords are dicey, there’s no harm if you can use the best ones on your post to improve its score. Use the ones featured in the LSI keyword generator to enter contextually relevant phrases other than your target keywords.

Content Analysis also lets you edit the content’s Facebook and Twitter Open Graphs and Schema and Dublin Core data to help give your site a boost on search rankings.


SEOpressor pricing
Clicking on the link will lead you to an affiliate link.

SEOPressor costs $9/month. You can use the plugin on as many sites as you want. I like how it doesn’t force you pay annually unlike other tools. If you no longer feel like using the tool, you can just cancel your account and be done with it.

Thanks for reading my SEOPressor review so far. If you’re convinced that SEOPressor will optimize your sites for search engines with ease, CLICK HERE (affiliate link) to buy.

SEOPressor pros and cons

As powerful SEOPressor is, it is not without its quirks. There is no perfect tool out there – every platform or software has a flaw that you need to overlook and accept if you want to use it for your business. SEOPressor is no exception. You need to take the good with the not-so-good so you can fully benefit from using this SEO plugin.

Below are some of its pros and cons:

PRO: Makes SEO extremely simple

SEOPressor’s Site Audit is an excellent way to keep track of your website’s SEO performance. Even if you have no experience with SEO, the score will give you an idea on why your site is or isn’t optimized. If the latter, the plugin lays out the things you need to fix to make your site as optimized as it can be.

CON: On-page SEO suggestions load slow

Whenever you write or edit a post or page, the page slows down if you open the plugin’s Content Analysis. The plugin is resource-intensive since it analyzes your content using different metrics. This reason probably explains the slow down. However, if you’re using a desktop or laptop with low specs, you might find it inconvenient to use this plugin’s feature.

PRO: Link Manager kicks ass

As part of making SEO easy, Link Manager helps you understand the value of the links on your site. The flow of link juice on your site determines its authority. It includes both links from your site and others. Since you can’t control the links coming from different sites, you can fix the ones on your site. Link Manager makes fixing broken links and linking to your inner pages as painless as possible.

PRO: Use for unlimited sites

If you’re an SEO agency, a site developer, or an online entrepreneur, then SEOPressor is a great tool to add in your arsenal. You can enjoy all its features on unlimited sites. You can help clients understand their SEO status by presenting them the Site Audit score on their dashboard. You can create as many sites as you want using the same powerful plugin to ensure that your sites are running optimally.

CON: Lack of customer support

After you purchase the plugin, you can access the tutorial and documentation found in the site. Not that you’ll get lost using the tool, but if you have technical questions (like the one I had about Gutenberg), you have to go to their tutorial and scroll at the bottom of the page so send them an e-mail.

While there’s a way to reach out to them, it would have been easier if the site has a contact page that links from the homepage so you can send them an email quickly. Also, an online chat feature would be nice to help people with questions about the tool.

SEOPressor vs Yoast SEO: A quick comparative study

Yoast SEO is one of the best SEO WordPress plugin and is the direct competitor of SEOPressor. I feel the need to compare both tools because you will probably compare the two before deciding which one to use.

For starters, Yoast SEO also has a keyword optimization feature that lets you see how optimized your content is using its set of variables. It covers the readability score much better than the SEOPressor WordPress plugin. It not only checks the Fleisch-Kincaid readability score, but it also checks the sentence length, paragraph length, use of passive voice, and other factors.

As mentioned, SEOPressor (affiliate link) is easy to use – even newbies and beginners will find it easy to wade through the plugin’s options. The Site Audit is a big help because it simplifies your SEO performance using an aggregated score. Yoast SEO doesn’t have a scoring system to determine how your site is faring on organic search. However, it has a 24/7 customer support for its paid plan while SEOPressor doesn’t.

Regarding the cost, Yoast SEO is available for free. If you want to enjoy its advanced features such as Content Insights, adding up to five keywords to optimize in your content, Redirect Manager, and others, you must pay $89 for a single site. If you want a Yoast SEO license for another site, you must pay a higher fee. This makes SEOPressor much better for multiple site owners. For $9/month (or $108/year), you can provide your sites will all the SEO care you can give them at a much lower price.

That said, SEOPressor is a much better option if you want premium features for lots of your sites at a fraction of a price.



I consider SEOPressor (affiliate link) as one of the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Regardless of how much you know SEO, this all in one SEO plugin makes you feel like an expert optimizing your sites. The only caveat I have is the customer support . Other than that, SEOPressor is worth every cent you’ll pay for it.

I hope you enjoyed this SEOPressor review I wrote for you. CLICK HERE (affiliate link) and buy SEOPressor to make an SEO-friendly website even without SEO experience!