SEOPress Review: The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress?

seopress review

Is SEOPress the best SEO plugin for WordPress sites? 

Should you install it on your brand new site? Or should you switch over from Yoast to SEOPress, because the latter is clearly better?

This and much more you’ll learn in my SEOPress review, here and now.

Ready? Let’s go!


Interface design is near flawless – very clean, intuitive, and easy on the eyes. More importantly, it is accessible enough that newbies can pick it up out of the box.


Barring certain features that you will probably never use (for example URL rewriting), you can SEOPress to increase your WordPress’ organic search rankings.


This plugin is both simple and robust – a rare combination amidst the tough competition in All in One SEO, The SEO Framework, Rank Math, Yoast SEO, and others.


Using SEOPress will boost the on page SEO of your WordPress site, no question. From technical to content-deep, the plugin will take care of optimizing them to the fullest!

What is SEOPress?

Well, it has “SEO” in it, so it must be something to do with optimizing for search engines, especially Google, right?

And right you are!

SEOPress is a WordPress SEO plugin developed by Benjamin Denis, a known WordPress expert and plugin developer (his other works are WPCloudy and WP Admin UI).

SEOPress (used by 100 000+ site owners) can help you get your on-site and On-page SEO just right; so you can clue Google in on what your pages are about, so THEY can then get ranked highly right off the bat.

Pretty much as soon as you’ve hit that blue “Publish” button.

Think I’m exaggerating a bit?

Maybe a little, but you will be blown away by the awesome features SEOPress boasts off.

SEOPress Features

seopress features

SEOPres is a freemium WordPress SEO plugin. 

It means it’s available as a free plugin you can download in the official WordPress plugin repository.  

And there’s also a premium version which brings in a tonne of new features that drastically improve what is already a very strong contender for the best WordPress SEO plugin.

Anyway, both versions are packed to the brim with SEO usefulness and below you’ll find a quick breakdown of both.

SEOPress Free Features

Before we go any further, here’s a simple bullet-point breakdown of what free SEOPress offers:

  • An Intuitive installation wizard,
  • Control of titles and meta descriptions,
  • HTML and XML sitemaps,
  • Content and on-page SEO analysis tool
  • Google knowledge graph for your brand’s visibility
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Rich Cards for Twitter, Facebook and other social media
  • Etc.

Now, there’s so much to dissect here, and I don’t want to take too much of your time. 

After all, you best learn about a WordPress SEO plugin when you actually start to use it and improve your site’s SEO with it;

but here are a couple of features I like, and think will help your site the most:

#1- Controls of SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions

seopress meta titles and descriptions control

Here you can set globally how your titles and meta descriptions will show up the SERPs.

This is crucial as SEO titles and meta descriptions appear in the SERPs and have a drastic effect on your site’s CTR.

So you better make them:

  • Enticing, 
  • Benefit-promising,
  • and crystal-clear (SERPs are not a place for your title to be too mysterious).

And don’t forget to include your target keyword in your title so you get that awesome and easy SEO boost.

Pro tip: just because you can set titles and descriptions globally, it doesn’t mean you should.

I, for example, like to have a bit more control and always write my meta titles and descriptions on a per-post basis.

#2- HTML and XML sitemaps

seopress html xml sitemaps

What are XML and HTML sitemaps?

An XML sitemap is for bots only and you should have them as they’re easy to make and can help your site get crawled better.

Especially since crawling depends on your crawl budget (which depends on your Page Rank), and new sites have so little authority that it’s best to be strategic and proactive about it.

Otherwise what might happen is that your most important money page might not get crawled in time and often enough, and you’ll miss out on rankings and money you could have earned.

Yes, it’s possible and it happens, but you can prevent it. 

SEOPress has got your back there:)

HTML sitemaps are for bots and humans. Bots can follow it because an HTML sitemap is just a list of links. 

But that list of links is a great UX feature for your visitors who’re lost amidst your site and want to go to page X, but just don’t know how.

Well, WordPress native search sucks but HTML sitemap (courtesy of SEOPress) helps a tonne.

Pro tip: Put the sitemap SEOPress created for you in the menu so that it is easily accessible and highly visible.

#3- Knowledge Graph for Your Brand

What is a knowledge graph?

It’s a Google SERP feature, a box that appears in the right sidebar and talks about a specific brand, or someone famous.

For example, here’s one for Mel Gibson:

knowledge graph example

I like this SEOPress feature. 

It’s an awesome one!

I mean, instead of Google automatically learning about your brand and displaying what and who they THINK you are:

You can be proactive and feed Google exactly the data you want to represent you in your branded SERPs!

So, you can influence Google to show:

  •  your correct bio;
  •  your most important social media links
  • Your website link site;
  • Your best looking image
  • etc

In this day and age, branding is everything, and it’s important to take control of whatever you can.

And SEOPress lets you bargain with Google to show your best side to the world.


seopress knowledge graph

#4- Google Analytics

SEOPress lets you connect directly with Google Analytics so that it’s data (or at least some of it) is displayed within your dashboard.

This is more of a usability feature and a timesaver as you will glean over the most important metrics and numbers directly from your site, without visiting GA every single time.

I like this feature a lot. It’s the one I use often as Google Analytics data is indispensable to me.

It helps me make data-driven and informed decisions.

SEO Press PRO Features

Here a quick breakdown of what you’ll when you upgrade to SEOPress Pro

  • Google Suggestions,
  • Google Structured Data Types (taken from,
  • Backlink tool (requires a Majestic subscription)
  • Video XML Sitemap tool,
  • Google News sitemap
  • Redirection within the plugin
  • Google PageSpeed Insights Analysis
  • WooCommerce optimization and integration
  • a 404 error monitoring tool
  • Broken link checker
  • URL rewriting tool.

Here are a few features that just pop and offer immediate and tangible value to any SEOPress PRO user.

#1- Google Suggests

seopress pro feature - google suggests

When analysing your content, which is a free SEOPress feature by the way, pro version also scrapes Google and gives you a list or relevant terms and phrase to include within your content.

This is amazing!

Because it’s valuable data that comes directly from Google and that’d be painstakingly hard to get without a tool.

And a tool you’d have to shell out cash for.

But this Semantic SEO feature comes for free with SEOPress Pro.

I’m getting tired of saying it, but- very nice:)

#2- Redirection

redirections feature of seopress

Ever done a page redirect.


Well, as your site grows and develops, redirecting URL’s is something you’ll be doing regularly. 

The most common redirection type is 301 redirect which you can use to kill the page you no longer need, but keep its link equity and funnel it to a relevant page that you want to rank.

It’s great that you can do this within SEOPress as otherwise you’d need to instal a redirection plugin which would mean yet another plugin to clog your WordPress site.

#3- Woocommerce


WooCommerce is one of the most commonly used plugins in the WordPress ecosystem. It’s because e-commerce is booming and this plugin conveniently transforms your WordPress site into a blooming e-commerce store. 

Except that it would be blooming if it weren’t the case that many popular SEO plugins totally let down peeps who WooCommerce, which is just a shame. 

Well, SEOPress to the rescue 🙂

Seriously though, it has an entire section dedicated to WooCommerce (as you can see in the image above).

Some options you can use are:

  • no index checkout, 
  • No index customer cart, 
  • No index customer pages. 

This is very important from an SEO perspective because you don’t want to let Google crawl and index those pages. 

They offer no value to anyone and would just bloat the index with thin pages which would then reflect badly on your overall SEO.

broken link checker - seopress feature

Are you using an outside tool to check broken links on your site?

Do you have a dedicated plugin installed that monitors your links and does nothing else?

Well, no more!

Now SEOPress does it for you and all from its dashboard where you can access every other feature too.

Why is fixing broken links important?

Fixing them is crucial because those links especially (internal links) leak valuable Page Rank and fixing them can give you a small SEO boost.

And also, users hate broken links and hate sites that have them.

How to set up SEOPress (a Short Tutorial)

If this is the first time you installed SEOPress, then this tutorial is for you.

Because I make sure to talk about the essential stuff, you need to set up right away so you can get going fast.

I mean, no reason getting bogged down with something that will probably be your permanent SEO plugin (once you realize how good and helpful it is).

Step #1- Getting Familiar With SEOPress Dashboard

As you first land in SEOPress’s dashboard you will see a bunch of notifications.

That’s SEOPress trying to help you set up your site. Some of it is actionable stuff (like migrating from other SEO plugins to SEOPress)- so do it right away.

Some of it you don’t have to touch for now (like setting up Google My Business page).

seopress notifications section

Step #2- Migrating From Other SEO Plugins to SEOPress

Now, before we set up SEOPress to work for you like clockwork, It’s important to make a proper switch between SEO plugins (note:. This only apples if you already use an SEO plugin of sort).

So, before you delete your old SEO plugin import the settings and data from it to SEOPress.

SEOPress supports migrations from:

  • Yoast SEO
  • All in One SEO
  • The SEO Framework
  • RankMath
  • Squirrely SEO
  • SEO Ultimate
  • WP Meta SEO

Step #3- Setting up Titles and Meta Descriptions

Here you can set the global setting for your SEO titles and meta descriptions. I prefer not to touch this as I like to change them on a per post basis.

You can also set whole post types to noindex/follow. 

This is precious and very recommended.

My advice is to set to no-index/follow your:

  • author archive pages;
  • tags;
  • categories.

These are all pure duplicate and thin content that can damage your SEO and invite Google Panda to come sniffing.

meta titles descriptions settings

Step #4- Enabling XML and HTML Sitemaps

Just tick the appropriate check boxes and SEOPress will create your XML sitemap, excluding everything that you set to noindex.

enable xml html sitemaps

Pro tip: don’t forget to add your XML sitemap to Google Search Console. Very important because GSC will give you crucial data like:

  • Number of URL’s submitted
  • Number of URLs indexed
  • Last crawl time
  • Sitemap errors
  • etc.
submit sitemap gsc

As for HTML sitemaps, you have a shortcode that you just need to copy and paste into your post editor and hit publish

html shortcode

Step #5- Setting up Your Knowledge Graph and Social Media Profiles

In the Knowledge Graph section fill in the necessary data:

  • Person or organization
  • Person name/organization name
  • Your photo/ brand logo
knowledge graph

Then in a social profile section, add those you have a presence on and this will include them in your future Knowledge Graph.

social profiles

Step #6- Connecting Google Analytics With SEOPress

Just enable GA/SEOPress integration and  feed your Analytics tracking code to SEOPress.

And that’s that. 

Simple, no?

SEOPress Pricing

seopress pricing

The free version of SEOPress is free and yours to use forever. 

The paid version of the plugin is $39 per year. I know that $39 is not an insignificant sum for most of us, but think about what you’re getting here.

You’re paying for a full SEO suite for your precious site. So it can have the best chance of conquering Google for all of your main money queries.

Really, consider that by getting the pro version of this plugin, you’re doing your site, your SEO and yourself a HUGE favor.

I mean, you want to rank in Google, right?

Also, it is very important to note that SEOPress WordPress plugin is transferable across all your sites. 

This means that it doesn’t matter whether you have 1, 5, 20 or a 1000 websites (ok, I know you don’t have that many, unless you’re the king of PBN’s). 

One licensed SEOPress will serve them all.

This is in stark contrast with other WordPress SEO plugins that charge a hefty sum to use them on other properties you own.

So kudos to SEOPress!

SEOPress Review- Pros and Cons

Yes, this plugin has some minor cons, too but let’s start with the good stuff first.

PRO: Free to use

Free to use. SEOPress is not hidden behind some paywall. Instead it’s proudly displayed for everyone to test drive it for free. 

I like this transparency as it clearly shows the author is confident in his product.

CON: Quite a big learning curve

This plugin is feature packed and no matter who you are, even if you’ve been doing SEO for a decade, you will still need a solid 30 m to grasp it. 

And if you’re an SEO novice- expect to spend 1-2h mastering it.

But hey, it’s time well spent and you only have to do it once. And all other SEO plugins for WordPress are complicated too.

PRO: Pricing

Pricing. $39 yearly is a steal if you ask me. And ask me as I went through my fair share of other SEO plugins, most of which were much pricier than SEOPress. But often were scanty on features I needed.

Also, don’t forget that you can use the same plugin on unlimited sites, with no extra charges. 

Finally, once you pay you unlock everything so there won’t be any feature limited or barred from use, and there will definitely not be any upsells.

CON: The developer is not very well known

The most famous SEO plugin is Yoast SEO, developed by a famous SEO Joost de Valk. And people have seen the name everywhere and for so long that he has accrued some well-earned trust to his name.

The developer of SEOPress Benjamin Denis is less known, which is not a problem at all; but for some people it might be.

We all have to start somewhere and there was a time where Yoast SEO was just a new kid on the block.

PRO: Content Analysis

This is especially good for beginner SEO’s as you get to learn solid on-page SEO just by following the instructions. A solid tool to quickly gauge your on-page SEO, for any page.

PRO: Super supporting documenting

The author, Benjamin Denis knows that with any plugin, especially feature-packed as SEOPress, there will be quite a big learning curve. 

So he made sure to create a whole learning center where you can get every question answered very quickly.

In fact, here it is!

seopress support center

SEOPress Review: Improve Your Site Using WordPress’ Best SEO Plugin

Nikola Roza



I think you gathered from my review that I consider SEOPress one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress sites.
With its clean interface that’s easy on the eyes, you can play around with its multitude of features to help boost your WordPress site’s SEO. Granted, you have to know your way around the plugin to achieve your desired effect.
But once you do, SEOPress is loaded with features and options to tweak your site’s SEO settings no problem!
I personally enjoy its extremely simple pricing plan. Even if you have just one site to use SEOPress, $39 for the whole year beats the rest (for comparison, Yoast SEO is available for $99/year for just one site). And it’s even a greater bang for your buck if you have multiple WordPress sites lying around that are in need of SEO.
Overall, if you want to manage your site’s SEO that complements your other tools, then SEOPress checks all the boxes.

SEOPress WordPress SEO plugin