SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You?

seo powersuite vs moz pro

Let’s face it — without the help of SEO tools, all of us would have a hard time optimizing sites for search engines.

But lucky for us, there’s an abundance of SEO tools in the market today. And most do an admirable job of providing valuable data. 

And today, we’re looking at two of them: SEO Powersuite and Moz Pro.

How can either of them help improve your rankings? Does either one have a competitive advantage over the other?

Let’s take a closer look at both SEO Powersuite and Moz Pro and see how they can up your SEO game.

What Is SEO Powersuite?

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 1

SEO Powersuite is a downloadable software that helps its users analyze their site. The goal is to find areas that could use optimization to rank higher in the search engine results pages or SERPs.

As it’s a suite of products, the software is broken into four tools: Website Auditor, Rank Tracker, Spyglass Tool, and Link Assistant.

Each tool fulfills a specific role. But when used together, you can create a solid marketing plan that can improve your performance online once rolled out.

Here’s a short explainer on what each feature can do for you.

Website Auditor

The Website Auditor shows you what on-page errors exist on your domain. 

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 2

If you need to check your metatags, sitemap, redirects, URLs, and other factors that might affect your online presence, this is where you go.

And for those of you who are unfamiliar with what each factor means, there’s a brief explanation available along with a course of action you could take.

Website Auditor categorizes the errors it finds with those marked as critical being issues you need to address as soon as possible.

It’s a straightforward assessment of your domain and pages. This would allow you to see every issue right away. It eliminates the need for manual searches.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is in charge of keyword research and tracking. It lets you find new keyword opportunities and monitors search engines to make sure you rank for your target terms.

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 3

You have the option of manually checking the rankings or setting a schedule and let Rank Tracker do it then.

This is important since it’s one of the few concrete ways to tell whether your SEO campaign is taking effect or not. I mean, you can publish the greatest content in the world and acquire thousands of backlinks. But if it’s not ranking in the SERPs, what’s the point?

Rank Tracker makes sure that you use the right keywords and informs you whenever your pages move up or down the rankings.

What’s even better is that you can compare your domain with your competitors to see which one of you won overall. And should your rivals place higher than you, it’s worth checking their pages to see what they’re doing right.

Spyglass Tool

The Spyglass Tool is where you review your link profile. You’ll rely on this tool to find backlinks that could impact your website in different ways. 

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 4

High-quality backlinks, for example, will improve your credibility and give you that boost you need to surge in the SERPs. But bad backlinks will pull you back—if not outright remove you—from the rankings.

You can use Spyglass Tool’s metrics to gauge the quality of the backlink. A high Page PR means that the backlink is worth keeping. Otherwise, you should consider disavowing them.

Another neat trick you can do is enter your competitors and see what backlinks you don’t have in common. And should you find high-authority sites on their list, consider contacting them for link building opportunities. Because they’re already linking to your competitors, you know they have an interest in your niche.

If you’re working with a client, you’d be happy to know that there’s a backlink report feature. That means SEO Powersuite can generate reports that you can send to clients. There’s no more need to manually create reports as Spyglass Tool takes care of everything.

Having access to your backlinks is one thing. But what if you want an organized way of keeping track of your backlink opportunities?

For that, you have SEO Powersuite’s Link Assistant.

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 5

And not only is this a great place to park your backlink prospects, but you can also send email queries straight from this tool.

You can set an outreach goal and find webmasters to contact. This tool even goes out of its way to find the correct email address of the person you wish to contact.

There’s are email templates available so you don’t have to write one from scratch. It tracks the progress of your link building campaign.

Again, there’s a reporting feature you could use to keep your clients updated on your link building efforts.

It’s a really convenient way of finding and contacting prospective partners. And not all SEO tools have this feature.

So that’s SEO Powersuite in a nutshell. 

So what about Moz? Can it even compete with SEO Powersuite?

What Is Moz Pro?

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 6

Moz is a SaaS company that specializes in search engine optimization services. Its main product is SEO Moz, an all-in-one SEO software designed for online marketing professionals.

Unlike SEO Powersuite, Moz Pro is purely web-based. However, it too can perform the same functions as Powersuite including keyword research, on-page SEO checks, and backlink analysis.

Here’s what Moz Pro has to offer you.


A campaign is your starting point. Right after you register an account, you’re asked to enter a domain you want Moz Pro to track. To get the most accurate results, you’ll have to tie in your Google Analytics account.

You will also have to add at least one target keyword. That way, Moz will have a better idea of what you’re trying to rank for.

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 7

Once you’re finished, Moz Pro will show you basic statistics about your site. You’ll learn your domain authority, search visibility, and keyword rankings among other metrics.

Do take note of Domain Authority. It’s an aggregate score that Moz assigns to your domain based on SEO factors. If you have low domain authority, then you’ll need to make fixes to your site.

As to what those fixes are, you’ll need to explore Moz Pro’s other features.


Rankings work just like SEO Powersuite’s Rank Tracker. It’s a way for you to track if your pages rank for the terms you added to Moz.

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 8

Here, you see where the location where your pages rank, the monthly search volume, the rank itself, and what page ranks for the keyword.

You can also compare your results with a competitor to get a better sense of who is ahead in the SERPs.

As a bonus, Moz will also show you keywords that you’re not tracking but rank for anyway.

Page Optimization

As the name suggests, this feature inspects your pages to find how optimized they are for search engines.

All you need to do is provide the URL of the page you want to check and add a target keyword.

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 9

Moz recognizes 27 SEO factors and scans your page to see if it complies with all of them. Should it find issues that hurt your site, Moz will mark them as Hurting Your Score.

There’s also a Content Suggestions section where you’ll find keywords that Moz think you should add to your page to help it rank higher.

Site Crawl

Site Crawl is just like Page Optimization — only it scans your whole domain and the issues found here are more on the technical side. This includes crawlability errors, missing metadata, and others like them.

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 10

Issues that you need to address straight away are marked as Critical. The rest are flagged as Warning. There’s also a breakdown of errors that Moz finds on your domain for easy reference.

The Links feature allows you to find all links pointing back to your pages. You’ll also see metrics that let you gauge how valuable (or not) these backlinks are to your site.

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 11

Moz Pro will display the URL of the linking page, the anchor text used, PA, DA, Linking Domains, and Spam Score. All these metrics determine the value of the backlink. And it’s up to you how you want to interpret this information.

We suggest that you look at backlinks with a DA score of 49 or lower and a high spam score. These are good indicators that a backlink is worth disavowing or removing.

If a domain links way too much, you might want to tell them to reduce the number of backlinks they send your way.

There are two Links subfeatures that you need to be aware of:

  • Link Intersect — This will find link building opportunities on your behalf. How? It looks at your competitors and finds backlinks that they have but you don’t. 
  • Link Tracking — This tracks the link opportunities it finds through Link Intersect. You can add notes to remind yourself of what you want to do with these keyword discoveries.

Keyword Research

Moz Pro offers a way to find new keywords to use in your SEO campaign. The aptly named Keyword Research feature presents you with a whole set of terms based on a seed keyword.

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 12

It will show you the relevancy of the keywords and their monthly volume.

There’s also a subfeature called Mentions. This will tell you which pages show up for the given keyword.

You can compare keywords with your competitors.

These are all the major features you’ll find on Moz Pro. There are others but these mostly perform the same functions as the ones listed above. The only difference is that you use them to research domains that you do not own.

SEO Powersuite vs Moz Pro: How Are They Similar?

Both tools are quite similar if you really think about it.

They Both Do Keyword Research

SEO Powersuite and Moz Pro have their own keyword research tools that suggest new terms you could use for your pages. You can compare the results with your competitors to know which ones they’re targeting that you haven’t yet.

They Both Check On-Page Issues

If you only need to check on-page errors, then either one of them can help. You can find pages with missing metadata information, redirect issues, and other technical problems that prevent your site from ranking higher on search engines.

You don’t need to go far to find SEO tools that can show you the quality of backlinks you’re getting. SEO Powersuite and Moz Pro can do that for you.

Not only that, but they can also cross-check with your competitors to find any missed opportunity. If you get the same backlinks, your chances of climbing the SERPs increase exponentially.

How Are SEO Powersuite and Moz Pro Differ?

While both tools can perform the same basic tasks, they do have their differences.

SEO PowersuiteMoz Pro
InstallationYou need to install SEO Powersuite on a local computer.You only need to log in online to access all of Moz Pro’s features.
Data LimitYou can research as many keywords, backlinks, and domains as you want.There is a limit on how many queries you can make in a month. The cap limit goes up as you subscribe to higher-tier plans.
PriceSEO Powersuite is significantly cheaper. The Professional license is $299/year while the Enterprise is at $699/year.Moz Pro has four pricing plans. Standard ($99/month), Medium ($149/month), Large ($249/month), and Premium ($599/month).
Free TrialThere is no free trial. What SEO Powersuite does have is a free version of the software. While it does have limitations, you can still research unlimited sites and keywords.Moz Pro has a 30-day free trial option.
ReportingThere is a reporting feature but the design looks outdated by today’s standards.Moz does a good job of presenting its findings. You’ll feel confident about sending them to clients right away.
AccessYou need to pay one license per user so it can get expensive real fast if you work with a team.You can add new users at $49/month per seat. The Large and Premium plans come with three and five users respectively.
Ala Carte SystemYou can buy each tool in the suite on its own if you don’t want the whole package.You need to subscribe to the whole thing to use just one feature.

As you can see, both tools do the same things. Their differences, however, might sway you toward one or the other.

So do your research to find which SEO tool fits your workflow better. Do you want a software you install on your computer or do you want a web-based application?

Do you find the reporting system important?

Are you working with a large team and will they need access?

Do you need unlimited data?

What’s Better About Moz Pro?

Here are a few things that make Moz Pro worth considering:

  • Reporting — Reports generated by Moz Pro look way cleaner and professional. They’re quite easy to understand even for novice users.
  • UX/UI — Moz Pro has a cleaner interface. It’s noob-proof.
  • Access Anywhere — You can access Moz Pro from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection.

What’s Better About SEO Powersuite?

Here’s why you want to choose SEO Powersuite over Moz Pro:

  • Unlimited Data — You can research as many sites, keywords, and backlinks as you want. This gives you the most bang for your buck.
  • SEO Data — The quality of the results generated is arguably better than that of Moz Pro.
  • Pricing — For single users, SEO Powersuite has the best deal. You could pay $249/month with the Moz Large plan or spend $299/year on SEO Powersuite’s Professional license.

Who Should Get SEO Powersuite?

SEO Powersuite Vs Moz: How Can Either SEO Tool Help You? 13

Like we said, both SEO Powersuite and Moz Pro offer the same features. So both can help with your SEO campaign.

But if you’re working alone, need access to unlimited data, and want to save money, SEO Powersuite is a no-brainer. You can reallocate your savings to other aspects of your business.

Who Should Get Moz Pro?

moz sidebar

Those who are new to SEO tools and would need great reporting features should choose Moz Pro.

This should also be the option for those who appreciate Moz’s branding. It’s a trusted source in the SEO community.

And because adding more seats/accounts on Moz is way cheaper, this is a good option for those who plan on working with more than five people at a time.

The fact that you can use Moz Pro anywhere so long as you have internet access and a laptop is a plus.