SEMrush Pros and Cons 2021: How Good/Bad Is It?

SEMrush might be the most loved all-in-one marketing software right now. But is it that good? Or is it all just hype? 

Learn about the pros and cons of using SEMrush and see whether it’s worthy or not.

If you want to know the reason behind its success and why it’s the experts’ choice, read our detailed SEMrush review.

Pros of SEMrush

1. Comprehensive SEO tool

comprehensive seo tool - semrush pros and cons

I don’t think that any other tool can provide all of your SEO needs other than SEMrush

It’s a superb investment if you’re aiming to improve your site’s ranking and performance. SEMrush can help you with keyword research, competitive analysis, on-page SEO, technical SEO, and more! 

Here are some of the SEO tools that I find helpful:

  • Keyword Magic Tool. Find the best low-hanging keywords to target through keyword research in the SEMrush database with over 20 billion keywords. 
  • Keyword Gap. Create a better strategy by comparing your keywords to your competitors and finding gaps that you can rank for. 
  • Site Audit. Audit your site health and get helpful tips on the areas of improvement. 
  • Backlink Audit Tool. Perform a backlink audit and strengthen your site’s authority by removing harmful links.
  • Organic Research. Access the list of best-performing keywords under your niche. 
  • Position Tracking. Monitor any keywords, competitors, and your site’s daily performance. 

2. Excellent research features

SEMrush Pros and Cons 2021: How Good/Bad Is It? 1

Their vast database and tools will help you quickly analyze your niche, market, and competitors. You can create a better strategy by tracking your competitor’s performance through their site and social media activities. 

Brand Monitoring is also a unique SEMrush tool that allows you to monitor your brand’s and rival’s online mentions.

3. Exceptional content creation tools

semrush content marketing platform

No need to look for another software as SEMrush provides content creation and distribution tools. After listing the right keywords, proceed in creating traffic-driving content using SEMrush Content Marketing Platform! 

SEMrush has everything you need – from finding popular topics to posting and sharing your content on your social media. 

Here’s a sneak peek of some investment-worthy content creation features on SEMrush:

  • Topic research. Discover popular questions, topics, and ideas to guide you in creating content your audience will love. 
  • SEO Content Template. SEMrush will provide actionable advice to help you create SEO-friendly content. Those recommendations are all data-driven and based on your targeted keywords and competitors. 
  • SEO Writing Assistant. Review your SEO score and make adjustments to improve your content readability, tone, and uniqueness. You can access this on WordPress and Google Docs.
  • Social Media Posting. Schedule your posts and gain insights to their performance. 

4. All-in-one digital marketing tool

SEMrush Pros and Cons 2021: How Good/Bad Is It? 2

SEMrush has over 40+ tools covering almost everything you need in digital marketing – SEO, advertising, competitive analysis, social media, and market research. You can opt for other alternatives, but nothing can provide services as comprehensive as SEMrush.

5. Up-to-date and extra features

semrush has lots of useful features that are being added on a regular basis

Another great thing about SEMrush is that they make sure they are constantly improving. That might be the reason for the price increase, but I’m not against that.

Recently, they launched a Client Manager tool to collect records of your clients, monitor projects for a specific client, and create PDF reports.

Aside from the plans and addons it offers, SEMrush also provides some services to improve your site and brand performance. Here are some of them:

  • Marketplace. SEMrush can help you find the perfect writer and outsource content writing.
  • ImpactHero. An AI tool that will scan all of the content on your site and provide suggestions to help improve your content strategy. 
  • Agency Partners. Take advantage of this tool if you want to save time and see marketing results fast. SEMrush will provide a trusted agency partner to help your business grow. 
  • Sellerly. A great tool that Amazon sellers can utilize to gain insights, analyze their business performance, track product keywords, refine product pages, and more! 

Pros Title

  • The swiss knife of SEO tools
  • Excellent organic search research features
  • Great tool for content research, creation, optimization, and distribution
  • Manage all digital marketing tasks in a single place

Cons Title

  • Backlink filtering needs work

SEMrush is one of the best marketing tools in the market – if not the best. It has everything you need to optimize and maximize your site’s performance in all aspects of your online business. And you can do that in a single dashboard! The best thing about this tool is the ability to research for data, whether it’s keywords or content, and turn it into actionable items for your marketing strategy.

Cons of SEMrush

1. Costly

semrush plans & pricing

Although SEMrush is worth every penny, it’s not favorable for beginners or people who want to learn about the tool but have no experience and money to invest.

Depending on the plan you choose, you might not access some great tools that SEMrush has. For example, the Content Marketing Platform isn’t available for the ‘Pro’ plan. You can only access it if you avail of the Guru or Business plan. Sadly, the price difference is enormous.

Another thing that bothers me is all plans only allow one user. You need to pay an extra fee to give access to an additional member. The price ranges from $45-$100 per month, depending on your plan.

2. Overwhelming interface for beginners

SEMrush is more suitable for SEO professionals. It’s pretty challenging and time-consuming for beginners.

If you’re a newbie, it might take some time to understand the usage of each feature of SEMrush. Good thing there are many videos online that will speed the process of studying the tool.

Some users also noticed that since SEMrush has so many features, they couldn’t maximize all. If you think that you only need specific tools for your marketing, better look for alternatives.

This might seem insignificant, but filtering backlink data isn’t enough to yield the links you need. For example, you can’t filter the results by Page Score or Trust Score.

SEMrush Pros and Cons: Conclusion

In my honest opinion, SEMrush is a REAL DEAL. Its users share many success stories. And there’s a consistent increase in the number of people using the tool. 

The pros of using SEMrush also greatly outweigh the cons. It might not be suitable for people with no background in digital marketing.

But I think that this tool has so much potential, and it can help a business grow and see great results in its marketing effort. 

Better subscribe to their 7-day free trial and see if it’s for you or not! (REMINDER: Make sure that you cancel it before it expires because they will charge you after.)