SEMrush Pricing 2021: Is This Marketing Tool Worth Every Penny?

There’s no doubt that SEMrush is one of the best online marketing tools out there. Forbes, PayPal, and Skyscanner are some of the big companies that use this tool.

But is it worth investing in for beginners, freelancers, and startups? If so, which SEMrush plan should you get?

Find out the answers to those questions, and sleep better tonight.

SEMrush Plans and Pricing

semrush pricing plans

SEMrush offers four plans to suit your needs and value for money. These are Pro, Guru, Business, and Custom plans. You can opt to pay either monthly or annually. But you can enjoy a 16% discount if you pick the latter. 

SEMrush has over 40+ tools and features you can utilize to improve your online marketing strategy. It’s like paying for a buffet meal service where you get to eat all delicious foods (YUM!)

SEMrush not only helps you with SEO but also with:

  • Content marketing and creation
  • Keyword and market research
  • Advertising 
  • Social media marketing

Check our SEMrush review for a detailed explanation of all the features and to better understand their purpose.

Basic SEMrush Features

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Here are the basic features accessible on all plans: 

Keyword Research 

Find and target the best low-hanging fruit keywords to gain traffic to your site. This feature also analyzes which organic keywords your competitors are using and ranking.

Site Audit and Technical SEO 

Check your site’s health and get suggestions of what you need to do to improve your SEO performance. 

SEMrush will provide you with a detailed list of issues to solve, such as the site’s loading speed, crawlability, content, internal linking, and more! 

Position Tracking 

Track your website’s ranking progress. Monitor multiple keywords and check your domain and competitor’s site performance.

Competitive Analysis

Discover your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses by monitoring their progress and performance through organic keyword research and keyword gap. You can also track your competitor’s performance outside their website and through social media.

Social Media Marketing 

Schedule your social media content and get insights on which post is your audience’s favorite. You’ll also get a record of your audience’s information to better plan your content. 

Audit your backlinks, track your link-building progress, and identify backlink types. 

Remove toxic links that can harm your site (#nototoxicity) and use the Backlink Audit Tool to strengthen your site’s profile. 

SEO Writing Assistant and Templates 

Enter the keyword you want to rank for, and SEMrush will give you recommendations on writing well-crafted and SEO-optimized content.

NOTE: It can only be used once in the Pro plan.

PDF Report Sharing

Create customizable reports to show progress to your clients or share data analysis with your colleagues.

Enjoy a 7-day free trial of the Pro or Guru plan.

Pros Title

  • The swiss knife of SEO tools
  • Excellent organic search research features
  • Great tool for content research, creation, optimization, and distribution
  • Manage all digital marketing tasks in a single place

Cons Title

  • Backlink filtering needs work

SEMrush is one of the best marketing tools in the market – if not the best. It has everything you need to optimize and maximize your site’s performance in all aspects of your online business. And you can do that in a single dashboard! The best thing about this tool is the ability to research for data, whether it’s keywords or content, and turn it into actionable items for your marketing strategy.

SEMrush Plan Comparison

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Pro – $119.95 per month (entry-level plan)

Best for:

  • Freelancers, solopreneurs, startups, or in-house marketers. 
  • SEO specialists for a small site with few pages. 


  • Results per report – 10,000
  • Reports per day – 3,000
  • Keyword metrics update – 250/month
  • Projects – up to 5
  • Keywords to track – 500
  • Pages to crawl – 100,000/month and 20,000/project
  • Pages for Organic Traffic Insights Campaign – 30
  • Social profiles for monitoring – 50
  • Social profiles for posting – 10 

Guru – $229.95 per month (upgraded ‘Pro’ plus more features)

Suitable for:

  • SEO specialists managing multiple websites.
  • Small business owners. 
  • Freelance writers aiming to generate better content for client’s websites. 

Additional Features:

  • Historical Data. See organic keywords trend in the past years through this SEMrush tool. Access your website and your competitor’s site performance from as early as 2012.
  • Keyword Cannibalization Report. Discover which of your pages are competing with each other by topic or keyword similarity. 
  • Content Marketing Platform. A game-changer for content creation. Create killer content and powerful strategy through topic research, SEO-friendly content templates and content audit.
  • Google Data Studio integration . Create visual reports of the data you gathered from SEMrush and other sites such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more.


  • Results per report – 30,000
  • Reports per day – 5,000
  • Keyword metrics update per month – 1,000
  • Projects: Up to 15
  • Keywords to track – 1,500
  • Targets per project – 10
  • Pages to crawl – 300,000/month and 20,000/project
  • Pages for Organic Traffic Insights Campaign – 40
  • Social profiles for monitoring – 100
  • Social profiles for posting – 30

Business – $449.95 per month (upgraded ‘Guru’ plus more features)

Perfect for:

  • Agencies and enterprises handling massive sites. 
  • SEO specialists managing multiple websites (15>)

Additional Features:

  • PLA (Product Listing Ads). Spy on your competitor’s ads performance and see which is the most successful and what search queries made them appear on search engines. 
  • Share of Voice metric. Shows you the traffic percentage and ratio of your domain through the total volume of your keywords. 
  • API Access – A technical-ish tool that lets you efficiently gather data from SEMrush into your interface. 


  • Results per report – 50,000
  • Reports per day – 10,000
  • Keyword metrics update- 5,000/mo.
  • Projects – Up to 40
  • Keywords to track – 5,000
  • Targets per project – unlimited
  • Pages to crawl – 1,000,000/month and 100,000/project
  • Pages for Organic Traffic Insights Campaign – 50
  • Social profiles for monitoring – 300
  • Social profiles for posting – 50

Custom Plan – upon request

SEMrush offers a customizable plan if the features of the ‘Business’ plan aren’t enough. Connect with them for more details. 

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SEMrush Addons

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SEMrush is a digital marketing tool that keeps improving and updating. Today, you can avail these extra features:

  • Local SEO
  • Trends
  • Agency Growth Kit
  • User management – (price per additional user is as follows: Pro: $45/mo, Guru: $80/mo, and Business: $100/mo) 

SEMrush Pricing Verdict: Is It Worth It?

Absolutely! But there are some things that you need to consider before investing in this tool.

If you’re serious about growing your business, ranking on search, getting more profits, and building an effective marketing strategy – then investing in SEMrush will be a wise move!

But if you’re only looking for a specific area to improve and work on – better check for alternative cheaper tools.

Make sure that you have a clear idea of your purpose and needs before subscribing to any plans.

Don’t forget to take advantage of their 7-Day free trial!