Majestic SEO Vs Ahrefs: Which Backlink Checker Offers Better Data?

majestic seo vs ahrefs

You can’t launch an SEO campaign with inferior data. It will only be effective if you have reliable information. And that goes double for backlink research.

So today, we’re comparing two SEO tools with backlink checker features to see which one would be a better fit for your business or agency.

Can Majestic SEO provide backlink information that’ll make it easier to outrank the competition? Or is Ahrefs the better candidate between the two?

Let’s find out.

What Is Majestic SEO?

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Majestic SEO is a web-based tool that helps online marketers find backlinks pointing to their site. While it mainly focuses on backlink research, you’ll find that it has other features that address other SEO concerns.

Let’s take a closer look at what Majestic SEO can do for you.


After you subscribe to Majestic SEO, you can create a campaign. This allows Majestic to track a domain and show you key metrics about its performance. The company updates the metrics daily so you’re always up-to-date.

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Here you can see the domain’s Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Backlinks, and other relevant data you could use to assess a site.

And yes — You can use this on your competitors. This should give you an idea of what you’re currently up against.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow are both proprietary metrics developed by Majestic SEO.

Site Explorer

The Site Explorer gives a deeper analysis of your pages. Put simply, it aggregates all the information you’ll need to figure out your backlinks situation.

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Not only do you see how many backlinks you’re getting, but you also get figures for referring domains, referring IPs, and referring subnets.

You can also use Site Explorer to analyze specific pages.

The Topics subfeature determines your site’s niche based on the sites that link to you and not on what you write about. 

On one hand, this could help you assess whether you need to reach out to influencers in your space to get more relevant backlinks. However, if your site niche is a bit broad, this subfeature might not help as much since you’re likely getting backlinks across a variety of sites.

Site Explorer also lets you browse through each individual backlink to know more about the link source.

It can also tell you the context behind the link. This means you’ll know why people link back to your pages. Are they using your images and then linking back as a form of attribution? Or maybe they’re sharing your page as part of their resource page? 

Whatever the case, Majestic will tell you how and why you’re getting backlinks along with the anchor text used.

And if you ever gain (or lose) backlinks, Majestic will let you know through the New and Lost Backlinks subfeature.

Bulk Backlink Checker

But what if you want to check the backlinks of more than a couple of pages? Well, there’s no need to worry because Majestic has a Bulk Backlink Checker feature.

This allows you to check backlinks for up to a million URLs through the file upload function — that is if you have enough Analysis Units in your subscription plan.

Keyword Generator

If you need keyword ideas for your next SEO campaign, then the Keyword Generator has your back. 

All you need to do is enter your domain along with sites in the same niche (could be your competitors). After Majestic runs the program, it’ll show you keywords for you to target.

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From here you can analyze the metrics to find the right keywords for your online strategy.

You can go over the keyword’s search volume, keyword difficulty, frequency, and others. Afterward, you can export the data and view it offline or pass the file around to teammates for them to work with.


Majestic SEO has three plans: Lite ($49.99/month), Pro ($99.99/month), and API ($399/month).

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For most people, the Lite should be enough to get them started. However, if you need historical data, you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro plan.

That about covers what Majestic SEO has to offer. It’s a simple tool that can help you find backlink opportunities for yourself or your clients.

But what about Ahrefs? How is it any different?

What Is Ahrefs?

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Ahrefs is a well-rounded SEO tool that can address concerns ranging from site audits to content publication.

It’s a popular tool that online marketing professionals have relied on for a long time. 

And with its strong features and data, you really can’t blame why people like the product very much.

Site Audit

In a nutshell, Site Audit checks your pages and informs you how optimized they are for web searches.

what is ahrefs - site audit

What kind of information can you expect from a site audit?

First, you’re given an overall health score. You want this to be as close to 100% as possible. You can accomplish this by addressing the SEO-related issues that Ahrefs finds.

These issues could be as simple as missing meta titles and descriptions, low word count, duplicate pages, or similar errors. However, they could end up being JavaScript problems, slow-loading pages, or even incorrect linking.

In total, Ahrefs checks for over 100 pre-defined SEO issues.

If you want the tool to find specific issues, you can create custom filters so you can always find the exact information you need.

You can tell Ahrefs to crawl your domain automatically. You have the option to set the frequency, day, and time (including which timezone) of these crawls.

There’s even a way to crawl mobile versions of your pages to see how they perform on phones and tablets.

Site Explorer

The Site Audit feature takes care of the technical aspect of your pages. But if what you need is an overview of your domain’s performance in terms of organic search, backlinks, and paid traffic metrics, you should head on over to Site Explorer.

what is ahrefs - site explorer

Now you can research the organic traffic of your pages. It also works for domains owned by your competitors. You’ll see all the keywords that make them rank. And because Ahrefs has a database of over 150 million keywords—and that’s just for the US market—you’ll get a solid idea of their performance.

You can use the same tool to research backlinks. Not only do you know which pages link back to the domain you entered, but you also see their domain and URL ratings, referring domains, traffic, anchors texts used, as well as which domain they link to.

It also shows which backlinks are new, how many you lost, and if there are broken links in the list.

There’s even a way to use Site Explorer to monitor internal links.

And if it’s paid keywords you’re after, there’s a section within Site Explorer to know what keywords your competitors bid on. This is especially useful if you plan on launching your own pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Then there’s the Pages section. This is a quick way for you to know which pages on the domain you entered have the most backlinks and social media shares.

Keywords Explorer

Keywords Explorer is arguably Ahrefs’ crowning achievement. It’s considered one of the best in the business.

what is ahrefs - keywords explorer

The awesome thing about Ahrefs is that it does not stop at giving you keyword suggestions. It also helps you understand the potential that every keyword research has. 

It explains how easy or difficult it is to rank for the term. IT shows you how many searches every word or phrase gets. This way, you don’t waste time trying to rank for a keyword that users barely search for.

You also get clicks and CPC information along with the global volume.

Even better, Ahrefs categorizes keywords to make it easier to search for ideas. There’s even a specific category for keywords that come as questions. This is useful for those who have run out of ideas for their next blog post or article.

And in case you’re wondering — Yes, you can search for keyword ideas based on which search platform you want to optimize for. This includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, and YouTube.

So, is that it?

Not quite.

All of this information would be hard to digest. There could literally be thousands of keyword suggestions. How do you work your way through that list?

This is where Ahrefs’ filter system comes in.

You can sort through your list by keyword density, volume, word count, SERP features, among other metrics. You can set words to include or exclude too.

 what is ahrefs - filters

So not only do you get quality data, but you also get to sort them based on what entries you need to see.

Content Explorer

Are you planning on publishing more content on your site? Are you struggling with ideas on how to make an entire post based on your target keyword?

If your answer to both questions is yes, then you need Content Explorer.

what is ahrefs - content explorer

You simply enter your target keyword and Content Explorer will provide a list of pages that rank for the term. From there, you’ll see each page’s domain rating, referring domains, organic traffic, traffic value, and social media shares.

Again, you can use the filter options to refine your results. You can set parameters like whether the post was published one or republished, first published date, live or broken, by social shares, domain rating, organic traffic, author, and many more.

One trick is to find high-performing pages and sort it by broken links. This will give you a list of sites you can contact if you want to launch a broken link building campaign.

And you don’t have to use it on your site. Using Content Explorer, you can also spy on your competitors and see how they’re using content to dominate search engines. 

Content Explorer can really help you improve your content strategy to be more competitive for your target keywords.

Rank Tracker

Last but certainly not least, we have Rank Tracker. This feature is a convenient way to monitor your rankings — whether it be on desktop or mobile devices.

what is ahrefs - rank tracker

To start, you’ll need to add your keywords. You can refine the results by specifying what location you want to draw the data from.

Ahrefs will go on to pull data from search engines to show if any of your pages rank for the keywords you entered.

Rank Tracker makes use of graphs to present the rankings to you. That means you should have an idea of whether your strategy worked or not in a matter of seconds.

But you don’t just get organic results. No, sir. Ahrefs also looks at featured snippets, top stories, thumbnails, ads, the knowledge card, videos, and other sources (13 in total).

If you add your competitors, you can pit your SERP performance against theirs. This will make it easier to see if you’ve overtaken them or if your campaign needs refining.

Best of all, you don’t even have to log into Ahrefs to get your ranking reports. You can have it emailed to you automatically. That leaves you with one less thing to worry about.


Ahrefs has four subscription plans: Lite ($99/month), Standard ($179/month), Advanced ($399/month), and Agency ($999/month).

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The main difference between the plans is how many keywords, domains, and crawls you can perform every month.

There is no free trial. You have to pay $7 to try the product for seven days.

How Are Ahrefs and Majestic SEO Similar?

Before we move on to the main difference between Ahrefs and Majestic SEO, let’s look at the ways both tools are similar to one another.

Both Tools Can Check Competitor Backlinks

If you’re paying for a backlink checker, you’d want to subscribe to one that can also spy on your competitors. That way, you get the most out of your plan.

Fortunately, Ahrefs and Majestic SEO have this feature built into its system.

Now you can find out who links to them and what’s the context behind the backlink.

Both Don’t Offer Free Trials

Majestic SEO lets you sign up for free. But to see its full potential, you’ll have to subscribe to any of their plans. Both Lite and Pro subscriptions offer a 7-day money-back guarantee though.

As for Ahrefs, you’ll have to pay $7 if you want to try it out for seven days. Some could argue that seven days is not enough time to gauge whether it’s worth subscribing to the service or not.

Both Have API Integration

For developers, you’d be happy to know that Ahrefs and Majestic SEO have API integration. So you can build an application using either platform.

Majestic SEO vs Ahrefs: What Makes Them Different?

Here are the ways both of these tools are different from one another.

AhrefsMajestic SEO
PriceAhrefs, as an all-in-one solution, is priced higher than Majestic.The Lite plan (which might be enough for most people) is $49.99. That price drops to $41.67 if you pay annually.
FeaturesThere’s no denying that Ahrefs has more features compared to Majestic SEO.Majestic has a good backlink checker. And it can even do some keyword research. But it pales in comparison to what Ahrefs can do.
UsersThe Advanced and Agency plans let you have three and five users respectively.Every additional user will have to subscribe to another plan. So if you’re working with a team, it could get expensive fast.
MetricsAhrefs has tons of metrics you can use to filter through all the backlinks it provides.Majestic introduces users to its own metrics to determine link quality. That’s Citation Flow and Trust Flow.
But some may find the rest of the metrics used to be lacking.
ResearchEach feature has a set credit limit. For example, the Lite plan only lets you track 500 keywords; perform 10,000 site crawls; and explore 175 domains per week.You’re given analysis units that you could spend as you wish. The Lite plan comes with one million analysis units.

What’s Better About Majestic SEO?

At this point, it’s clear that Ahrefs is the better solution for SEO professionals. But Majestic SEO still has some merits.

  • Price — Those who are just starting out and are not ready to commit to anything close to $100 per month might want to consider getting Majestics SEO.
  • Focus — If all you need is a capable backlink checker, then there’s no need to look elsewhere.
  • Trust and Citation Flow — Some people rely on Citation and Trust Flow to gauge the authority of a backlink. If that’s important to you, then stick to Majestic SEO.

What’s Better About Ahrefs?

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to subscribe to Ahrefs instead of Majestic.

  • Features — With its on-page checker, link research, and keyword tool, you can optimize your site and go beyond backlink checking.
  • Community — SInce Ahrefs been around for a while, you’ll find a lot of resources online to help you maximize your membership. There’s even an official Ahrefs YouTube channel that guides beginners through using the product.
  • Data Quality — Not only can you rely on Ahrefs’ index of over a million backlinks, but you get metrics that you can filter and manage with ease. Finding those backlinks should be a breeze.

Who Should Get Majestic SEO?

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Majestic SEO is ideal for those who are just starting out and possibly subscribing to an SEO tool for the first time. If all you need is to check backlink sources, this is the tool for you.

Who Should Get Ahrefs?

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If you’re serious about SEO and want to do more beyond backlink research, you should get Ahrefs. It’s one of the best SEO tools today right up there with SEMrush.