Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple

lemlist review

Email outreach isn’t as easy as one might think. That’s why companies and marketers go out of their way to find the right cold email outreach tool to aid their link building strategy.

And at the very top of the list, you’ll find Lemlist — a product that aims to help sales teams, agencies, and B2B businesses to personalize their cold emails.

But can Lemlist deliver? Let’s find out in this Lemlist review.


Lemlist is clean and simple to use. It does a great job of not overwhelming its users. The stats are easy to understand and pretty straightforward. No reason to complain about the interface.


As an outreach tool, you can’t complain about what Lemlist can offer. It does exactly what it promises to deliver. You can send personalized emails to hundreds of leads in minutes.


The ability to create custom variables is key to sending mass emails with little effort. It makes email outreach effortless. Its abundance of features adds to its ease of use.


One thing’s for sure: Lemlist is anything but ineffective. Not only can you push out lots of emails in record time, but the tool can also track your success rate from the dashboard.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 1

What is Lemlist?

Lemlist is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that not only automates the cold email process but also personalizes it to the recipient. 

It works with the most popular email service providers like Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail, and Office 365. If you don’t use any of the three mentioned, you can still connect an account via SMTP/IMAP.

The end goal is to deliver emails that are warm which is unlike a typical cold email that sounds impersonal and robotic in tone. This will open the door to better relationships with your target leads.

And because everything’s automated, you end up spending less time working your leads.

How Lemlist Works

Cold email automation sounds cool and all but what exactly can you do with Lemlist? And does it deserve all the hype it’s getting?

More importantly, is Lemlist the cold email service you’ve been looking for?

To help you answer all these questions and more. here’s a rundown of Lemlist’s core features.

Email Deliverability

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? 

Lemlist lets you deliver emails to your list of leads that you provide. 

What makes Lemlist efficient is that it can detect a person’s name, company, email address, and other relevant details.

So what does that mean for you? It means that as long as you format your CSV files correctly (having one column for every type of entry), Lemlist can pull that information and use it in your cold emails.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 2

Once you have uploaded a list of contacts, you can reuse that list in future emails. You can even refine your list based on how your contacts responded to your emails previously. For example, you can only send emails to those who replied to your first email.

And if you’re having a hard time determining what kind of email to deliver, you can choose from one of the templates that Lemlist has to offer.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 3

After Lemlist delivers your emails, you will have up-to-date information on the progress of your campaign. 

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 4

From your main dashboard, you’ll be able to tell how many emails you sent and the percentage of those who opened, clicked, replied, shown interest, bounced, and opted out of receiving emails.

You can configure the settings on a campaign level to indicate the frequency of emails sent, the account from where the cold emails will be sent from, and who to send the emails to. Lemlist will keep track of all the details.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 5

So from start to finish, Lemlist gives you the best chances of hitting as many inboxes as possible through its different email delivery features.


One of Lemlist’s key features is the ability to add a custom image. In your CSV file, you can add a column with the name of the image you want to insert in your email. How you use this feature is totally up to you.

Let’s use an example. Say you’re a web designer and you want to insert a screenshot of your lead’s homepage to illustrate a point. You simply need to take a screenshot, upload it to a database, and add the source URL in your spreadsheet.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 6

Note: Lemlist has a step-by-step guide on how to add a new image if you need more information.

Lemlist will automatically detect the type of information provided per column including images.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 7

Use images to introduce yourself, add charts or graphs, showcase products, and insert details that are relevant to your prospects. 

The more personalized your images are, the better it will be for your relationship.

But Lemlist’s personalization features don’t stop there.

You can add a custom signature in the emails you send. This can be configured in Settings > Email Signature.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 8

There are other things you could experiment with to further customize your cold emails. You can make use of HTML, add attachments, or custom codes to set your emails apart from your competition.

It’s also possible to insert customizable images. What do we mean? Lemlist has some images that you could use in your emails. These come with editable sections. You can insert text or embed videos.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 9

All of these, when combined, give you a platform for creating one-of-a-kind emails. And if you’re unsure what combinations work and what doesn’t, you make take advantage of Lemlist’s A/B Testing feature.  

Automated Sequences

Lemlist makes use of variables to replace text and add images in emails. There are common ones like {{firstName}}, {{lastName}}, {{signature}}, and {{companyName}}. However, you can add custom variables depending on your needs.

For example, you want to insert a phone number to the satellite office that’s closest to your recipient, you can set variables for that scenario. {{Phone Number NY}} could be your New York office while {{Phone Number LA}} could be set for Los Angeles.

Note: See this explainer from Lemlist about custom variable formats for more information. 

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 10

Variables are the key to automating your cold emails. You only need to write one email — Lemlist will take care of personalizing it to every recipient.

So as long as the variable data is available on the spreadsheet you uploaded (or set up within Lemlist’s setting like in the case of email signatures), then you should be able to personalize and automate your email campaign in one sitting.

This saves you a lot of time and resources.

And again, you could make use of the templates provided by Lemlist. These templates come preconfigured with variables. You can leave them as is or edit the template to your liking.

Follow-Up Emails

But Lemlist does not stop at sending first-contact emails. Even follow-up emails are automatic.

You can create follow-up emails from scratch or by selecting one of the templates available. It too makes use of variables, making sure all emails are still personalized.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 11

Users have the ability to set up their emails in stages. From the first email you send, you could configure your campaign settings to send one or more emails. You also control the order in which the emails are sent out.

You simply need to add another step to add new emails to the queue.

Of course, Lemlist gives you the option to choose how long before it sends the follow-up email. Just indicate how many days Lemlist has to wait before sending the next email.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 12

Tip: If you leave the Subject Line blank, the follow-up emails will keep your email in the same thread as your initial email. This is useful for recipients since it’ll allow them to keep track of your messages.


You can integrate Lemlist with third-party apps and solutions to improve your workflow. 

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 13

Lemlist lets you add a BCC email address. You can use this to forward all your emails to your leads. 

You can also connect your Lemlist account to your Pipedrive or Salesforce accounts. 

If you have a Zapier account, you can connect that as well. What does that accomplish? It lets you connect your Lemlist account with more than 2,000 apps including Google Sheets, Gmail, HubSpot, Slack, MailChimp, Facebook Lead Ads, Google Forms, ClickFunnels, and Typeform.

Click here to see a full list of apps that you can connect through Zapier.

These add more functionality to your Lemlist account. 

For example, connecting Gmail to Lemlist can remove leads from Lemlist. Connecting Sheets to Lemlist automatically adds your email activity to Google Sheets as new rows. If you connect Google Forms, the responses are added to Lemlist as new leads.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 14

For advanced users, you can also use Lemlist API to create customized reporting that specific to your needs. You can explore Lemlist API by visiting this link.

All these features make Lemlist a powerful tool for sending personalized cold emails. There’s no question that Lemlist can increase your chances of success and reduce the amount of effort you’d have to put into building business relationships.

Send Cold Emails Using Lemlist

You don’t necessarily have to use Lemlist to get new leads for your business. It’s just as useful for building backlinks to improve your SEO.

Link building is easier with Lemlist. It does a great job of walking new users through the Lemlist environment. And the interface is simple and clean. You shouldn’t have a hard time familiarizing yourself with all the different features.

And it doesn’t even take that long to set up your account. Here’s what you need to do once you’ve registered an account with Lemlist.

Step #1: Create a Campaign

From the main dashboard, click Create a New Campaign.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 15

On the next screen, you will have the option to enter a new campaign. If you’re not sure what campaign name to use, know that you can edit this information later on. So you can use a random name and change it afterward.

When you’re done, click Next.

Step #2: Add Your List of Leads

Lemlist refers to leads as Buddies-to-Be. After you’ve decided on a campaign name, Lemlist will ask you to add Buddies-to-Be.

There are different ways to accomplish this. You can upload a CSV file or select one of the other options.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 16

You can enter the emails manually, import from an existing campaign (which can’t use when setting up for the first time but should be useful in the future), create a form, use the API, or connect to either Pipedrive or Salesforce.

Step #3: Create a Message

In the next section, you can create your messages. Choose to either use one of the offered templates or create one from scratch. 

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 17

If you wish to add more email drafts in the queue, click Add a New Step.

When you write your email, you can add variables by clicking on the Custom Variables button on the lower-left side of the text box.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 18

Step #4: Create a Schedule

Once you have your messages drafted, you can move on to scheduling your emails. Lemlist gives you several options. First, you need to choose the timezone that Lemlist would follow.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 19

After you pick a timezone, you can set the maximum number of leads to reach, which time of the day to contact them, and what days to send emails.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 20

Step #5: Fine-Tune Your Campaign

There are additional options you need to fill out before running your campaign. You’ll need to select an email address to use.

Note: Add an email address by going to Settings > Email Provider.

Next, choose when Lemlist should stop sending emails to a lead. It can stop whenever the lead replies to an email, clicks on a link in the email, or stop as soon as the lead opens the email.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 21

You can also disable tracking options.

Step #6: Track Your Progress

From the dashboard, click an existing campaign to see its progress. If you just started your campaign, all your stats should be at zero.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 22

But as you run your campaign, you’ll see your stats reflect what the recipients are doing when they receive your email.

Lemlist Pricing

Before we continue, we should point out that Lemlist has a 14-day free trial. Even better, it won’t require you to enter your credit card information. 

So if you want to see what Lemlist can do for you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.

Lemlist Review: Outreach Link Building Made Simple 23

There are three pricing plans available.

  • Silver ($29/month) — Best suited for solo practitioners. You can create unlimited campaigns but there is a cap of 100 emails per day.
  • Gold ($49/month) — This works best for small teams with lots of leads. You get access to A/B testing with a limit of 500 emails per day.
  • Platinum ($99/month) — The email cap is still 500. But you get access to dynamic landing pages and video integration. You also receive priority customer support.

To reiterate, all plans include unlimited campaigns. They also include auto-email warm-up, automated sequences, and custom tracking domain.

Users can upgrade or downgrade their plans at any point.

Lemlist Review: Pros and Cons

So what are the strengths and weaknesses of Lemlist? Let’s take a look.

PRO: Easy to Use

Lemlist is pleasantly easy to use. Even beginners should have no trouble using the tool as intended.

Even the wording of the instructions found in Lemlist shows some personality — not to mention that they’re easy to follow.

CON: Pricing

If all you need is to send out 100 emails a day to cold leads, then pricing shouldn’t be an issue. However, some of its more powerful features are locked behind pricier plans.

So you really have to gauge what features you need to determine if the pricing is right for you.

PRO: Customization

Custom variables make Lemlist an effective cold email machine. You can create one email for all recipients and let Lemlist take care of the legwork.

CON: Limited Features

As powerful as it is today, there are some features we wish for Lemlist to provide. For example, one of its competitors, BuzzStream, lets you discover new contacts from within the tool. It doesn’t appear that Lemlist has this feature as of now.


Christopher Jan Benitez



As an email outreach tool, Lemlist does a fine job and is worthy of praise. There’s no doubt as to how much it can help SEO marketers find link building opportunities or entrepreneurs generate more sales.

And because sending cold emails can be a tough process, any tool that can lift that burden is a welcome addition to anyone’s list of SEO tools.

Sure, some of the more powerful features are only accessible in higher plans, but if all you need is an email automation system, then Lemlist is worth considering. If all you need is to send 100 emails a day (which is plenty enough for those who are just starting out), then $29 is a small price to pay.

In summary, Lemlist is absolutely worth recommending to anyone who wants to send cold emails to leads automatically. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Try Lemlist for free for 14 days and see what all the hype is about for yourself.