Jaaxy Review: Will This Keyword Tool Make You a Wealthy Affiliate?


Jaaxy is as good as you’d expect from a traditional keyword research tool. Affiliate marketers will enjoy this tool very much due to its ability to find profitable keywords. However, there’s still some kinks that need ironing out before it can compete in the big leagues.


The sleek design and layout of the tool allows you to seamlessly research for keyword ideas for your website. It also helps save keyword lists and your search history.


The core features work well, but others don’t. The Affiliate Programs and Search Analysis feature needs more work for them to be truly valuable for users alike.


Brainstorm for keyword ideas and suggestions using the Keywords and Alphabet Soup features guaranteed to help you generate traffic to your affiliate sites.


Jaaxy gets the job done as a keyword research tool. It provides you with features that can help you find and track low-hanging fruit keywords to rank for your website.

In this Jaaxy review, you will learn how this keyword tool stacks up with the rest.

Considering that keyword research is arguably the most crucial part of your SEO campaign, you need a tool that will deliver the goods.

To help in your quest for learning whether or not Jaaxy is for you, I will discuss the following:

  • What are the different features of the Jaaxy keyword tool
  • How to find the best keywords for your website using this tool
  • How much Jaaxy costs
  • The pros and cons of this keyword tool
  • My verdict and who will benefit the most from using Jaaxy

So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

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As a premium keyword research tool, Jaaxy is loaded with features that help unearth search terms you’re looking that you won’t find using free tools.

Below, I will run through all of Jaaxy’s options and show how you can effectively find keywords for your website.



Jaaxy’s keyword search function is as simple and powerful as they come. Extract keyword suggestions from your seed keyword and use the available metrics to unearth the best keywords.

After signing up for an account (click here* if you haven’t yet), the Keywords page will be the first one to load.

jaaxy review - keywords

Jaaxy analyzes each keyword according to the following metrics:

  • Avg (Average) – refers to the number of monthly searches for the keyword
  • Traffic – talks about the number of organic visitors your site will get if you rank on top for the keyword
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results) – alludes to the number of websites competing for the keyword. The higher they are, the worse for you
  • KQR (Keyword Quality Indicator) – determines whether or not it’s best for you to optimize for the keyword. If Good to Great, then you should target this keyword for your site. If Poor, then find another keyword to optimize
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – shows the likelihood of your site ranking on top for the keyword from 1-100. The higher the score, the more likely your site will rank on the first page for the search phrase or term
  • Domains – Availability of domains related to the keyword. This feature is perfect for those who want to create websites from low-hanging fruit keywords. You can find exact match domains

Personally, I like how Jaaxy presents keywords in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Basically, you want to target keywords with a Good to Great KQR and high SEO power.

You can then organize the results from descending order to see the best keywords first before working your way down the list.

Lastly, you will see a sidebar on the right screen that shows Related searches. Click on any keyword to narrow down your search to deliver more precise keyword ideas.

There’s also a Brainstorm tab on the sidebar. But we’ll discuss that in greater depth later.


Saved Lists


Saved Lists allows you to build keyword lists for your topic and fine-tune the list as you proceed. It’s a good way to find valuable keywords to focus on once you start building your site.

From Keywords, you can save entries in the results for later use.

To do this, check the box of the keywords you want to save.

jaaxy review - saved lists

Click on “Save to List” opens a window that lets you save the keywords to an existing group or a new one. If the latter, you can create a name for the new group.

jaaxy save keyword list

After saving the keywords, you can access them by clicking Saved List on the menu to see the groups thus far.

jaxxy saved lists

Alphabet Soup


The Alphabet Soup makes keyword research less time consuming as it organizes keyword ideas. Using this feature helps you unearth even more keywords to choose from and speeds up the brainstorming process.

If Keywords doesn’t yield enough results to your liking, then Alphabet Soup should cover this for you.

This feature lets you extract long-tail keyword suggestions of your seed keyword organized according to alphabetical order.

Upon entering your keyword in the search bar, you will see something like this:

jaaxy alphabet soup

Here, you will see results for “keyword + a” or search phrases with your seed keyword plus word/s starting with “a.”

You can move from letter to letter by scrolling down the page or dragging the blue circle on the bar to see the letter you want.

jaaxy alphabet soup l

If you find the keyword you want, click “Search on this” to analyze the keywords and return even more suggestions. You can also add the keyword in your brainstorm list.

The Alphabet Soup reminds me of Ubersuggest years back before Neil Patel purchased it. It’s a good way to analyze the phrases according to the alphabetical order of the word/s added on each keyword.

To make this feature even better, Jaaxy could show metrics like monthly search volume at the very least so users can find keywords that can bring traffic to their site before analyzing it.



Brainstorm allows you to conduct all your keyword research tasks in a single place. There’s no need for you to jump to different online sources because Jaaxy covers them for you with this feature.

Sometimes, you run out of topics for your keyword research.

And you obviously can’t grab ideas out of thin air!

Luckily, there’s Brainstorm for Jaaxy.

By clicking on the link from the menu, you will see the most trendings from some of the best online sources.

jaaxy brainstorm

The idea is to find topics that people are talking about at the moment. And your goal is to run any of the topics using Jaaxy’s Keywords to determine which ones to optimize for your website.

If you like any of the results in Brainstorm, click on the plus icon. The topic will then go to your Brainstorm Queue.

jaaxy brainstorm queue

Once you’ve added the topics you want in your queue, go to Keywords and click on the Brainstorm tab from the right sidebar to research it.

jaaxy brainstorm tab

Search History


Search History lets you review the searches you’ve done with Jaaxy from the start. It’s a good way to keep track of the tool’s usage and recall keywords you entered in the tool but forgot.

If you forgot the keywords you searched and which features you used with Jaaxy, the Search History reminds you of every single thing you did using the tool.

Click Search History from the menu to see something like this:

jaaxy search history

You can see the keyword you search and the search type for each. The details about the keyword and date when it was searched are also available.

Also, use the search bar to find the keywords you searched instead of scrolling the page to find the keyword.

Search Analysis


Search Analysis gives you a better understanding of pages ranking for your target keyword on organic search. Check the details of each page to see how you can create much better content than the ones ranking on the first page.

On the downside, I think Search Analysis could be much better if it shows the average numbers of word count, backlink, links on-site, and others. Showing the average figures should make competitor research much easier.

To rank better in organic search, you need to understand the top results for your target keyword.

While QSR, KQR, and SEO metrics from Keywords are good indicators of a keyword’s competitiveness, manually browsing through the results for your keyword remains the best way to analyze a keyword’s difficulty.

That’s where Search Analysis comes in!

Go to the Search Analysis page and enter your keyword in the search bar. You will see something similar to this:

jaaxy search analysis

Click “View Details” to learn more about each page.

jaaxy search analysis view details

Now, if you want to optimize for search engines other than Google, you can check out the results for Yahoo! and Bing as well.

jaaxy search analysis SERPs

So, what should you do with the details found here?

For starters, you get to understand the search intent of the keyword.

In the example above, the SERP returns informational pages for the keyword.

It shows Wikipedia and IMDB entries of the show. There are news entries in the results as well.

So, if you’re going to create a page on your site for this keyword, you should create an informational page as well!

Also, refer to the metadata and word count of each page as a basis for creating your content. The information here lets you find the perfect balance for writing your content.

Affiliate Programs


The Affiliate Program should have been Jaaxy’s best feature. You could find products to promote on your site from the best affiliate programs in a single place. Instead, you have a feature that doesn’t work correctly. I hope the guys over at Jaaxy rework this feature as it could be a real game-changer in the market.

Now, let’s say you already have published content for your target keyword.

The next thing you want is to monetize it by relying on affiliate programs.

By promoting products related to your target keyword in the article, you can convert more people and earn more commissions in the process!

If don’t have affiliate products in your article, then you should find one using Jaaxy’s Affiliate Programs.

When you click on the link from the menu, you can enter the keyword on the search bar.

But before you do, you need to check out first the drop-down menu beside the “Find Keywords” button.

jaaxy affiliate programs

You can search from the top affiliate programs for products related to your keyword. By default, your initial search will yield products from Click Bank.

Below are the results when you enter “hair growth:”

jaaxy affiliate programs click bank

The results show products from Click Bank that you can promote on your site.

Now, in theory, this is a very good feature from Jaaxy.

However, the reality is that it’s not!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

First, some of the results return a 404 error.

For instance, Hair Growth Hero can’t be reached.

jaaxy hair growth hero

Same goes for hairlossmiraclesolutions.com.

jaaxy hair loss miracle solutions

Also, when I searched for “hair growth” on Click Bank, it returned way more results than the one from Jaaxy:

jaaxy click bank

More importantly, for the pages of the affiliate products that work, there’s no information on how you can promote them properly on your site or blog!

Normally, you must generate a tracking link that allows you to earn a commission for every successful transaction of the product.

Since that’s not included in Jaaxy, you’ll end up hopping to the affiliate programs and get the link from there.

If that’s the case, then it completely defeats the purpose of having this feature at all!

Site Rank


Site Rank lets you conduct al your keyword research business in one place. By monitoring the progress of your page’s SEO and see its performance over time, you can make the necessary changes to improve or maintain its rankings.

As part of your keyword research, you need to track its position in organic search once you’ve optimized a page for it on your site.

After all, the point of researching for keywords is to rank as high on SERPs as possible to generate traffic to your website.

That’s precisely what Site Rank can do you!

Enter the keyword and the URL of the page to see where you currently rank on organic search.

jaaxy site rank

Jaaxy shows your search position from the top three search engines.

You can also change how frequent you want Jaaxy to track your keyword. Just below it, you can see the movement of your rankings depending on the tracking frequency.

On the right, it shows the SERP of the search engine to give you a better idea of your competitors.


Now that we’ve discussed all its features, it’s time to know how much Jaaxy costs.

jaaxy price

When you sign up for an account (CLICK HERE* to do so), you get the STARTER plan.

It’s a good way to test-drive the tool despite the limited searches and results. From here, you’ll get a great feel of the Keywords and organize the keywords based on the different metrics discussed above.

Now, if you’re ready to take Jaaxy to the next level, the PRO plan is for you. For $49/month, you get everything from the STARTER plan plus better functions like unlimited searches, sortable keyword results, and more.

This plan is perfect for bloggers and small businesses who want to find low-hanging fruit keywords to optimize for organic search.

The ENTERPRISE plan ($99/month) gives users a much better experience doing keyword research. When you subscribe to this plan, you get a faster-loading tool, automated QSR and Domains (no need to manually check for each keyword), and more!

SEOs and marketers working for different clients might enjoy the ENTERPRISE because it’ll make their jobs much easier and faster.

If you want to save money on your Jaaxy subscription, sign up below and be the first to receive updates about it!



We’ve discussed Jaaxy in great detail above.

It has features that are very useful in helping users come up with the best keywords for their blogs.

At the same time, there are things about this keyword research tool that needs improvement, in my humble opinion.

Let’s dive deep into each below:

PRO: Unlimited keyword queries

It’s refreshing to see a keyword tool that lets you analyze seed keywords without a daily or monthly limit. Jaaxy lets you gather keyword ideas and see how easy it is to rank for each on organic search without worrying if you reached the limit of queries. You can brainstorm for keywords for as long as you like any day and time.

CON: Search Analysis needs a bit of work

You can manually conduct competitor research ranking for your target keyword fine. However, the details provided aren’t actionable enough to mobilize users to action. Also, it would have been better if this feature shows you average figures of the variables shown in the details to give you an overview of your competitors.

PRO: Very useful keyword metrics

Almost all premium keyword tools nowadays show how easy or difficult it will be to rank for a keyword. But Jaaxy takes things up a notch by also showing the estimated traffic when ranking on top for the keyword, Keyword Quality Indicator, and the SEO power of each. These variables help you filter keywords that are easiest to rank for with a few clicks of a button in minutes!

CON: Affiliate Programs is a missed opportunity

As mentioned earlier, Affiliate Programs could be the defining feature of Jaaxy especially for affiliate marketers. However, the jarring results and insufficient information provided here renders this feature almost useless.

PRO: Great keyword research workflow

I enjoyed how you can organize keywords for future use on your site. For example, after you search for your target keywords, you can save them in a list for easy reference later on. Also, if the Keywords isn’t showing the results you’re looking for, you can use the Alphabet Soup to find terms and queries that you can plug into Keywords. For additional inspiration, Brainstorm shows you trending topics that you optimize and capitalize on your site. Finally, you can track and monitor the position of your pages for the keyword you want to rank for.

CON: Limited database

Jaaxy doesn’t reveal the database it uses for user queries. I assume that the tool depends on Google US database, which is what most people use for their research. However, if you want to optimize locally and outside of the US, then I’m not sure if Jaaxy will provide you the right information.



Christopher Jan Benitez



Jaaxy is as good as they come from a traditional keyword research tool. You can unearth hundreds and thousands of keywords using its different features and filter the best ones with a few clicks of a button. Granted, some of its features are flawed and may need a second look by its developers. However, Jaaxy’s core feature (Keywords) is more than enough to help you overlook its deficiency. Overall, Jaaxy proves to be a fine arsenal in your SEO toolkit.


Jaaxy is a simple yet powerful keyword research tool to help you find low-hanging fruit keywords to rank for search engines.

It’s not a perfect tool by any stretch of the imagination – no tool is. But one thing that separates Jaaxy from the rest is the ability to search for keywords without limits!

People who are addicted to keyword research will find themselves loving Jaaxy for this very reason.

It doesn’t hurt that the tool also serves up powerful metrics to help you determine which keywords to target for your website. Aside from the search volume, refer to the Quoted Search Result, Quality Keyword Indicator, and SEO scores to find the right keywords for your website.

Jaaxy is a simple yet powerful keyword research tool to help you find low-hanging fruit keywords to rank for search engines.

As mentioned, Jaaxy has its drawback. The biggest one, in my opinion, is the Affiliate Programs.

It shouldn’t be a big deal since you can still do it manually by going from one affiliate program to another. However, it’s disappointing that it wasn’t able to capitalize on what seems to be a huge need for site owners and affiliate marketers.

Jaaxy should either tweak this feature to show better results and data or they can abandon it and focus their resources on what works.

Also, the database used analyzing keywords is unclear. Assuming that it is indeed using the US databases from the top three search engines, then non-US site owners may want to skip this one and use other tools like SEMrush.

Overall, there’s a lot to love with Jaaxy if you can overlook some of its shortcomings. If you’re looking for a traditional keyword research tool and are building lots of affiliate/niche sites, then this tool is for you.