Is SEMrush Free? The Only Answer You’ll Need

After the 7-day SEMrush free trial, you can either choose to keep and pay your plan OR opt for the free account. Before deciding, I want to show you what you’ll miss out on once you downgrade your plan.

Let’s compare what SEMrush free users vs. paid users can enjoy and determine the limitations of having a free account.

SEMrush Free Account vs. Paid Account

I won’t be able to give a detailed explanation of SEMrush features for the fear that I might turn this post into an e-Book. I suggest that you check our SEMrush review to know more about this software. 


Is Semrush free? Projects Section

Free: 1 | Pro: 5 | Guru: 15 | Business: 40

The project section refers to a dashboard consisting of 12 SEMrush tools to help you with your website’s global campaign. 

For the SEMrush free account, you can create only ONE project. You can delete this project and make another one, but all data collected will be deleted. 

Paid accounts give you more chances to add projects.

Another limitation of the free account is it won’t allow you to share a ‘can edit’ access with other SEMrush users. This feature is only available on the paid plans. 

Searches per Day

Is SEmrush free? Domain Overview

Free: 10 | Pro: 3,000 | Guru: 5,000 | Business: 10,000

Searches refer to the number of times you enter a domain on the search bar and click reports on the Domain Overview. 

For example, you entered “” on your Domain Overview tool. It’s counted as one search. By clicking “eBay motors” under top organic keywords on the overview, you did another search. 

You are only allowed to do ten searches per day for a FREE account

If you want to take competitive research to the next level, ten searches per day WON’T be enough. 

Requests Per Day

Is SEMrush Free? The Only Answer You'll Need 1

Free: 10 | Pro: 10,000 | Guru: 30,000 | Business: 50,000

Requests are the number of keywords shown to you after you conduct a keyword analysis on a site. 

Let’s say you used Backlink Analytics for Only the first 10 data or referring domains of the report will be visible to you. 

This applies to all kinds of analysis reports – Organic Keyword Research, Advertising Research, Keyword Analytics, Backlink Gap, etc.

I don’t think that limit will be enough if you’re planning to find keywords to target for a 1-year content. 

Aside from the request limit, free users can’t save recent research on Keyword Magic Tool, while paid users can save up to 350 of their recent keyword requests. 

Keywords to Track

Is SEMrush Free? The Only Answer You'll Need 2

Free: 10 | Pro: 500 | Guru: 1,500| Business: 5,000

This is done through Position Tracking Tool. Just like the limit above, you are only allowed to track ten keywords for the free account. It won’t be enough for a website with many pages or posts.

The Position Tracking tool helps you monitor the daily changes in the ranking of your target keywords.

Having a paid plan will give you the freedom to track more keywords and discover better chances to succeed against your competitors. 

Content Marketing Toolkit

Is SEMrush Free? The Only Answer You'll Need 3

Topic Research 

I think this is one of SEMrush’s features that has a lot of potentials. It’s a handy tool to increase your search traffic and engagement. 

For a free SEMrush account, you are only allowed to do two search queries. But if you go for Guru or Business plan, you can enjoy unlimited searches. 

SEO Ideas Units

For content writers and creators, this will be the most beneficial feature of SEMrush. 

SEO Ideas unit refers to each keyword you use between these tools: SEO Writing Assistant, SEO Content Template, and On-Page SEO Checker. 

You can get ten content ideas per month for a free or Pro account. Guru and Business plan users can enjoy more ideas and content templates. 

To fully understand this feature, try our 7-day free trial for Guru.

Social Media Tool Kit 

Is SEMrush Free? The Only Answer You'll Need 4

There are two features under this tool kit – Social Media Tracker and Social Media Poster. 

Social Media Tracker

Track your brand and your competitors’ social media profile. This tool lets you check your insights while also monitoring your competitors’ progress. 

If you’re a free account user, you can only track up to 10 social profiles (your brand included). And it only supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. 

Supported channels for the paid plans include the four above plus LinkedIn and Pinterest. Here’s the number of social profiles you can track under the paid plans:

  • Pro – 50 social profiles.
  • Guru – 100 social profiles.
  • Business – 300 social profiles. 

Social Media Poster

Accounts under this feature refer to your social profiles connected to SEMrush for scheduling your content on different platforms. 

For this feature, you are allowed to connect two of your social platforms on your free account. The only supported channels are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

If you decide to upgrade, you’ll be able to access LinkedIn and Pinterest. Plus, you can schedule posting content on more platforms: 

  • Pro – 10 social profiles.  
  • Guru – 30 social profiles.
  • Business – 50 social profiles. 

Pages to Crawl

Is SEMrush Free? The Only Answer You'll Need 5

Free: 100 | Pro: 100,000 | Guru: 300,000 | Business: 1,000,000

To get an accurate site health score, SEMrush will need to crawl your domain’s pages. The limit of crawled pages for free account users is 100 pages. 

If you’re starting out and have less than 100 pages, this is sufficient. But if your website has been around for a while, I suggest that you consider upgrading your plan. 

PDF Reports 

Is SEMrush Free? The Only Answer You'll Need 6

Free: 1 | Pro: 5 | Guru: 20 | Business: 50

This SEMrush feature helps you create reports easily to show your clients or colleagues any improvements on your website ranking, on-page SEO, competitive analysis, etc.

You can only schedule one PDF report on the free account. 

Other Features Available on Guru and Business: 

There are many other things that you can enjoy as you get a higher plan. We created a pricing comparison and SEMrush review where you can learn about these features in detail. Be sure to check them out. 

To name a few, here are some other features you don’t want to miss:

  • Historical Data. Access past data as early as 2012.
  • Keyword Cannibalization Report. Find out which of your pages targets the exact keywords to avoid having them compete with each other.

Pros Title

  • The swiss knife of SEO tools
  • Excellent organic search research features
  • Great tool for content research, creation, optimization, and distribution
  • Manage all digital marketing tasks in a single place

Cons Title

  • Backlink filtering needs work

SEMrush is one of the best marketing tools in the market – if not the best. It has everything you need to optimize and maximize your site’s performance in all aspects of your online business. And you can do that in a single dashboard! The best thing about this tool is the ability to research for data, whether it’s keywords or content, and turn it into actionable items for your marketing strategy.

Conclusion: Is SEMrush’s Free Account Enough?

There’s no problem with SEMrush’s free account if you’re using it to test the software. But, if you’re planning to use it in the long run and see your brand grow, it’s better to invest in the paid plans.

The good thing is that SEMrush can assist you in learning and maximizing the tool. Send them an email and schedule a meeting. 

Get your 7-day free trial and see how SEMrush works!