Is Link Building Worth It? 5 Case Studies to Prove It Is!

Is link building worth it and effective?

Many business owners have this question in mind these days. If you’re one of them, here’s what you need to know – YES, it is.

Link building is an important part of SEO because high-quality links can help your website and pages rank better in search results.

Aside from showing you what quality links can do, I’ll also share some valuable case studies in this post.

Shall we start?

What is Link-building? Is Link-building worth it?

Link-building is the process of building strong links to improve your website’s domain authority.

Links play a crucial part in search engine algorithms, but not all links are equal. While some are helpful, other inbound links pointing to your site can also hurt your ranking. You can change how search engines see your website and its content by building good ones.

Although this SEO practice can be tedious and time-consuming, having well-planned link-building strategies can benefit your business and website in so many ways. Besides improving your authority, it can also:

  • Increase your website’s traffic.
  • Bring more prospects and leads to your site.
  • Boost your sales.

To show you some proof that building links can work wonders for your business, here are some case studies from credible sites:

Case Study #1: Pat Ahren increased one client’s traffic by 55% in 3 months.

Pat Ahren’s team in Intergrowth has been using one solid link-building strategy to help B2B businesses increase their visibility online.

Is Link Building Worth It? 5 Case Studies to Prove It Is! 1

One of their successful deals was with a small hosting provider with a limited budget and knowledge about marketing. In a cutthroat niche, where its client competes with huge companies like SiteGround, GoDaddy, and BlueHost, it has struggled to become visible to its target audience.

Integrowth’s Strategy

Integrowth’s first move was repositioning. Instead of targeting the same keyword as their competitors, they looked for a gap. Content gaps are opportunities to rank for keywords that your competitors are not targeting.

They discovered that over 10,000 people are looking for information about DDoS attacks every month, yet no one from their direct competitors wrote about it. Because of this, they specified their target keyword to “secure web hosting.”

Following Steps

Before outreaching, Integrowth updated their client’s content. They optimized the best pages for SEO and de-indexed those that weren’t performing well. They also changed the targeted keywords and improved the site’s speed and usability. Intergrowth focused on building quality content for the client.

After that, the team focused on promoting only one premium article and started their outreach efforts. With the help of search engine optimization tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush, they discovered many websites to connect with. They removed all spammy sites and ended up with 1,000 authoritative inbound links.

Is Link Building Worth It? 5 Case Studies to Prove It Is! 2
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With the help of Pat Ahren and his team, the company was able to get a total of 43 backlinks on multiple websites, hundreds of social shares, and over 1,500 additional monthly visitors. They were also able to scale their business by 35%. All of this happened in just three months.

Case Study #2: Sure Oak has boosted Bivvy’s traffic by 724%.

Sure Oak is a company that offers full-SEO services and tools to help businesses grow their traffic and sales. They have various case studies in different categories, and one of their successful clients was Bivvy.

Is Link Building Worth It? 5 Case Studies to Prove It Is! 3

Bivvy offers affordable and easy-to-access pet insurance for $15 a month. At the time they connected with Sure Oak, they had just started. It’s a good thing for Sure Oak as the website can start on the right foot, and it doesn’t have any harmful backlinks yet.

SureOak’s Strategy

Bivvy took care of the content optimization while Sure Oak focused on getting high-quality links for the website’s key pages. That includes the homepage and another web page that shows why Bivvy is better than other pet insurances.

The company only aimed for backlinks from web pages with over 40 domain scores. Since Bivvy is a new business, it’s a good starting point.

Following Steps

After successfully generating links to key pages, Sure Oak continued its efforts by gaining links to several blog posts produced by Bivvy. It carefully chose content that would provide value to readers and search engines would love.


Is Link Building Worth It? 5 Case Studies to Prove It Is! 4
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After six months, they could increase Bivvy’s DA from 14 to 30. Aside from drastically growing their keyword ranking, Sure Oak also increased the referring domain by 2800%. With the help of Ahrefs, they accurately monitored the data.

Brian Dean is an SEO expert, entrepreneur, and the owner of a high-authority site Backlinko.

Is Link Building Worth It? 5 Case Studies to Prove It Is! 5

His case study is another great proof that link-building is effective. It also shows that even people with established sites like Brian still include it in their digital marketing strategy.

If you’re not familiar, this strategy is the process of finding broken links on other websites and sending a proposal to the webmaster to have it replaced with your link.

Brian’s Strategy

What Brian did was simple. He searched pages with many outbound links and ran them through the Check My Links tool. With this tool, he could identify broken links.

After doing his research, he created and sent a unique and well-written email for each publisher of the websites he picked.

Is Link Building Worth It? 5 Case Studies to Prove It Is! 6
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The Result

Most of the people he emailed were happy to use his link, and he could strengthen his backlink profile more.

Case Study #4: Ahrefs’ statistic page ranked #1 through skyscraper technique.

Ahrefs provides an all-in-one SEO tool that helps businesses improve their traffic and search rankings.

This case study shared how they’ve managed to land backlinks and push their page ranking to number 1 in 2020 under “SEO stats.” Now, their post is still on the first page of Google but in the third spot.

Is Link Building Worth It? 5 Case Studies to Prove It Is! 7
Image from

Ahrefs’ Strategy

The team behind Ahrefs created a statistic page about SEO since that’s the website’s niche. In addition, they chose to create content about statistics because it often gets a lot of links for data reference and are seldom updated.

They carefully selected the winning topic using their tool, Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer. After that, they search for websites to reach for. The team removed all the spam sites and focused on building links with credible websites that are using outdated SEO data.

Is Link Building Worth It? 5 Case Studies to Prove It Is! 8
Ahrefs Keyword Explorer: Image from

Using their Backlink Checker tool and Google Sheets, they compiled all the details they needed for their outreach. At the end of this process, they narrowed their prospects from over 1,900 to 902.

The Next Steps

Unlike the other website’s strategies, Ahrefs did their prospect research before creating their post. Using their SEO tools and technique, the team could make a high-quality statistic page that standouts from its competitors.

Is Link Building Worth It? 5 Case Studies to Prove It Is! 9

Once they published the content, Ahrefs searched for their prospects’ contact information and filtered the list one last time.

They created various pitches, used PitchBox to simplify the process, gathered all their data, and sent personalized emails.


They could land 36 inbound links from 32 various sites with their efforts. The total conversion rate was 5.71%, and they got an additional five links from websites they didn’t contact.

Case Study #5: Our Beautiful Planet increased its traffic by 194.1%.

Using the same strategy done by Ahrefs, Julie Adams drastically increased her organic traffic through the skyscraper technique.

Our Beautiful Planet’s Struggle

Julie has been creating amazing content, but she can’t build links no matter what she published.

She changed her strategy and published content titled “Facts About Mars.” Instead of waiting for links to come, Julie started reaching out to sites this time. She realized that people couldn’t link on her content if they didn’t know it existed.

Is Link Building Worth It? 5 Case Studies to Prove It Is! 10

The Result

Julie got links from websites with high authority in the science niche and increased her referral traffic, direct links, and social shares.

While it’s true that link-building is a great strategy for increasing search engine rankings and boosting organic traffic, it’s not as easy as just adding a few links to your site. Your link-building efforts should be well-thought-out if you want to succeed like the people and companies in the case studies above.

Which of the following link-building campaigns would you like to try? Feel free to share it with us!

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