Is KWFinder Still Free?

About two years ago, KWfinder by Mangools had a free version for keyword searches. But things have changed, and now they only provide a free trial. 

So, is it still worth trying KWfinder? And what can you get from the 10-day free trial? That’s what we’ll discuss in this post.  

Free Trial

free trial features

Unlike other SEO tools, KWfinder doesn’t ask for your credit card information. That means you can use the tool without worrying that you’ll be charged after the trial ends. For 10 days, you can use KWFinder to:

  • Do competitor research and keyword analysis.
  • Identify the monthly search volume of your targeted and relevant keywords. 
  • Get keyword suggestions and find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty.
  • Access other helpful SEO tools on the platform. 
Mangools' SEO tools

The free trial allows you to enjoy all five SEO tools offered by Mangools on their paid plans. These are:

  • KWfinder – for keyword research. 
  • SERPChecker – for SERP analysis. 
  • SERPWatcher – for rank tracking. 
  • Link Miner – for backlink analysis. 
  • Site Profiler – for SEO insights. 

Aside from the length, the difference between the paid tool and the free trial is the limitation.

Pros Title

  • Lightweight and ultra-fast
  • Easy to use
  • Diverse SEO metrics
  • Allows multiple logins

Cons Title

  • Limited keyword results

KWFinder makes keyword research very, very simple to a fault. Whether you’re a newbie or professional, KWFinder delivers results and loads data at an impeccable speed. It also helps that each app links together seamlessly with one another to produce a seamless workflow in not only researching for the best keywords but analyzing SERPs as well as spying on backlinks too!

KWFinder Features

Mangool’s KWfinder is like Google Keyword Planner but better. It provides keyword research tools and other helpful information to find organic keywords to rank for.  Learn more about this tool’s features on our KWFinder Review.

People love this tool because it’s easy to use, and it isn’t as complex as other search engine optimization tools. You can focus on getting keyword data and finding relevant keywords MINUS the overwhelming interface.

Mangools Free Trial Features

For the free trial, you can get:

  • 5 lookups that replenish every 24 hours.
  • 25 related keywords per lookup. 
  • 10 competitor keywords and track keywords per search.

Keyword Research Analysis Tool 

Keyword Research Analysis Tool

KWFinder is a good keyword research tool. Find the best long tail and profitable keywords on Google through this app.

With the free trial, you are allowed to do five searches. But take note, once you click the magnifying glass to identify the Keyword Difficulty, that’s already equivalent to 1 lookup. 

KWFinder will give you the exact search volume of the target keyword as well as the related ones. This can help you create a list of the best keyword ideas for your keyword planner.

Mangool’s SERP Checker is connected with the KWFinder tool as well. If you search for a keyword, you’ll automatically get a SERP overview. Use this to identify your competitors and check their content.

Competitor’s Keyword Research Tool

Competitor Analysis Tool

Check which keywords your competitors are targeting and ranking by analyzing their domain. 

KWfinder will show you 10 keywords plus details such as position, exact search volumes, estimated visits, and accurate keyword difficulty. 

By knowing your competitor’s keywords, you can identify and create a strategy on what keywords to use for your content or ads. 

Local Keyword Research

Local SEO

KWfinder is also helpful for people doing local SEO. This keyword tool lets you find the best keywords and choose from over 50,000 available locations and 40+ languages. It’s one of the things that makes this tool awesome. 


Compared to other KWFinder alternatives, their pricing plans are affordable. For example, if you want to continue using the tool after 10 days, you can get their basic plan for only $49.00. This is much cheaper than Ahrefs Lite Plan, priced at $99.00.

Plus, they offer great discounts if you avail of the annual subscription.

So go ahead and do keyword analysis using KWFinder