Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building?

The quick answer is YES. Guest blogging can help your website establish high-quality links. But, this can only be possible if you’ll do it correctly.

If you’re a newbie guest blogger and want to use it to strengthen your link-building strategy, this is what you need to know:

Effective link building is so much more than just linking a part of your guest post to your website.

And that’s what we’ll discuss today.

What Is Guest Blogging? 

Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building? 1

Guest blogging describes the process of writing and submitting content for another company’s website. It’s a great content marketing strategy because it benefits three parties: guest bloggers, websites that accept guest posts, and the readers.

Contrary to what you might have heard, many marketers still use guest posting to increase their website’s organic rankings, attract new visitors, and generate leads.

According to data from OptinMonster, around 60% of blog owners write at least 1-5 guest posts a month.

There’s even a case study showing how a single guest post helped Bryan Harris establish a business making $15,000 a month. Cool, right?

What Guest Blogging Isn’t

Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building? 2

Since the competition is getting more challenging each year, landing guest blogging opportunities has become more complex.

You are not the only one pitching ideas to websites with high domain authority (DA). So you need to put in the hours in researching and creating a concrete plan for your guest post ideas to be noticed.

Guest posting isn’t a quick link-building scheme. It’s not something you can do once and expect a drastic result. Even Neil Patel waited for two years to achieve something from it.

What this strategy can promise to guest bloggers is slow growth and authentic traffic.

Why Is Guest Blogging Good for Your Brand?

Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building? 3

Here are some benefits of guest blogging you should know of:

  • Increase your brand and domain rating in the digital space.
  • Network and establish good relationships with other bloggers and influencers in your industry.
  • Improve your site’s SEO through links.
  • Build a more responsive list of subscribers.
  • Increase your referral traffic sources.
  • Make your products and services accessible to target audiences.

Yes, these are all possible with guest blogging. In one article published by Luca Tagliaferro, he mentioned that among the authors he interviewed, about 65% said they’d reached their desired goals through writing guest blogs.

Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building?

Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building

Like what I mentioned above, YES. But it’s only effective for brands that are willing to put in the work. Because to maximize your link-building effort, you need to do more than just the basics.

You might be confused right now, but I’ll explain it more deeply. So take the time to understand and absorb what I’ll be saying.

The Secret to a Better Link-Building Strategy

This might sound counterintuitive. But when you submit a guest post, don’t try so hard to put links back to your website.

Why? There are two main reasons:

1. Websites accepting guest posts hate promotional content.

Whether it’s self-promotion or affiliate, they don’t like it. They want you to submit valuable and relevant content as a guest blogger. And this includes the links you provide.

Most websites make this clear on their guest posting guidelines. Here’s one example from RevenueZen:

Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building? 4

And here’s another one from Hubspot:

Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building? 5

2. One link is enough to drive traffic if you prepare your content strategically.

If the audience and the website owner love the article you submitted, you won’t need to worry about getting more links. They will do it for you. You might even get the chance to write for other websites!

Here’s another thing. If you set up the right page for the backlink and show your new readers that you’ve got more valuable things to share, they will keep coming back.

Focus your effort on doing research and writing the best content you can write. The inbound links will come naturally.

The Second-Tier Link Building Method

I found this interesting idea from Neil Patel. It’s cool, but it’s more time-consuming than providing a direct link to your website. It might not work for new guest bloggers, but it’s a great idea to keep it in mind.

Second-tier link building is the process of providing relevant links to websites on your guest blog that also links back to your site.

Neil Patel describes it as “promoting your promoters.”

And here’s an illustration to give you a better idea:

Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building? 6
Illustration of Second-Tier Link Building

This is an indirect link-building strategy, but it works.

And what I like about this method is you’re not jeopardizing the value of your content for the sake of link building. Instead, you are:

  • providing relevant content that your audience needs.
  • helping other websites gain backlinks (which can result in better relationships with other experts and blog owners.)
  • promoting relevant content from your site without looking desperate.

Just be sure not to use this technique in the wrong way. Remember always to provide quality content, and you will get rewarded.

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Guest Blogging Tips You Should Follow 

Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building? 7

1. Practice warm pitching.

No, this is not connected with baseball. Yes, it’s the opposite of cold pitching.

Warm pitching is the process of connecting with potential leads before sending them your guest blogging pitch.

You can do this by commenting on one of their blogs, retweeting their post, complimenting and sharing their articles, or even mentioning them on Twitter.

The idea is to make your name reachable and recognizable by the blog owner you’re pitching to.

This can increase the chances of your guest blogging pitch being read. Aside from that, it’s a great way to establish a connection.

2. Focus on what you can offer when pitching.

There is nothing wrong with introducing yourself. But keep it short and only mention what’s essential and this includes:

  • Your name
  • What you do
  • Your website’s link
  • Two-three links to your existing and relevant guests posts.

Instead of flaunting all your achievements, highlight what kind of value can your guest post provide to their blog and audience.

Provide at least two-three unique topics plus a gist of what they’ll be about.

When they know what’s in store for their readers, it will be easier for them to choose your guest blog post over the others.

3. Always follow guest posting guidelines.

Some websites have specific guest blogging guidelines. Make sure to read it thoroughly before pitching your blog post ideas.

Follow the instructions they provide to save yourself from being rejected or banned from their website for spamming them with promotional content, which is often seen as self-promotion and affiliate links.

4. Check their website before sending any ideas.

Never skip this one. Visiting your target websites that accept guest posts is crucial for the following reasons:

Reason #1: You want to know which topics are not yet covered.

They don’t want you to accept guest posts similar to what they have. They want you to send them ideas that are unique and fresh for their readers’ pleasure.

Reason #2: You need to observe the style and format of their articles.

Most websites with guest post guidelines usually provide some sample articles you can use as a guide. But if some of your prospects don’t, you may check existing guest posts or their own published blogs.

Try your best to mimic their tone, style, and structure when writing the content.

Reason #3: You can get content ideas from their top articles.

Some websites accept guest blogging articles for various topics, but there are just some that stand out. So before pitching, make sure to check the most popular articles on their site.

Going through these can inspire your guest blogging pitch and get ideas on what kind of topic can help you gain your desired number of shares and engagement.

5. Add relevant data, images, and infographics.

Write data-driven guest posts. It will show that you’re not just spewing random ideas, but you’re talking about facts, and you did your research.

It’s essential in building your credibility and increasing your chance of getting backlinks.

Putting relevant images and creating infographics are also great ways to make your guest blog post stand out from the rest.

Infographics It is more likely for readers to share, like, and tweet it if they see something that catches their attention without spending too much effort in understanding what you’re saying.

6. Promote your guest posts.

Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building? 8

Guest blogging is usually done for the sake of getting more visitors and bettering your brand’s reputation.

But of course, you must also promote your guest post! Don’t leave this tip out.

You may do so by:

  • linking your guest blogs to a particular portfolio page.
  • Adding its link to your existing blogs.
  • Sharing your article on various social media platforms.

7. Create a good author bio for your guest blog post.

Your author bio will serve as your online business card/resume. Imagine that you’re handing it to anyone who’s reading your guest blog posts.

Include the following to make a killer author bio:

  • Your name
  • Title/s
  • Mission
  • Highest achievement/s
  • An interesting thing about you
  • Call-to-action

To help with your link-building efforts, make sure to include a blog or page on the site that would capture readers’ attention and encourage them to click.

Is Guest Blogging Good for Link Building? 9
Screenshot from

Here are some other things to consider when writing your author bio for your guest post:

  • Keep it simple yet engaging.
  • Make sure that your brand reflects in your author bio.
  • Speak in the third person. (Use the/she, not I.)
  • Your author bio shouldn’t be longer than 100 words.
  • Keep it updated and add at least one social media account (if possible).
  • Share something personal that will make your audience feel that you’re a normal human being.

8. Create more relevant content on your site.

Although this isn’t a direct guest blogging tip, continuously publishing valuable articles on your own blog will play a huge role in landing and writing guest posts for other websites.

It can help you gain more knowledge about your niche. And in the future, you can use link them to your guest posts.

Always think of the big picture when crafting your guest blogging strategy.


Guest blogging is an effective strategy to build links and get your name out there, but it can be challenging to succeed. You need to have an effective plan in place and figure out the right content for your audience. 

Don’t forget that people are more likely to click on a link when you provide them with valuable information they want or need.

Make sure you follow the tips above for guest posting so that you get the most out of this strategy! Ready to write guest posts? Which one tip did you find most helpful? Let us know below!

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