Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool?

Frase Review: Frase

Content creation isn’t only about writing articles or posts. It includes researching, structuring, and optimizing your content. Unfortunately, the process can be slow and tedious most of the time.

Now imagine reducing time spent on it PLUS creating better content that your audience will love. That might seem impossible to achieve alone. But it’s achievable with Frase!

I’ll tell you all you need to know in this Frase review. And you’ll understand why it’s stealing the hearts of content writers and marketers out there!

Let’s discuss what Frase is, what features you need to look forward to, the pros and cons of using the tool, and how you can optimize your content.

Are you ready?


Frase offers a straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface that users will love. They can still improve it, but it already provides a valuable user experience.


This is an excellent tool for content writers and SEO professionals. The data provided by Frase can help in creating high-quality content that converts.


The software’s features are all helpful for content creation and optimization. Also, the structure of the Frase dashboard is navigable and straightforward. It is beginner-friendly.


Frase delivers what they promise. Many companies use this tool because of the results that they’re getting out of it.

What is Frase?

Frase Review

Frase is an AI-powered content optimization tool founded in 2016. It’s committed to helping you improve engagement with your audience and increase traffic and conversion.

Frase Content has been a go-to for companies who want to grow their website and visibility. There’s a reason why companies like Etoro, Platonik, and Shopify choose Frase for their SEO content creation.

In a case study by the founder of Platonik, he said that Frase helped them cut creation time by 40%. Their articles also gain over 20,000 impressions in under a month of using the tool.

The creators of Frase believe that the secret of content that ranks and converts lie in its RELEVANCE and IMPACT. As long as you answer your audience’s questions, provide relevant information, and correctly structure your content, you can win!

Frase Features

Frase has two major products – Frase Content and Frase Answers. These two tools are both beneficial in building brand engagement with your audience. And also helps in drastically increasing your sales!

Let’s discuss their purpose and functions below, together with other core features.

Frase Content

Frase Review: Frase Content

Frase can help you reduce your research time so you can concentrate on creating superb content!

Based on the statistics provided by Frase, they were able to help their customers:

  • Get 10x more leads and revenue; and
  • Increase their organic traffic by 300%-500%. 

But how can Frase Content help you with that? 

Frase analyzes the top 20 pages on the Google search engine based on your target query. In a matter of seconds, you’ll get an overview of your competitor’s content, headers, and keywords. 

Frase also searches for common queries from answer engines. 

But the magic doesn’t end there. Frase can guide you in every step of content creation. For example, in the Frase Content tool, you’ll get the following features:

Outline Builder

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 1

This feature can help you plan your succeeding content. Outline Builder provides lists of keywords and related questions from search and answer engines. All you need to do is type your topic on the search bar and leave the researching process to Frase.

Easily create an outline by ticking questions and keywords under boxes 1 and 2. After that, they’ll reflect on the 3rd box. Once you’re satisfied, click “Create Document,” which will send you to the next feature – content brief.

You can also play more with keywords by clicking the drop-down button of the keyword modifier and choosing a modifier. Some are only available if you purchase the SEO data add-on.

Content Briefs

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 2

This feature helps your team stay on the same page with you. Frase Content Briefs are comprehensive and structured outlines that you can utilize to make relevant articles for your audience.

This tool can also help your writers create quality content faster by directly sharing with them the brief you’ve made. Sharing documents is free, so you don’t need to worry!

Frase gives you an option to create your content brief manually or use the automated one. You can copy helpful information from your competitors and related searches on your brief only with a few clicks. Content Brief is connected with the other Frase tool, Content Optimization.

Content Optimization

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 3

Use this tool in rewriting existing content or for a drafted one before publishing.

Since most of the Frase features are connected, you can use the data from content briefs to optimize your content.

Another helpful tool is the topic score. This lets you see the SEO-friendliness of your articles through keyword usage. For example, you can improve your content by targeting topics, headers, and long-tail keywords used by your top competitors.

The goal in content optimization is to surpass the average score of your competitors.

I like this tool because it shows you the exact SERP mentions of the selected keyword. Plus, it also provides related topics.

Traffic (Google Search Console)

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 4

This feature helps find relevant topics to your niche by connecting your site’s Google Search Console. It categorizes your content into topic clusters to see search query gaps. These gaps can give you ideas for your new content.

Also, the data gathered on this page is essential in identifying which content to create and optimize.

Frase will give you suggestions on what action to take on the side. And just by clicking “Start document,” you can start creating a content brief related to that query right away.

AI Writing Tools

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 5

This feature can help you beat writer’s block. Frase wants to provide the best possible way not only in optimizing your content but on writing it. Under AI Writing Tools, you’ll get an automated FAQ, header, and even paraphrased text articles to use for your content.

Frase Answers

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 6

This is the second product of Frase. While the Frase Content focuses on the researching and optimizing part. Frase Answers is made to build engagement and increase your sales through the help of AI-powered bots. 

Frase crawls your website and creates a centralized database of all your content, products, and pages. This database will then be used to provide your customers with instant answers to their questions via search and chat. 

What’s good about this feature is it will reduce the cost of paying for Live chat. And you can train your chatbots to answer questions that are beyond their understanding. 

Frase Answers has two main features – Site Search and Chatbots.

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 7

Frase Site Search provides a selection of pages to your visitors by analyzing their questions. The problem with most websites is that their site search isn’t optimized. This results in visitors leaving the site and opting for Google search instead.  

An inefficient site search can harm your engagement and affect your sales. Frase makes sure that this won’t happen to you.

Frase AI Chatbots

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 8

This feature will help you reduce your bounce rate by making your site visitor-friendly. 

Imagine your website as a hotel. Your chatbot is your 24/7 concierge. Instead of letting your visitors roam around by themselves, it can direct them to where they want to go. 

Frase AI Chatbots can help you increase your sales, too! They can provide details of your products and a call to action. Plus, Chatbots work faster than Live Chat and costs less.


Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 9

Frase keeps updating their software to provide what’s best to its customers. Sadly, it won’t be easy to follow everything, and you might be overwhelmed by the new features. This may lead to you not being able to maximize the tool’s capacity. 

Releases update you with what’s new on Frase. Not only that, Frase also provides video or article on how to use the latest update. Frase makes sure that you won’t be left behind.

SEO Data Add-on 

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 10

These additional features are perfect for SEO specialists or writers. Frase can provide the following for an extra fee of $35/month:

  • Keyword search volume,
  • Backlink and domain authority data for search results
  • Passage optimization.

How to Use Frase for Your Content Creation?

Step 1: Create a New Document.

On the Frase Dashboard, click “New Document” on the right upper side of the page.

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 11

Step 2: Type Your Target Search Query.

You have an option to put two or more queries. For this example, let’s use only one. I suggest that you choose “Create new content” for your workflow, even for an existing article. Then, you can copy and paste it later. If you want to select a specific country, click “Advanced Setting.”

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 12

Step 3: Click “Create Document.”

After a few seconds, you will be directed to the page to create a content brief and see top results from Frase’s research.

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 13

Step 4: Create a Content Brief.

Manual Brief

The first option is to select everything manually. Go over the right sidebar and click the tabs above to see what they contain. If you like to add something to your outline, click the clipboard icon.

You can also copy and paste written text you’d like to get ideas from. First, click the dropdown arrow to see the full text. Then click the paragraph you want to add or “Paste full.”

TIP: On the Top Results Overview, edit the results process. Change 20 sources to Top 10 only. You don’t need to see what your competitors on the second page do if you want to rank on the first page. 

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 14

Automated Brief

A faster way to create a brief is to automate it. Click “Automate Brief” just above your title. The right sidebar will flash sections that you can add automatically. You can select them all or pick which you think are helpful.

Once you included everything you want, click “Insert Brief Into Editor.”

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 15

Step 5: Uncheck Websites With Different Content.

If you think that the website doesn’t have the same objective as what you want to write, remove it. You only need to look at your direct competitors.

Once you made changes hereafter automating your brief, go back to the tool and click “Insert Brief Into Editor” again. That way, you can refresh your outline’s content.

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 16

Step 6: Start writing your content.

Once you’re satisfied with your optimized content brief, click the “Share” button. Choose to share the entire document and make sure that it’s editable. Then, copy the link provided and share it with your writer.

Everything will reflect on their side. Your writer can use the top results, topic score, questions, and related tabs.

If you’re writing the article, you can start writing on the content brief or my content.

Your goal is to reach a higher topic score. Of course, getting a 100% will be great! But as long as you go over the average score of your competitors, then you’re good.

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 17

Step 7: Check The Tabs.

Frase Content has a lot of things to offer. If you feel like something is missing, make sure to check all the tabs. Maximize the use of the answer engine (i.e., Quora and Reddit) and see what your audience wants to know.

Remember that the best way to create content that converts and ranks is to keep your readers in mind.

Other features that you can utilize are external links and stats. You are also allowed to change the keywords under your topic score.

Checking all the tabs and data doesn’t mean that you need to use everything. Remember that they’re just guides. Just focus on what’s important and what you think is helpful to optimize your content.¬†

Frase Pricing

Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 18

There have been some changes with the Frase pricing. From a Basic plan of $39.99/month, it went up to $44.99/monthly. And the Team Plan increased from $99.99/month to $114.99.

I think this is because of the features that they’re offering.

I’ve seen some old pricing where the Frase Answer isn’t included with the plans. But now, you can access it even with the Basic and Team plan. They also provide an Enterprise plan, but you need to schedule a call with them for that. 

Availing either of the two plans will give you access to the same tools and features. The only difference is the user seats and the document credits:

  • User seats refer to the number of the account in one plan.
  • Document credit is the amount of content that you can optimize per search query.
Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool? 19

Here are the things you can do with both Frase plans:

  • Research, outline, and optimize your content based on Google’s top results.
  • Write better and faster by using the automated FAQ, header, and paraphrased text.
  • Organize your written works by folders.
  • Share your documents with your writers in a few clicks without additional payment.
  • Update project status.

Subscribing for an annual plan will earn you a 15% discount. But if you’re not yet ready to commit to paid plans, you can try Frase for free!

Frase Review: Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive Content Optimization Tool
  • The Interface Is Straightforward and Simple
  • Easy Sharing of Documents
  • Unique Free Plan


  • Domain Authority and Content Score of Competitors Aren’t Visible
  • Lack of Description
  • Price Isn’t Beginner-Friendly

Pro: Comprehensive Content Optimization Tool

Frase can do a great job in optimizing and properly structuring your content. If your main goal is delivering relevant content to your audience, all data you need is here. 

This tool integrates Quora and Reddit, which I think is very helpful. Most people use answer engines these days to ask questions that are more personal or in-depth. They are handy in finding your audience’s pain points. 

Getting questions from these sites can help you build more engaging articles or posts. Because you’re sure that you’re not just creating content – you’re giving a solution to someone who needs it. 

Con: Domain Authority and Content Score of Competitors Aren’t Visible

Unlike other tools, Frase only shows the average topic score of your competitors. You can’t see if you’re competing with websites that have high domain authority. This might make it harder for you to rank on some keywords. 

Domain authority plays a significant role in making it to the top 10 in search engines. Not seeing it feels like you’re fighting with your competitors blindfolded. You can get this from their SEO Data Add-On, but you need to pay extra for that. 

Another thing is the content score. Although Frase shows you your competitors’ average topic score, it’s still nice to know the individual score. 

Pro: The Interface Is Straightforward and Simple 

You can learn how to use Frase right away. This is coming from someone who didn’t know how to use it (Yes, that’s me!). The process of adding content and optimizing it came naturally to me. 

The interface is designed in a way that all Frase Content features are connected. The process from typing your target query until writing your content is very smooth. 

Another thing I love about Frase is I don’t need to go to other pages to complete my task. And since Frase is purely for creating content, there aren’t too many tabs on the left side. It reduces confusion and distraction to users. 

Con: Lack of Description 

Although the interface was simple, I didn’t know how to use some parts of Frase. For example, the API on the Frase dashboard. It might be something simple for someone who has an idea about it. But for those who don’t, you might need to do your own research. 

Some features have a question mark icon. You can see a short description of their usage when you hover on it. But for others, you might need to ask Google. 

I also tried asking Frase Genius (AI Chatbot) about it, but I didn’t get any article link. It suggested that I contact their sales team regarding API.

Pro: Easy Sharing of Documents

If you’re someone who hires a writer to help you with your content, you’ll love Frase! It made sharing documents easy. Your writer can give you updates on their progress.

It also gives you options on what you want to share. For example, do you want to share the whole document or only the content brief? And do you want to make it editable for everyone or private?

Con: Price Isn’t Beginner-Friendly

This con is subjective. Honestly, if you compare it with other tools, Frase is cheaper. And it’s beneficial and worth it.

But if I’m a beginner and don’t need to write 30 articles a month for my website, I don’t think that I’ll be okay to shed away $44.99/month.

I hope they can offer a cheaper plan than the Basic one to give more options for users.

Pro: Unique Free Plan

Most software either ask for a few dollars for a software trial or gives 7 to 14 days free trial. But Frase does it differently.

Frase offers a Free plan. It doesn’t have a time limit for Frase Content, and your document credit will renew monthly. Frase gives five document credits per month for the free plan.

The only thing that expires here is the Frase Answer Assistant. You’re only allowed to try it for 30 days.


Frase Review: The Most Powerful Content Creation Tool?



Frase isn’t bad at all, and it has a lot of potentials! It’s a good and valuable investment for your content creation workflow and strategy. What I like about the tool is that it’s not overwhelming. You are not bombarded with too many features when you open it. It is indeed beginner-friendly.
To be honest, I didn’t have any idea about this tool before this review. I’m a Surfer SEO user for months now, and I’m satisfied with that tool. But if there’s one thing that makes Frase stand out from Surfer, is its comprehensiveness.
The overview is full of AMAZING data. You don’t need to leave the software and go to the search engine anymore. Everything you need is there. On the side. Waiting for you to click and use.
So do I recommend Frase? Absolutely! Their case studies are enough to prove that the tool is practical and effective. I didn’t have any bad experience using Frase. The interface was good and simple. I’m confident to say that you’d love it, too!
So that’s all. I hope you’re able to get something from this Frase review! Don’t forget to try the free version.