diib Review: SEO Analysis And Reporting Made Easy

diib review

In my diib review here and now, you will learn what Diib is, what it does; and how it can help you grow your presence online.

Get yourself a steaming cup of coffee, or tea, and let’s go!


Clean and intuitive. Dashboard is child’s play to grasp and use. You can use the tool out of the box even without SEO experience as everything is laid out for you.


Features are well picked out and primed to help a website grow. diib focuses on providing users the easiest way to look at the most important SEO metrics.


The tool meshes and complements well any other service or app you might have. But it can also work on its own and still help you grow your numbers.


Very effective. The tool provides you with easy-to-follow suggestions you can implement on your site so it can generate more traffic for your online business.

What is diib?

Diib is a data and answer platform that boldly claims to give accurate suggestions for your website’s growth

In other words, submit your site to diib and get an actionable step-by-step plan to grow your traffic and presence online.

Now, is that just baloney or is there veracity to this claim?

Let’s find out by examining diib’s awesome features

I think that “awesome” gave the truth away, no?

diib Features

diib dashboard features

Diib is extremely feature rich.

And while that is helpful and makes the tool great, it’s also helpful for you to read about the crucial features only, those that really make diib tick.

They are right below!

Answer Engine

diib answer engine

Diib styles itself as an answer engine. 

An algorithmic approach to common traffic generation problems and solutions for those problems given in a plain language even a noob can understand with ease.

Whether that’s true you’ll see for yourself by continuing to read my diib review, but just from the image above you can see how diib showed me what’s right and what’s wrong with my site.

It gave me answers I needed, and now I know exactly how to improve my site.

 That’s why it’s called an “answer engine.”

diib Analytics

Note: for this feature to work you’ll need to connect your Google Analytics account with diib. 

Don’t worry!

It’s a 4-click process and diib does all the heavy lifting in the backend. You just need to grant access to your analytics to diib.

diib analytics

As you can see in the image above, diib takes the data from GA and presents it to you inside it’s dashboard in, and this is my opinion only, better way than Google Analytics does. 

To me, GA often looks extremely cluttered, while here in diib design is clean and focus is clearly on what matters the most- metrics you need to be following to make informed and better decisions.

And it’s the same data that GA shows you, so you don’t have to worry about inaccurate information.

Also, while you can look at daily traffic and traffic fluctuations, it also pays to have a bird’s eye overview of how your site is doing.

So you can easily switch between these reporting options:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
different reports diib

Progress Tracker

Initially, diib gives you a site health score and a bunch of suggestions you need to follow to increase your score. 

When you check off these tasks from your list that score naturally increases. And the goal is to get 100% site health.

Now, if you make improvement on the task but you don’t finish it completely, diib will update itself to show how much progress you’ve made and how much more you still need to do.

So it’s giving you a sense of momentum, progress and accomplishment when maybe, at that exact time, you’re feeling really down and all you want to do is crawl under your blanket and be undisturbed by anyone.

Hey, it’s happened to me before, and I bet it happened to you too.

How about an example?

Diib tells me I have 10 spammy backlink pointing at my site.

tracking progress changes

I need to remove those ASAP. But what if I remove 5 because I’m just dead tired and want and need a break?

Well, diib will congratulate me on the job well done and gently remind me there is still stuff to do.

I love it!

Learning Library

diib doesn’t just tell you what to do. They tell you why you need to be doing something. 

So, in my spammy backlinks report, diib explains why removing links pointing to my site (which sounds counterintuitive at first) can actually help me grow in traffic.

diib extensive knowledge library

And it’s like that for any task, alert and objective diib spits out. I love diib’s actionable learning library and I’m sure you will too.

diib Review: SEO Analysis And Reporting Made Easy 1

How to Grow Your Online Presence Using Diib?

I promised you an actionable guide to using diib to get more traffic to your site, right?

Well, I intend to keep that promise and here are the steps to take full advantage of diib and its awesome features.

Step #1- Diib Dashboard- Overview of What You Need to Fix Right Now!

In your diib dashboard you will see an alert section.

diib alerts

I suggest you take care of those immediately because diib identified those problems as priority fixes, meaning that fixing them will give you a near-immediate boost in traffic.

Pro tip: click on “All Alerts” button and then take care of problems by prioritizing what you can do quickly and easily.

Step #2- Objectives for Sustained Growth

diib objectives goals

This tab shows you things that are not alerts and are not urgent but you still need to take care of them to ensure traffic growth.

Reports are divided into four categories:

  • Visitor Experience Objective
  • Traffic Objectives
  • Mobile Experience Objectives
  • Social Media Objectives

Depending on the site and how many recommendations you get, I recommend you take some time and plow through these and get them done quickly and early, in one huge batch. 

It will help you tremendously, especially in the long run as you’ll be basically making your site a better place to be.


seo report diib

SEO report is divided into three sections:

  • Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Search Engine Indexing


keywords report diib

Here you can see all keywords you rank for along with important metrics like search volume, position changes, paid traffic cost etc.

The value of keyword report in diib is two fold.

First, you get a list of ALL keywords you rank for in a very digestible format. No clutter, just data.

Second, you need this knowledge to improve your traffic numbers.


Well, find keywords that rank in positions 11-20 then map them to their corresponding pages and posts.

Finally, boost those posts by:

  • sending more internal and external links to them;
  • updating the post;
  • changing the publish date so it pops back on the first of the blog where most authority resides…

The potential for rankings growth here is enormous!

backlinks report diib

Dibb captures quite a few links pointing to your site and they show them to you along with the metrics like:

  • domain strength, 
  • anchor text 
  • receiving url on your site.

This is all excellent info because it is crucial to know who’s linking to you and what anchor text they’re using.

However, the problem is that diib doesn’t distinguish between followed and nofollowed links.

That limits the usability of this report and I talk more about it in the diib cons section.

Search Engine Indexing

search engine indexing

This is a simple report that shows you all pages on your site that have a no-index tag in their headers. 

So you can scan and see if you didn’t block something by mistake.

So you can then unblock it and gain an SEO boost from the newly indexed page.

diib Pricing

diib pricing

Diib offer two pricing tiers:

  •  Free;
  •  paid ($29.99)
  • PRO free 3-day trial

Free won’t cost you a dime but is severely limited compared to the paid product.

Here’s what you get with the free plan.

  • Growth Plan – intelligent daily objectives and alerts  that show you how to grow revenue and traffic to your business.
  • Website Monitoring – get alerts for large traffic drops, Google algorithm updates, spammy and broken backlinks, security issues and more. Each alert comes with actionable steps to what’s wrong.
  • Weekly Snapshot email – Learn how your site’s doing and learn how to improve it further (growth suggestions directly in your inbox).
  • Daily Health Score – diib track your websites’ score and health in real time.
  • Benchmarking – diib compares your site’s performance to similar websites in your niche.

With diib PRO you get everything from the above, plus:

  • Up to 30 websites – Add up to 30 properties and see how they’re all doing on one screen.
  • Free 24/7 access to an experienced growth expert- this is real human to help you tackle anything
  • Social media – Snapshot how you’re doing, and suggest how to improve your social media campaigns.
  • SEO & keywords – improvement suggestions based on premium SEMrush and Moz data.

Note: Looking for a rank tracking tool instead? Check out AccuRanker pricing and plans for more info.

diib Pros and Cons

PRO: Affordable

Standing at $29.99 per month Diib is dirt cheap considering that with it you get a whole suit of tools you need to move forward online.

CON: Backlinks missing data

I like diib so here I’m forced to nitpick about it’s flaws, starting with its backlinks database.

By missing data I mean you don’t know whether a certain link is followed or not.

And you have to know that to make good decisions.

For example, should you disavow an exact match anchor link from a spammy domain?

If it’s nofollowed, then you don’t need to worry and waste your time on it.

But how would you know where it passes link juice or not?

PRO: Easy to use and grasp

Diib’s dashboard is a model of effective design and a perfect example of how to pack many features into a product, yet make it look elegant and lightweight.

CON: Doesn’t remove the need for other tools

Despite what the tool might say if you’re serious about SEO, you will need to invest in other tools too. 

In things like a solid backlink checker, keyword research tool, competitor analysis software…

PRO: Always updated

diib does a daily update of your website’s scoring, so you can easily see when you do something right; and when you messed up somewhere.

CON: Not a well known tool

I admit I only recently heard of diib. This is not their fault (perhaps they could market themselves a bit better- they’ve been in business since 2012) but I like to stick with tools that have been around for awhile like SEMrush, or Ahrefs or SpyFu.

It gives me a peace of mind because older tool are obviously profitable businesses and will exist far in the future.

PRO: Data is top notch

Here’s Ahrefs report for the total number of backlinks for my site:

ahrefs report similar diib

And here’s where diib puts me:

diib backlinks count

No tool is perfect and no two tools give identical results, but I’m impressed that diib found more links than Ahrefs.

And all reports are top notch quality like that.

PRO: Newbie friendly

People who’re interested and use diib are always going to know a thing or two about SEO and growing traffic. 

But diib makes sure not to leave any stone unturned and they provide detailed instructions for everything, and topped off with links to helpful resources. 

As an SEO geek always yearning for more knowledge- I respect that.

Diib is perfect for newbies and solopreneurs who don’t have the money to hire a full time SEO consultant.They can then “hire” diib to help them grow despite the lack of funds.

Diib is dirt cheap for an SEO consultant 🙂

PRO: Free 24/7 access to an experienced growth expert

When you’re really stuck on something, as a premium member you have the option to shoot an email to your dedicated growth manager. 

Simply explain the problem you’re facing and they will come up for a plan to beat it. 

This is free service that comes with diib PRO.

Very cool!


Nikola Roza



I like diib. A lot.
It offers a ton of excellent features for cheap and I wish I had it when I was starting out a few years back.

If you’re a newbie who doesn’t know left from right when it comes to SEO and generating more traffic for your business- diib is an excellent choice for you.

If you’re a pro who wants to run an online business and not do SEO all day long- then diib is also for you.

But If you’re Neil Patel or Brian Dean, then you don’t need dib because what it found today you probably fixed yesterday:)
You or one of your many team members…

So, go get diib! You won’t regret it. I promise!

diib Review: SEO Analysis And Reporting Made Easy 2