9 Best Content Writing Tools for SEO

best content writing tools for seo

Content is the foundation of search engine optimization (SEO). Without high-quality content, your chances of ranking high in the search engine result pages (SERPs) are thin at best.

That’s why in this post, we’ll share tools you could use to publish SEO-friendly website content. Use these to rank higher in the SERPs for your target keywords.

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SurferSEO (sometimes referred to as Surfer) is a tool that allows users to review and improve their on-page SEO to increase their chances of ranking in the SERPs. It runs on a membership subscription model. You have to pay a certain amount per month to enjoy the continued use of its services.

The company prides itself on being data-driven, meaning you can make decisions based on metrics and not guesswork.

It’s primarily a copywriting tool but as we dive deeper into its many features, you’ll find that it can do a lot more including keyword research and competitor analysis.

Why Do You Need SurferSEO?

SurferSEO makes content creation now only simple but effective. Its main goal is to help users publish posts much more efficiently. You get to access content research tools that will blow your competitors out of the water.

It’s a must-have tool for online marketers and content creators alike.

SurferSEO Features

SurferSEO has two key features: its Keyword Analyzer tool and its Content Editor. Let’s explore what each of them is capable of.

The Keyword Analyzer is useful for analyzing 40 pages at a time per keyword you enter. If done manually, this process will take days. SurferSEO does it in minutes.

Once SurferSEO concludes its analysis, you’ll find the average number of words between your competitors’ posts based on the keyword you entered. This informs you of how long your post should be.

You also get data on other SEO factors such as search visibility, backlinks, structure (on-page SEO), quality (site speed), and media content.

The Content Editor is a feature that provides real-time feedback on the post’s on-page SEO factors viability. After you enter the keyword you want to rank for, Content Editor will find articles and blog posts online that rank for the term you entered. You can then pick which posts you’d like to use as references for your post.

As soon as you start writing, SurferSEO will drop hints on how you could improve your posts to be on par with your references. For example, it’ll tell you how many words you should bold, how many images to add, how many words to use, and so on.

How Much Does SurferSEO Cost?

SurferSEO has three pricing plans available. The Basic plan costs $59. The Pro plan is $99 while the Business plan will set you back $199.

9 Best Content Writing Tools for SEO 2

Note: You can choose to pay for the entire year to save 20%.

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Designed by an SEO expert Kyle Roof, PageOptimizer Pro (POP) is another tool that lets you compare your pages to your competitors. But unlike some of the other entries, this tool won’t cost you as much.

Why Do You Need PageOptimizer Pro?

SurferSEO and POP share similarities as far as functionality goes. You enter a keyword and let the tool inspect pages that rank for the term. You can then select pages that you want to use as guides for your post (or let POP choose them for you).

POP would then provide recommendations for your page. Implement all necessary changes and have POP check it as many times as needed.

PageOptimizer Pro Features

One of the tool’s biggest features is its score system. Based on the competitors you selected, POP will score your page anywhere between 1 and 100 with the latter being the highest.

If your page is well-optimized, your score would be higher. POP looks at your headings, image alt texts, lists, word count, and other on-page SEO factors. Get your post score as close to 100 as possible and your chances of ranking high in the SERPs are significantly increased.

You can also separate sites into projects so you can manage your accounts easier.

How Much Does PageOptimizer Pro Cost?

The Starter plan is as low as $10 a month. However, this plan only gives you five reports per month. The Unlimited plan might be a better option; This only costs $39 a month.

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They also have two plans for agencies at $78 per month (or $780 for the entire year).

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It won’t matter if you write the best content about your niche if your target audience can’t find your pages. And that’s where Clearscope comes in.

Clearscope is a tool that enables you to publish content that’s relevant to the queries that users search for on search engines.

Why Do You Need Clearscope?

Clearscope is a company that focuses on keyword research. Enter a keyword and the tool finds SLI (related keywords). It will then encourage you to include as many of them as possible in your post.
After you make changes, Clearscope gives your post a grade as a guide. You can continue improving your post until you get a satisfactory score.

According to Clearscope, one of their clients (Optimizely) increased its search traffic by 52% thanks to its product.

Clearscope Features

Clearscope’s reports page shows you a summary of your word count, readability rating, and overall score. It’s a fantastic way of monitoring your progress and set target goals.

There’s also a keyword research tool that’s similar (though limited in a sense) to Google’s Keyword Planner feature. Clearscope shows you related keywords, their monthly search volume, and CPC (cost per click). That last feature isn’t as helpful for SEOs but a major plus for search engine marketers.

How Much Does Clearscope Cost?

SEOs might find Clearscope on the steeper end in terms of pricing. It costs $350 a month as of this writing

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It’s worth noting however that the plan comes with free training and onboarding process. The company does not offer a free trial.

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Coming up with a content brief can be a time sinkhole for most SEOs. But through the help of MarketMuse, you can speed up the entire process thanks to the company’s use of AI content intelligence.

Why Do You Need MarketMuse?

MarketMuse saves you time from having to figure out what to include in your post. It gives you the subtopics you’ll need to include and tells you how long your content should be.

Like the others in this list, MarketMuse also suggests keywords to insert in the post and scores all of your content. Pages get a higher score if they are properly optimized for the keyword you entered.

If you need a tool that can go over your previous posts to see what you can improve, MarketMuse is the answer.

Jeff Baker published a post on how MarketMuse brought their page to the number two position for the keyword “content marketing agency”.

MarketMuse Features

MarketMuse’s Optimization feature is the main draw. Here you can copy-paste your entire post. The sidebar tells you what the current score is, the word count, and related keywords that you can add to the post.

Their AI writing platform goes through other pages that relate to your topic. It then stitches the information it gathered to come up with a draft that you can use to create an original piece of content.

How Much Does MarketMuse Cost?

MarketMuse is an enterprise-level solution. That means it’s not ideal for a one-man operation type of setup. It’s definitely geared towards large organizations.

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The base plan costs $399 a month (as of this writing). There is an option to pay for the entire year at $325 a month. There is no free trial version too.

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Those who’d like a software solution in place of a cloud-based one might prefer SEO PowerSuite. It’s an all-in-one SEO tool that helps you improve your online search visibility through its suite of products.

Why Do You Need SEO PowerSuite?

For content creators, the SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor should be more than enough reason to sign up for the software.

Online marketers, however, might find PowerSuite’s other features like its Rank Tracker, Spyglass Tool, and Link Assistant worth the cost of admission.

We’ll focus on the Website Auditor since this post is all about improving your content.

Note: If you’re interested in learning more about how SEO PowerSuite can help you, there’s a case study that shows how Brian Kato moved a local business to page one of the SERPs.

SEO PowerSuite Features

As promised, let’s dive deeper into SEO PowerSuite’s content-centric feature, the Website Auditor.
The feature will scrutinize your posts so that they’re fully optimized for search engines. It dissects your post title, meta tags, keyword distribution, and image alt tags. It even covers technical issues like duplicate canonical codes and anchor texts.

Website Auditor even has safeguards in place to prevent keyword overoptimization. It gives you a warning whenever it detects keywords that appear too often.

How Much Does SEO PowerSuite Cost?

You need to buy a license every year to use SEO PowerSuite. The Professional license costs $299 a year while Enterprise is $699 a year.

9 Best Content Writing Tools for SEO 10

If you’re only interested with the Content Editor, you can download the Website Editor for free or purchase a license and enjoy more features starting at $124/year*.

However, it’s best to buy SEO Powersuite and enjoy all its features from keyword research to link building.

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You may know Textmetrics by its former name, Webtexttool. It’s a WordPress plugin that’s similar to Yoast. However, it does have some advantages such as machine learning which puts it above similar plugins.

Why Do You Need Textmetrics?

Textmetrics provides actionable intel about your post. It proofs your post and makes sure that you’re following SEO best practices.

Sandeep Mallya explains how Textmetrics gave his post a 70% increase in organic traffic. The post in question was somewhere between 50 and 60 spots in the SERPs before using the tool. He reports that it’s now in the third position.

Textmetrics Features

The tool’s AI-powered content management system makes it easier to check competitors, perform site audits, track keywords, and check your ranking.

Not only does Textmetrics supply you with keywords, but you also get suggestions based on voice searches and KPI settings.

It can even provide you feedback based on your target audience. It tells you if your post is leaning toward the female demographic, for example. It also lets you know how your post sounds (if it’s positive, negative, or neutral).

How Much Does Textmetrics Cost?

Unfortunately, Textmetrics does not make it immediately clear how much the tool costs.

9 Best Content Writing Tools for SEO 12

However, the company does offer a 7-day free trial for those interested.

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Copywritely is a smart solution to making your content look unique which is definitely a plus as far as search engines go.

Let’s look at how Copywritely could change the way you write your posts.

Why Do You Need Copywritely?

Copywritely does two things well. One, it checks just how unique your content is. If it sounds anywhere near related pages, the tool will ask you to make some changes. It will even provide suggestions on how you can rephrase duplicate texts if necessary.

It also has a competitor analysis tool that works the same way as some of the previously mentioned copywriting products.

Janice Wald mentions in her post how she used Copywritely to improve her published post for uniqueness.

Copywritely Features

One of Copywritely’s most important features is the Plagiarism Checker. As a content creator, you don’t want to accidentally or purposefully copy another’s work. And the Plagiarism Checker prevents that from happening.

There is also a Grammar Checker feature that stops you from publishing posts with grammatical issues.

The Readability Checker tells you if your posts are hard to read for your intended audience.

There’s even an Article Rewriter feature for those who are into that sort of thing.

How Much Does Copywritely Cost?

The good news is that Copywritely has prices that are perfect for solopreneurs/startups or big enterprises. The Personal plan is only $18 while the Enterprise plan is $67.

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If you sign up for a year, you get one month free.

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BlogPatcher is another SEO tool that you might want to check out. It allows you to analyze pages, perform keyword analysis, and even do site audits.

Why Do You Need BlogPatcher?

The best reason to get BlogPatcher is that it has a free version. The site uses a credit system. This means you only spend credits on reports that you need. Using a free account means there is a credit cap so you have to be smart about credit usage.

However, if you’re only monitoring a couple of pages, the free version might prove sufficient.

BlogPatcher Features

Page Analysis lets you enter a keyword which BlogPatcher will use to inspect your page for optimization. It even lets you set which country to target.

It also analyzes your content including your headings, metadata, and URL. It lets you know how many words your competition use on average. And if you overuse your keywords, BlogPatcher will provide suggestions on how to fix it.

You’re also provided LSI keywords that you could add to your content.

How Much Does BlogPatcher Cost?

As mentioned earlier, BlogPatcher does have a free version. However, if you’d like to eliminate the restrictions and get full access, you can upgrade to a Professional or Ultimate plan at $24.95 and $39.95 per month respectively.

9 Best Content Writing Tools for SEO 16

See our full BlogPatcher review here.

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For most SEO professionals, SEMrush is a tool that needs no introduction.

But while this all-in-one SEO solution is better known for its keyword research capabilities, there is one feature that content creators could use to improve their pages.

Why Do You Need SEMrush?

There are too many reasons why you’d need SEMrush if you’re an online marketer. In fact, we’ve covered most of them in our SEMrush review.

It’s one tool you can’t live without as an SEO.

But if your sole focus is content creation, what can SEMrush offer you? The answer to that question: The SEO Writing Assistant.

SEMrush Features

Let’s highlight the SEO Writing Assistant and just how powerful it is. This feature checks your post for on-page SEO factors like readability and article length just like the others on this list.

But when you combine it with the rest of the SEMrush features, your life becomes so much simpler since you can do everything from one centralized location.

The entire process becomes streamlined.

SEO Writing Assistant is also easy to use. If you’re used to Yoast, the user experience is comparable to that.

As you write your post based on SEMrush’s suggestions, you’ll see your score rise. Once it’s close to (or exactly at) 10, you’ll have content that can compete with related pages in the SERPs.

How Much Does SEMrush Cost?

SEMrush isn’t cheap. But that’s no surprise given all the features you get as soon as you sign up. The Pro plan costs $99.95 a month while the most expensive plan, Business, costs $399.95 a month.

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Given that most of the content writing tools in this list have similar features, your choice will likely rely on how much you’re willing to spend and credibility.

Are you working alone or with a team? If you plan on doing everything by yourself, you should consider a tool that has a personal plan. But those who are working with a team should look at enterprise plans.

And as far as credibility goes, you might want to go with an established brand like SEMrush. But you might find the price a bit steep. You could take a chance with lesser-known brands as a workaround.