BuzzStream Review: Is This SEO Outreach Platform Good for You?

buzzstream review

When people search for SEO tools, what automatically comes to mind are those that provide on-page optimization and keyword research functionalities. However, SEO outreach is just as important since it can improve your backlinks. Plus it has other benefits like improved public relations and brand awareness.

So today, we’re checking out BuzzStream — a dedicated email outreach tool that automates the entire process. 

Are its features enough for you to give it a go? Or should you pass on it altogether?

Let’s find out in this BuzzStream review. 


BuzzStream is easy to navigate. Users should get the hang of it in no time.


It is extremely useful especially for digital marketing experts that run large-scale SEO outreach campaigns.


Finding new leads is simpler and faster through BuzzStream’s contact info discovery features.


The amazing reporting feature can let you know which emails are effective and which ones are not.

What Is BuzzStream?

So what is BuzzStream? Or more specifically — what does an email outreach do? Why do you need it?

If you’ve ever tried to contact domains you want to work with, you’ll know that it’s not an easy process. For starters, finding leads and getting their contact information takes time and energy. 

Then you’d have to go through the motions of drafting your emails, sending them one at a time, and monitoring your progress.

And the worst part is that not every lead would respond to you. So you could end up spending valuable resources on a task that might ultimately end up unsuccessful.

While BuzzStream can’t guarantee that every lead will reply to your mails, it does a couple of things:

  • It helps you find viable prospects in minutes.
  • It pulls all the contact information you’ll need to reach out to leads.
  • It automates part of the outreach process so you can spend more time on other aspects of your business.
  • It organizes your outreach emails so that you’re always on top of things.

All these are possible through the multiple features that BuzzStream offers which we’ll discuss in the next section.

BuzzStream Features

BuzzStream categorizes its features into four: research, email, manage, and report. Each section does exactly what it says it does. 


Research is where BuzzStream finds potential leads for your outreach campaign. When you add a domain or a page to your research list, BuzzStream will search online to find contact information that’s relevant to the URL you entered.

buzzstream research lists

But if you’re starting from scratch and don’t know which sites you want to contact, BuzzStream lets you choose other means of adding domains to your list.

BuzzStream can search the web for contacts based on your target keyword. Or it can search news articles also using a keyword you submit.


Sequences allow you to create drafts of your posts and save them as templates. What’s great about it is that you can include attributes that automatically fill in information. More on this later.

buzzstream sequences

It also lets you set automatic follow-ups. So if a lead does not reply immediately, you still have a shot.

Outreach List

Manage your prospect list with ease using the Outreach List feature. You can review all the leads you added and see their contact information.

BuzzStream will find these leads for you. All you need is to enter your target keywords and it will find all the relevant sites to your niche.

You also have the option of adding names and domains manually by uploading a CSV file.

buzzstream outreach list

BuzzStream also has a list of bloggers and influencers that it can draw data from.

Are you tired of monitoring leads using spreadsheets? With BuzzStream, you no longer have to.

Monitored Links takes note of every lead you added to your list and update whenever you make progress. It can tell you if the lead inserted a backlink, if the anchor text is a mismatch, if the link is do-follow or no-follow, and more.

buzzstream link monitoring

You can configure what sort of data you want to see. This will help you make informed decisions. You can use the filter options to remove certain entries from view.


Once you’re through sending your outreach emails, you can use Reporting to understand the progress you’ve made.

reporting on buzzstream

The Reporting section is divided into several parts. 

  • Message Insights — This is where you can monitor the performance of the templates and subject lines you use. This is great especially for those who want to perform A/B testing. 
  • Team Insights — You can use Team Insights to go over your team’s progress. The goal here is to figure out their approach to see what works and what doesn’t. You can then use the information provided to go over improvements your team can implement.
  • Project Insights — See the progress of each campaign using Project Insights. There are charts here that show how far into the campaign you got. This helps you monitor all your activity in one glance.
  • Projects Leaderboard — This is another way of viewing your progress. BuzzStream displays every campaign you started and lets you know which projects gained the most traction. You can modify how you want BuzzStream to display your projects. For example, you can rank projects by how many leads replied or by the number of emails opened.

How to Use BuzzStream

Here’s a guide on how you can launch your first email outreach campaign using BuzzStream.

Step #1: Sign Up for an Account

First, you’ll need to sign up for an account. One good thing about BuzzStream is that you can open an account for free. That means you can select a plan and test it out without paying upfront.

The bad news is that it requires you to enter your credit card information. So if you decide that BuzzStream isn’t for you, you’ll have to remember to cancel your subscription before your 14-day trial period runs out. Otherwise, you’re getting billed.

Other than that, however, the sign-up process is relatively easy.

Once you’re in, BuzzStream will encourage you to take additional steps like connecting your email account and creating a campaign. But you don’t have to do any of these right away.

creating a new project - buzzstream review

After skipping or accomplishing the initial setup, you’ll land on the BuzzStream dashboard.

Step #2: Familiarize Yourself With the Layout

You can start creating a campaign right now. However, it’s worth taking some time to familiarize yourself with the dashboard. 

onboarding video for creating research lists on buzzstream

Let’s start with the main area.

On top of your dashboard are your main options. Here you’ll find Research Lists, Outreach List, Monitored Links, Reporting, and Sequences. We will explain what each one does later on.

BuzzStream Review: Is This SEO Outreach Platform Good for You? 1

The sidebar is where you’ll find other sections of the side that you’ll have to access at some point.

creating your first project using the tool

From top to bottom, you have the following buttons:

  • Home (Globe-Like Icon)— Brings you back to the main dashboard.
  • Follow-Up Reminders (Bell Icon) — After connecting your email account, you can access email reminders that let you follow-up with leads. This is also where you’ll find notifications whenever a lead replies to your email.
  • Projects (To-Do List Icon) — Opens all of your current projects.
  • Mailboxes and Tasks (Email Icon) — Lets you read and send emails straight from BuzzStream. You can also view pending tasks from here. 
inbox in buzzstream
  • Contacts (Phonebook Icon) — Shows you all the contacts you’ve added to BuzzStream. This comes in the form of websites and people.
addiing people or contacts in your outreach list
  • Links (Chain Icon) — Displays all the backlinks you acquired along with details related to each one. Should you find the list overwhelming, you can always use the filter options to narrow down your search.
buzzstream links
  • Reporting (Chart Icon) — Tells you crucial information about the campaigns you’re running. It has stats about the messages you received, team performance, project insights, and project leaderboard.
message insights - buzzstream review

Below these options, you’ll find account-related options like Support, Latest Updates, BuzzStream Discovery (a free service that finds influencers in your niche), Settings, and Account Details.

On the top right-hand corner of the screen, you’ll find an additional menu that enables you to make campaign-wide changes such as editing a project, cloning a project, archiving a project, copying the project URL, starring a project, and editing blacklisted domains.

making campaign-wide changes

The arrow beside the menu lets you toggle the view mode.

There’s a question mark icon on the lower half of the dashboard. Click it if you want to communicate with the BuzzStream team or find hints on how to use the product.

Step #3: Add Domains to Your Research Lists

The Research Lists feature is where you go to research and add new leads to your email campaign. 

To start, click Create a Research List. BuzzStream will then ask for a prospect source. You’ll find three options. You could search the web for leads based on your target keyword, find news articles also using keywords, or you can import an existing listing in CSV format or by manually entering a list of URLs.

adding domains to your research lists

For this example, let’s select Search the Web. BuzzStream will ask you to enter a research list name along with your keywords. You can enter up to 20.

add prospects from web search - buzzstream review

Use filters to specify a post date, country, and language. You can turn on monitoring and notifications to receive results weekly.

When you’re finished, click Save.

updating research list

BuzzStream will now find you prospects and their contact information. The process could take a few minutes. Once finished, hit Close.

Your research list should now show leads along with metrics and other relevant data.

collecting prospects in buzzstream

Use the icons below the domain name to approve, reject, or blacklist an entry.

editing outreach entries.

All approved entries will now appear on your outreach list.

Step #4: View Your Outreach List

The Outreach List will show every lead that you added in BuzzStream. You can choose from one of two options: Websites and People.

Earlier, we added domains using Research Lists. So let’s check out Websites.

Not only do we see the names and domains of the sites we added, but you can also hover over the Discovered Contacts column to reveal their contact details.

view your outreach list.

Click Add on any entry so they appear in your prospect directory.

You’d want to drop by the Monitor Links section to review all the domains that you added. This is where you go to check the status of all the entries that you added. 

review entries under monitored links.

Not only will it tell you if you’ve successfully received a backlink, but it also lets you know if you’re missing anchor texts or receiving no-follow links. BuzzStream will also tell you if there are flagged words, incorrect links, or any other issue from the backlink you acquired.

Step #6: Create a Sequence

When you create a sequence, what you’re doing is setting up a template that you could use to create email drafts automatically.

creating a sequence using buzzstream.

By replacing specific information like the lead’s name and domain with pre-configured attributes, BuzzStream will automatically replace them with the appropriate value.

So if you add [City] in your template, the sent email will reflect whatever city you specified in your contact’s listing.

Sequences make it possible to send multiple emails using one template. And the best part is that you’re sending personalized emails. That sure beats the old way where you send generic emails to a bunch of people.

Step #7: Send Your Emails

Use the Mailboxes and Tasks section to send emails to your prospects. It looks and works like your typical email interface so you should feel right at home.

send your emails.

But for this section to work, you need to connect your email account.

Step #8: See the Reports

After sending your emails, you can see detailed reports under Reporting. The data you see here is different from the ones under Monitored Links.

Reporting focuses more on email performance. Here, you’ll have a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

You can review your template and subject-line performance, for example.

buzzstream reports.

You can also review how your team performed (if you gave other people access to your account). 

Optional: Assign Tasks

If you’re working with other people, you can assign them tasks. That way, they’ll know which leads they should work on. 

You can add tasks by going to Mailboxes and Tasks. From there, you can click Add Task and configure the details like who to assign it to and set a due date.

assigning tasks to other users in buzzstream.

BuzzStream Pricing

BuzzStream is a specialized SEO tool. So you already know that this product won’t come cheap, especially the higher-tier ones.

You have four BuzzStream plans to choose from.

There’s Starter that costs $24/month. You can have up to two users but you’d have to double the subscription fee.

Next up is Group which is $99/month. This plan accommodates up to three people at $33 per additional user.

Professional is the next plan up. This will set you back $299/month. You can have six users in this plan at $50/user.

Finally, you have Custom which starts at $999/month. You can have up to 15+ users in this plan.

buzzstream pricing.

The main differences between each plan do not stop at data caps. There’s also a difference in which features you’ll have access to. Simply put: Subscribing to higher plans will unlock more features.

BuzzStream Review: Pros and Cons

We have a lot of great things to say about BuzzStream and the services it offers. However, it’s far from perfect. So let’s look at what makes BuzzStream work and what areas it could improve on.

Pro: BuzzStream Specializes in SEO Outreach

If you’re in the market for a highly specialized tool for blogger outreach and brand recognition, BuzzStream is right for you.

All of its services make it so easy to set up a campaign and monitor your progress.

And monitoring your progress is a breeze using the built-in monitoring feature. You can immediately see how many emails were sent, how many replied, and if you’ve received backlinks.

You can even check which subject lines and templates bring in the most responses. 

What you can do using BuzzStream far surpasses what the average SEO tool can do.

Con: BuzzStream Locks Certain Features in Higher Plans

One of the reasons why you’d want to subscribe to an SEO outreach platform is its ability to automate some (if not all) of the reach-out process.

But some of the features you’d need to do just that are only present in higher-tier plans.

Let’s take the bulk email feature as an example. 

bulk email send for group plan only.

You want the ability to send emails in bulk no matter what plan you subscribe to. But if you only subscribe to the Starter plan, you won’t find it. So you’ll likely switch to the Group plan just to have that option available.

The same can be said about link reporting.

So do keep these things in mind when selecting a plan.

Pro: BuzzStream Is Great for Collaboration

While some people can get by running an outreach campaign on their own, there are those who work with others to meet their goals. And if you belong to the latter camp, then there’s no need to worry. BuzzStream makes collaborations a snap.

There are enough features in BuzzStream to make working in groups really efficient. You can monitor everyone’s performance. It even goes so far as seeing the templates and subject lines your crew uses to contact leads.

You can see how many people each member contacted and find out if they’re getting great results. 

If you subscribe to the Custom plan, BuzzStream will even do onboarding sessions for new team members.

Con: BuzzStream Can Be Expensive for Some Users

You may have noticed in the pricing section that BuzzStream plans are quite expensive. That’s no surprise given everything you’ll get. But there’s still no skirting around the fact that for most folks, this product will be out of their reach.

So before you commit, you should really think about your needs as a business. Do you really need a specialized tool for SEO outreach right now? Are the functionalities you need not available on other SEO tools?

Remember: Other all-in-one SEO tools have backlink features that tell you which domains link to your competitors. And for some, this information is enough to launch a small campaign.

There are even tools like SEMrush that allows users to connect their email account and send emails from within the platform. SEMrush is just slightly more expensive than BuzzStream but you get way more SEO features given that it’s an all-in-one solution.

Pro: BuzzStream Makes it Easy to Connect With Influencers

The cool thing about BuzzStream is that it not only gives you the email address of your leads, but it also shows you their social media pages.

So if you prefer to connect with influencers through social media, you know where you’ll find them.

There are cases when users are more active on social media platforms. So you don’t get email replies, you will have an alternative option.

Con: BuzzStream Caps the Number of Prospect Searches per Month

You can’t run unlimited prospect searches. There is a cap on how many you could perform in a month.

If you have a Starter plan, you can only do 30. For some people, that number simply isn’t enough. But there’s a significant price gap between Starter and Group, which is the next plan up. And even then, you can only do 250 prospect searches.

The most you could do is 1,000 searches under the Professional plan.

There is also a limit on link monitoring, by the way.


Rafael Rivera



Not everyone will need BuzzStream to launch an SEO outreach campaign. You can pretty much do small-scale runs using other SEO tools.


Those who do need BuzzStream and its features will absolutely love it. There are plenty of reasons why you should invest in this product if outreach campaigns are part of your company’s core strategy.

It just makes the whole process much more efficient. And it allows you to work with other people way more seamlessly.
And the reporting feature lets you know how leads respond to your efforts. This is valuable information that could spell the difference between success and failure.

You can try BuzzStream for 14 days though, as we mentioned earlier, you’d have to enter your credit card information to do so. But it’s definitely worth checking out to see if this is the tool you’ve been looking for.