7 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

best seo plugin for wordpress

WordPress is awesome enough as it is. But it’s even better if you install powerful plugins that add more functionality to your site. 

There are even plugins that will help you write SEO-friendly content so that you could rank higher on search engines.

Let’s look at some of the plugins you should install on WordPress today so you can outrank your competition and dominate the SERPs.

all in one seo homepage

All In One SEO

As the name suggests, All In One SEO is a plugin with a hefty promise — to be a solution to every SEO-related issue your website could run into.

What is All In One SEO?

All In One SEO allows users to do basic on-page optimization tasks like adding meta titles, descriptions, and keywords. But what it does beyond that is what’s truly amazing.

Let’s go over some of the plugin’s other features:

  • Schema Support — It enables you to add schema markups so that your pages could appear in Google’s Knowledge Graph. Pages with schema markups have a better chance of appearing above position one entries.
  • Sitemap Generation — No longer will you need to use a sitemap generator if you have All In One installed. You can create a sitemap directly from the plugin.
  • Webmaster Connect — All In One lets you connect your domain to webmaster tools. And not just Google’s webmaster tool; You can also connect to Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and even Pinterest.
  • Search Engine Notification — This plugin notifies search engines whenever you make changes to your site.
  • Google AMP — Google AMP makes it easier for pages to load seamlessly on mobile devices. It would normally require the services of a developer. But with All In One, you won’t have to worry about it.
  • Social Media Integration — You can customize your content and thumbnails for social media. This way, you have control over how your posts would look when shared on social media platforms.
  • Video SEO — Optimize your video content so they show up on Google’s video carousel on the SERPs.
  • WooCommerce Integration — WooCommerce is a service that lets users sell items online. And with All In One SEO, you can optimize your product pages with ease.

The plugin is also known for its accessibility. The plugin can translate up to 54 languages.

How Does All In One SEO Works?

Once installed, All In One SEO will ask you to configure the general settings. Here you can enter your basic details.

how all in one seo works

Configure the settings as you see fit. Don’t forget to fill out the homepage settings section. You can also configure the page title format so that it’s consistent throughout your domain.

If you want to configure the page-level settings, you’d have to access each one so you could edit the metadata information and URL.

optimizing content using all in one seo

The All In One SEO plugin is pretty straightforward to use. Go to the page you want to edit and you’ll find all the available options that All In One SEO provides.

How Much Does All In One SEO Cost?

The Individual license will cost $79 There are also other plans: Business ($139) and Agency ($699). The Business plan gives you licenses for up to 10 sites while the Agency plan lifts all restrictions, giving you licenses for unlimited sites.

The prices above are for the entire year.

all in seo pricing

There is a sale as of this writing that takes the prices down to $55 (Individual), $83 (Business), and $349 (Agency). 

premium seo pack homepage

Premium SEO Pack

Compared to All In One SEO and Yoast SEO Premium (which we will cover later), Premium SEO Pack has a lot more features. But does that make it the best?

Let’s look at what Premium SEO Pack has to offer.

What Is Premium SEO Pack?

Premium SEO Pack can handle most on-page SEO requirements such as adding metadata information and alt tags on images. But it can do a whole lot more.

  • Google Analytics — You no longer have to log into Google Analytics separately. With Premium SEO Pack, users can access all the analytics data they need within WordPress.
  • SERP Tracking — Use Premium SEO Pack to monitor your keywords and pages. The plugin will let you know what their rankings are in the SERPs.
  • 404 Monitoring — This plugin will notify you whenever bots (or humans) attempt to access a page in your domain that does not exist. 
  • CSS and Javascript Optimization — Premium SEO Pack minifies both CSS and Javascript. This results in faster load times.
  • Local SEO — You can have Premium SEO generate sitemaps that are specifically built for local businesses.
  • Mass Optimization — There’s an option to mass optimize posts and pages with just a few clicks.
  • Sitemaps — Not only could you create a general sitemap, but you can also build one for images and videos.
  • Link Builder — A built-in link builder tool is included when you install Premium SEO Pack.
  • Link Redirect — This plugin makes it easier to redirect links. Especially useful if you’re moving content from one domain to another.
  • Image Compression — Reduces the size of JPG and PNG images to improve load times.
  • Facebook Integration — You can publish posts on Facebook automatically every time you upload new content on WordPress.

How Does Premium SEO Pack Work?

Once you have the plugin installed, you can configure the settings from the main dashboard.

how to use premium seo pack

Here you can control how your website performs. Simply select the feature that you want to tweak and adjust the settings.

You can use the Mass Optimization feature to make sitewide changes from one location. You just need to select the pages you want to optimize, enter a keyword, and hit Optimize under the Action column.

mass optimization using premium seo pack

Or you could hit the SEO Report button and see what areas of the post need updating.

How Much Does Premium SEO Pack Cost?

Premium SEO Pack has a free version. But as you might expect, the free version lacks the more powerful features that the plugin offers.

premium seo pack pricing

If you want the Regular license, it will cost you $44. But that’s more suited for personal use. The Extended license at $400 will allow you to transfer the license.

seopress homepage


SEOPress is another freemium WordPress SEO plugin that aims to improve your site traffic through proper optimization.

But does it have what it takes to make that happen?

Let’s find out.

What Is SEOPress?

SEOPress combines the best features you need to optimize your website in one package. It covers the basics, letting you make changes to the metadata and URLs. But it goes further with the help of the following features:

  • Sitemaps — Create XML or HTML sitemaps for your whole domain including videos and images.
  • Social Media Integration — Share your posts with ease on your social media platforms. But more than sharing, you can improve your posts with Open Graph tags (for Facebook and Pinterest), Twitter Cards, and more.
  • Content Analysis — Improve your content by evaluating it using keywords. The plugin even suggests keywords you could insert in your post based on Google’s suggestions.
  • Knowledge Graph — Optimize your posts using Knowledge Graph so that they appear on the right-hand side of the Google search result pages for relevant queries.
  • Google Analytics — You’re able to access Google Analytics from the plugin so you don’t have to visit GA through a separate web browser.
  • Page Redirects — Redirect users to another page so you can kill pages that you no longer want to be accessible.
  • WooCommerce — Those who use WooCommerce would like the fact that SEOPress has a feature that lets them integrate WooCommerce seamlessly into WordPress.
  • Check Broken Links — You can use the Broken Link Checker to find broken links throughout your site.

SEOPress prides itself as being white label — meaning you find footprints on the source code, there will be no ads, and that your data will not be sent to third-parties.

How Does SEOPress Work?

Install SEOPress so you can access the main settings. Here, you can customize your site as needed. For example, you can create a redirect even if you’re not a particularly techy individual.

SEOPress makes the entire process a breeze.

seopress dashboard

Access the Redirections page. Once inside, click the Add Redirection button.

redirection for seopress

SEOPress will ask you the old URL. Add it then tick Enable Redirection.

adding redirection

Fill in the rest of the fields (remember to tell SEOPress where you want users to go when they access the old URL). Then publish your redirect and you’re good to go.

SEOPress is simple to use. Even WordPress beginners could navigate the plugin without running into issues.

How Much Does SEOPress Cost?

You pretty much have two options. You can install the free version or spend $39 for the Pro version. 

seopress pricing

The nice thing about SEOPress is that either of the two options let you install the plugin on as many sites as you want unlike some of its competitors.

SEOPress also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

yoast seo homepage


Yoast SEO needs no introduction for most online marketers and site owners. It’s been around for a long time and many people stand by its effectiveness.

But is this plugin still worth considering today? Let’s find out.

What Is Yoast SEO?

Yoast is an all-in-one SEO plugin that takes care of most SEO-related issues direct from WordPress.

While the free version packs enough of a punch as it is, the premium version adds even more functionality. This gives you a tool that’s powerful enough to boost your site’s chances of ranking in the SERPs.

Just what can Yoast SEO do?

  • Keyword Optimization —  Specify the keywords that you want to optimize for. And as you write your post, Yoast will let you know if your post is optimized for those terms.
  • Internal Linking — Not sure what internal pages you should link to? No problem. Yoast will provide suggestions so your internal linking is always on point.
  • Schema Markup — Yoast can also help you add schema markup for your pages and posts.
  • Snippet Editor — Know exactly what your entry would look like in the SERPs long before you publish the post. The Snippet Editor gives you a preview so you could make changes as you see fit.
  • Social Media Preview — Like the Snippet Editor, you can also preview what your post would look like when you promote them on your social media platforms.
  • Readability — With Yoast SEO, you can check if your posts can be read with ease. If your sentences are too long for the average reader, you will know.
  • Breadcrumbs — Get cleaner breadcrumbs when you use Yoast SEO.
  • Duplicate Content Prevention — Set your canonical link so Google won’t be confused as to which page is the original.
  • Redirect Manager — Tired of people getting stuck on a 404 page? You can redirect users to the correct page by suing the built-in Redirect Manager.

There are more things you could do when you install Yoast but these should give you an idea of whether or not this plugin is right for you.

How Does Yoast SEO Work?

As with other plugins, it all starts with installing Yoast SEO. Afterward, you’ll get Yoast SEO options whenever you create or update a post.

adding yoast seo plugin on wordpress

Alternatively, you can go through the Yoast WordPress Installation Wizard to receive a guided setup. Just follow the on-screen prompts and answer all the questions.

setting up yoast seo for the first time

This will help you get started with Yoast SEO minus all the guesswork.

How Much Does Yoast SEO Premium Cost?

Some of the features discussed earlier are not available in the free version. This means you’d have to buy a license to enjoy everything Yoast has to offer.

yoast seo premium pricing

With Yoast SEO Premium, you’d have to pay depending on how many sites you want to install the plugin to. For one site, you’d have to pay $89. When you buy in bulk, you get to save more.

squirrly seo

Squirrly SEO

While primarily known as a software company, Squirrly also released a plugin for WordPress users. But what is it exactly? And how can it help you with SEO?

What Is Squirrly SEO?

While Squirrly SEO can draw comparisons features-wise from the other plugins mention in this post, one could argue that this particular plugin is more beginner-friendly than the rest.

Even better, Squirrly claims that they provide you with paid features from other SEO plugins like Yoast, RankMath, SEOPress, and SEOpressor.

squirrly free wordpress plugin

How Does Squirrly SEO Work?

The main idea behind the plugin is that it works alongside other SEO plugins to give you a chance at ranking on Google’s search index.

squirrly dashboard

From the dashboard, you can do a couple of things:

  • Keyword Research — Find long-tail keywords that are easy to rank for.
  • Focus Pages — Gets you to rank pages by influencing the correct ranking factors.
  • SEO Settings — Optimize your post by adjusting global page settings.

This tool also allows you to make SEO audits and other optimization tweaks so you have the best results.

How Much Does Squirrly SEO Cost?

The Pro version of Squirrly costs $29.99 a month while the Business version is $71.99 a month.

squirrly pro pricing

Squirrly SEO has a free version.

seopressor homepage


SEOPressor (not to be confused with SEOPress) is a plugin that’s designed to let you take control of your WordPress SEO.

What Is SEOPressor?

SEOPressor grades your content for optimization. It also shows you the overall health of your pages.

The plugin does the following:

  • On-Page Analysis — SEOPressor checks on-page factors like post length, readability, keyword density, among other things.
  • Keyword Analysis — It checks if your posts are under- or over-optimized.
  • Sematic Check — Gives you an idea of how you can improve your content to improve search relevancy.
  • Crawl Manager — SEOPressor checks your domain and finds pages that are not crawlable.
  • LSI Keywords — Suggests LSI keywords that you can insert in your post.
  • On-Page SEO — Make changes to your metadata, URLs, and other areas that have a direct impact on your on-page SEO. 

How Does SEOPressor Work?

In the SEOPressor dashboard, you’ll find your site’s average score and health. By making changes to your pages using the plugin, you can increase the score (or decrease it if you make the wrong choices).

7 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress 1

Your goal then is to optimize your pages by going over the warnings that SEOPressor provides and addressing each one.

You can make changes by accessing the pages you want to make changes to and scrolling down. There you’ll find options on changing the URL structure or updating the metadata.

How Much Does SEOPressor Cost?

SEOPressor has one of the most tempting prices on our list. There’s only one plan. You pay $9 a month. 

7 Best SEO Plugin for WordPress 2

For $9 a month, you get to install SEOPressor on an unlimited number of domains. It’s one of the better deals out there for SEO WordPress plugins.

SEOPressor claims that this plugin will work nicely with other SEO plugins in the market. You can pay using PayPal or credit card.

rank math homepage

Rank Math

Rank Math is a plugin that’s designed to help you write SEO-friendly content. Let’s look at some of its features to figure out how it optimizes your content in a snap.

What is Rank Math?

Rank Math lets you configure your pages so they’re optimized to the fullest. It pays close attention to your content and your on-page SEO.

The plugin includes the following features:

  • SEO Analysis — Make sure everything is up to par so you can rank on search engines.
  • Rich Snippets — Add rich snippets to your pages.
  • XML SItemaps — Lets you create XML sitemaps without the need for a third-party solution.
  • 404 Monitoring — Looks for pages that are no longer working. Having 404 pages will dampen your domain’s ability to rank in the SERPs. So it would be in your best interest to get rid of them (or redirect these to working pages).
  • Page Redirect — Lets you redirect 404 pages to your homepage or another post in your domain.
  • Google Search Console Integration — Seamlessly link Google Search Console to RankMath.
  • Local SEO — Optimize your pages to rank for localized searches.
  • WooCommerce Integration — Connect WooCommerce to RankMath to handle your e-commerce SEO.

That’s a lot of features. And we’ve barely touched the surface. Rank Math can do a whole lot more than that.

How Does Rank Math Work?

The best way to try RankMath for yourself would be through its demo page which you can find here.

using rank math for the first time

When you use RankMath for the first time, you’ll have the option to run the installation wizard. All you’ll need to do is follow the on-screen instructions and provide whatever information is asked of you.

import seo setting from other seo plugins to rank math

You can use RankMath in conjunction with Yoast SEO. In fact, you can import the settings from the aforementioned plugin.

The plugin is friendly for beginners. So long as you have all the site information with you, then you should be able to set up your RankMath account without any issue.

setting up rank math for the first time

Once you’re finished with the initial installation, you can make other changes to RankMath by visiting your WordPress dashboard.

global meta settings on rank math

Here you’ll find all the other options for optimizing your website. You can configure your social media settings, local SEO, homepage, post and page options, sitemap, and more.

How Much Does Rank Math Cost?

It appears that for now, Rank Math is free for everyone. However, Rank Math does plan on releasing a Pro version with more features added.

Here’s a look at Rank Math’s roadmap. It looks like they’re still testing out the Pro version of the plugin.

rank math roadmap 2020

If you’re worried about using the plugin now then being billed once the paid version comes out, the team behind Rank Math promises that all the features you enjoy today will remain free. The Pro version will not be forced upon you. Users will have the option to upgrade though if they like the additional features that would be included.

There’s no talk of how much the Pro version would cost as of this writing.


There’s more to on-page SEO than reaching a certain score for all your content and setting up a sitemap in your WordPress site.

Interlinking to each of your relevant site pages helps rank your pages easier and faster on Google. Unfortunately, none of the tools above can help you automate this process and help you build virtual silos in your site.

Then along came Link Whisper.

Link Whisper is unlike any of the WordPress SEO plugins featured here. Most of them offer all-in-one SEO solutions from your WordPress site to help it rank higher on organic search.

While this plugin shares the same goals as the rest, Link Whisper is more focused on internal linking. It is arguably one of the most vital on-page factors that Google looks for when ranking websites.

A well-structured site that links pages with each other allows the steady flow of PageRank or link juice to circulate in your site. And because the interlinked pages are related to each other, they create topic clusters and silos that makes crawling your website much easier for search spiders.

As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats – “tide” being your site’s link juice and “boats” being your site pages and their organic rankings.

Once installed, Link Whsiper will analyze your site for all your links. It then spits out a report that breaks down the different links you have on your site, where you link the most, and the ratio of outbound and inbound links on your site.

link whisper report

Arguably the best feature of Link Whisper is the ability to identify orphaned pages in your site. These type of pages have zero inbound links pointing to them. This makes it more difficult for search spiders to crawl and index these pages.

link whisper orphaned pages

Using this feature, you can build your interlinking strategy and ensure that the right pages are driving link juice to the right pages. You can then link to orphaned pages and include them as part of your topic cluster or virtual silo.

If you simply want to add links to your page, go to one of your posts and scroll down to see the suggestions as provided by the tool.

link whisper link suggestions

It tries its best to identify links that you can include in the article as seen above. If you’re not happy with the link suggestions, you can enter your custom link or edit the sentence as you see fit.

Check on the boxes and update the post so the tool can include the links once it refreshes.

link whisper pricing

As a premium tool, Link Whisper may be on the expensive side of things when all’s said and done. However, think of it as an investment especially if you have a growing site and want to put your internal linking in order to maximize your on-page SEO results.

The tool will pay dividends on large sites with poor internal linking strategy. So if you have this type of website, then Link Whisper is something you should heavily consider.