12 Best SEO Audit Tools


As an online marketer or entrepreneur, you have to make sure that you optimize your site so it can rank in search engines.

Maybe you can handle a small site with less than 50 pages. However, as a site grows, you’ll have to use an SEO audit tool. Why? Because it can crawl through your entire domain in minutes and give you feedback on what areas you need to improve.

But what SEO audit tool should you use?

We found the 12 best SEO audit tools. Find out which one is right for you.

12 Best SEO Audit Tools 1


SEOmator packs a lot of features for a website crawler. But is it everything it’s been hyped up to be? Let’s find out.

Why Do You Need SEOmator?

This nifty web-based service does everything you’d come to expect from an SEO audit tool. It scans your domain to find SEO-related issues that you may have missed. It looks at your internal linking, backlinks, metadata, site speed, social media, content quality, mobile-readiness, and more.

12 Best SEO Audit Tools 2

And when it’s done assessing your pages, it provides tips on how you can fix the issues. Or if you’re working with a client, you can download white-label reports that you can present.

But what makes SEOmator even better is its monitoring capability. You can set an alert to track any on-page changes that you make to your domain’s SEO. 

Marketers would also like the free SEO audit tool that they can embed to their sites. Their visitors can then conduct a free audit in exchange for their email address. That way, they can capture leads for their marketing agencies.

How Much Does SEOmator Cost?

SEOmator has four plans available. The cheapest option is the Pay As You Go plan at $5. As the name suggests, this plan lets you use SEOmator once but the company stores the report for 30 days.

12 Best SEO Audit Tools 3

The next option is Small Business at $19/month. The Professional plan costs $49/month and the Unlimited plan is $179/month.

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SEOptimer touts itself as a DIY solution for marketers and small business owners. Let’s explore all the features that make this tool worth considering.

Why Do You Need SEOptimer?

With SEOptimer, you get exactly what you pay for. That makes this SEO audit tool a great option for those who only need a simple site crawler. But by subscribing to higher plans, you’ll gain access to other features that you might need.

For single-site owners, the DIY SEO plan gives you unlimited SEO reviews and access to the SEOptimer SEO Toolbox. You can make up to four crawls a month (single site).

The plan comes with features like keyword tracking (up to 20 keywords). You also get task recommendations, guides for CMS (content management system), task tracking, and weekly email digests.

12 Best SEO Audit Tools 5

Switching to higher plans would give you access to white-label reports and the embeddable audit form for lead generation.

A quick test of the tool shows what type of recommendations SEOptimer gives its users. Using Mashable as an example, it gave the site an SEO score of C. The tool gave its reasons for scoring it as such (header tags aren’t effective, unoptimized title tags, etc.). But the keywords it recommended to use are a bit iffy given that Mashable is a news site.

12 Best SEO Audit Tools 6

So take that for what it’s worth.

How Much Does SEOptimer Cost?

The DIY SEO plan costs $19/month. The White Label plan is $29/month while the White Label and Embedding plan is $59/month.

12 Best SEO Audit Tools 7

SEOptimer does have a 14-day free trial.

woorank homepage


WooRank lets you audit your website and spy on your competition. Does that sound enticing to you? Then maybe this easy-to-use tool is what you’ve been looking for.

Why Do You Need WooRank?

WooRank goes out of its way to make its SEO audits easy to digest even for those who are new to search engine optimization.

After you enter the domain or page you want WooRank to crawl, you’re immediately shown the site’s score and a checklist of what you can still do to improve it.

woorank marketing checklist

The checklist goes on to state the importance of why you need to make the changes, how big of an impact it would make, and how to get it done.

optimizing videos and images using woorank

Scroll down further and you’ll find detailed reports of other SEO factors that WooRank divides into sections for clarity. It checks your content, indexing, mobile-friendliness, structured data, security, performance, technologies (server stats), branding, domain status, backlinks, traffic, among others.

WooRank also has a feature that lets you conduct side-by-side keyword analysis with your competitors. That way, you can see what keywords they want to rank for and get to assess what their strategies are.

How Much Does WooRank Cost?

There are three plans to choose from. The Pro version is $59.99/month while the Premium plan is $179.99/month. 

The third option, Enterprise, is available for big teams. It’s customized depending on your needs so you’d have to contact WooRank to get a quote.

woorank pricing

You can try WooRank for free for 14 days.

screaming frog seo spider homepage

Screaming Frog

Unless some of the other solutions on this list, Screaming Frog is not web-based software but one that you download and install on a local computer. Is this software the one for you?

How Does Screaming Frog Work?

Screaming Frog is one of the most recognized SEO audit tools in the market today. It’s packed with a number of features that give you all the information you’ll need to optimize your site.

screaming frog audit

The tool lets you see different errors including status code, indexability, metatags, internal and external links, titles (H1, H2, etc.) and their length, and many more.


There’s a downside to using Screaming Frog, particularly for SEO beginners. They might have a hard time interpreting the data shown after the crawl is complete. There are no instructions on how to solve these issues; some of the items are not even explained.

Screaming Frog is more suited for users who already know what to do with the information that the tool provides.

But there is good news: Screaming Frog can be downloaded and installed for free. But you can only crawl up to 500 pages.

crawl limit for free screaming frog account

How Much Does Screaming Frog Cost?

If you need to crawl more than 500 pages, you’ll need to pay for a license.

screaming frog pricing

A license can be purchased for £149/year. At the time of this writing, this roughly translates to $185/year.

seo tester online

SEO Tester Online

SEO Tester Online claims to have over 150,000 users across 170+ countries. Were these people right in trusting this tool for their SEO audit needs?

How Does SEO Tester Online Work?

SEO Tester Online has four main features: SEO Checker, SEO Spider, Keyword Explorer, and SEO Editor.

The SEO Checker lets you test the SEO of your site. This is what you’ll use to assess your heading tags, page load speed, and other SEO factors. You can also use the SEO Spider if you want the tool to crawl through your domain. After the spider analyzes your pages, you’re given a report so you know exactly what to optimize.

seo tester online audit

Do you need help with keywords? SEO Tester Online has a keyword suggestion feature that helps its users to find related keywords in their niche.

seo tester online keyword research

Then there’s the SEO Editor feature. This lets you compose articles with SEO Tester Online running in the background. As its name suggests, it’s like having an editor with you as you work. It gives you content a score based on the principles of SEO copywriting. That way, your articles are well-optimized before you publish.

How Much Does SEO Tester Online Cost?

The most inexpensive plan, Lite, will set you back €9.90/month. The Basic plan costs €25.90/month and the Professional plan €34.90/month.

seo tester online pricing

For those who need more, there is a Business plan that costs €69.90/month. You can try the Professional plan for 15 days at no cost to you.

mysiteauditor homepage


MySiteAuditor is a lead generation and sales tool. Its primary market is SEO service providers — digital marketing agencies and freelancers that offer SEO services.

How Does MySiteAuditor Work?

You are basically paying MySiteAuditor to do two things: allow you to embed audit forms on your site to capture leads and have MySiteAuditor do all the legwork on your behalf.

To make the process easier, WordPress users can use the MySiteAuditor plugin to embed the audit form on all pages.

installing wordpress plugin of mysiteauditor

But if you don’t want the embed feature, there is also a plan that lets you create customized reports for your clients that come complete with your branding (logo, colors, etc.).

MySiteAuditor lets you three embed options: small, slim, and large form. That way, you have some control over how the lead generating forms look on your site.

small form for seo audit of seo tester online

The reports include everything you’d expect from an SEO audit tool: site speed, URL structure, metadata, images, keywords, and copy analysis.

downloadable pdf report of mysiteauditor audit

The results also come with recommendations on how you (or the client) can fix the errors that MySIteAuditor found.

How Much Does MySiteAuditor Cost?

There are only two plans available. The main difference between the two is that one lets you embed audit forms on your site to gather leads while the other one doesn’t.

mysiteauditor pricing

The Basic plan costs $39/month while the Pro plan (which allows you to embed audit forms) is $79/month. You can start a free trial without having to provide your credit card details.

deepcrawl homepage


Unlike some of the tools mentioned in this post that targets freelancers and small SEO agencies, DeepCrawl goes after enterprise-level companies. But does DeepCrawl offer anything different?

How Does DeepCrawl Work?

DeepCrawl is capable of monitoring multiple domains globally. It provides alerts to all stakeholders. You can make custom dashboard solutions through Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Data Studio, and Klipfolio. And the company also has a team of SEO experts that can help you come up with a plan to pull off your strategy.

This product can be used for your technical audits, site migrations, link audits, competitor research, page analysis, website development testing, and more.

deepcrawl dashboard

With DeepCrawl, users are able to run up to 10 crawls at the same time.

And while DeepCrawl primarily targets big corporations, there are plans for individuals and small teams. However, it’s worth noting that these plans limit your use of the product.

How Much Does DeepCrawl Cost?

The Light plan is $140/year while the Light Plus plan is $620/year. If you prefer a monthly billing cycle, Light and Light Plus will cost $14/month and $62/month respectively.

deepcrawl pricing

The Enterprise plan will require you to contact DeepCrawl for more information.

netpeak spider homepage

Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider finds all sorts of SEO issues on your site and empowers you to take action. Let’s see what Netpeak Spider can do for you.

How Does Netpeak Spider Work?

With Netpeak Spider, you can check your domain for duplicate pages, texts, metadata, titles (H1, H2, etc.) and more. 

It can also look at the status of your pages (status code, content type, response time). It will even tell you if pages are properly indexed. 

netpeak checker in action

There are features that set this tool apart from other SEO audit tools. The inclusion of site scraping and web data extraction allows you to scrap data like markup, hrelflangs, emails, and phone numbers from a page.

And when it’s time to generate a report, you can rely on its white label reporting that comes with diagrams and other graphics so it’s easier to digest.

There is also an internal PageRank checker that sees to it that you spread your links throughout your site optimally.

How Much Does Netpeak Spider Cost?

The Standard plan is $15.30/month, the Pro plan is $31.20/month, and the Custom plan is $199.20/month. However, you can only subscribe to these plans at these prices if you pay for the entire year outright (billed as one payment).

netpeak spider pricing

If you wish to pay monthly, the Standard plan would be $19/month, the Pro would go up to $39/month, and the Custom plan would become $249/month.

morningscore homepage


Morningscore is a friendly SEO audit tool that incorporates a clean layout with powerful features that makes it more welcoming for first-timer users.

How Does Morningscore Work?

Morningscore lets users gain a better understanding of their SEO. But this tool goes beyond site audits. It’s an all-in-one SEO solution that lets you do other tasks that help you improve your site.

You can track your SEO return on investment (ROI), get to know your competitors and monitor their movement online, track keywords, and check your links.

morningscore in action

As far as audits go, the tool scores your general performance and breaks down the score further by category.

site health stats on morningscore

This gives you a better sense of what’s going on in your site and if there are issues you need to address immediately.

If there are missing meta descriptions, you’ll know right away. The same goes for title tags and broken images.

It truly is a fantastic solution for agencies or freelancers who want a complete SEO solution that goes beyond SEO auditing.

How Much Does Morningscore Cost?

If you go for the Lite plan, you only have to pay $49/month. The next tier, Business, would set you back $79/month. 

morningscore pricing

The Pro plan is available at $149/month. You can try any of the three plans for 14 days before you have to pay.

diib homepage


Diib promises to not only scan your site and send a customized growth plan, but it also states that it can help you transform your data into real dollars. But can it deliver?

How Does Diib Work?

Diib’s Answer Engine is the core of its auditing capability. It scans your site and comes up with a growth plan (action items) for you to implement. 

12 Best SEO Audit Tools 8

After it scans a page, you’ll see an overview of your site’s performance including a daily health score. As you make changes based on Diib’s recommendations, your score will go up.

Diib also subcategorizes the score into four: traffic, social, mobile, and visitor experience.

Just below the main stats, you’ll find a list of objectives and alerts that Diib wants you to be aware of. 

Diib is basically trying to walk you through the whole process so that your site becomes optimized for search engines like Google.

How Much Does Diib Cost?

Diib has a free version albeit limited in features. You don’t get access to the full Growth Plan but you do get access to the Website Monitoring feature.

12 Best SEO Audit Tools 9

The Pro plan, which includes all the features, would cost anywhere between $9.99/month to $29.99/month (depending on your site traffic).

12 Best SEO Audit Tools 10

Hike SEO

Hike SEO aims to be a replacement for hiring a full-time SEO to aid your business. If you’re an entrepreneur that wants to overtake your competition but can’t hire an agency to help. Hike SEO might be the alternative you’re looking for.

How Does Hike SEO Work?

Hike SEO gives you all the information you’ll need to optimize your site for Google. Its software will walk you through everything you need to accomplish to grow your business online.

How committed is Hike SEO in helping you? If you sign up for a plan, you’ll receive a 30-minute phone call to run you through the initial setup. This makes Hike SEO perfect for those who need assistance with using an SEO audit tool.

Any recommendation that the software shares with you will be based on your specific needs. The instructions are easy to understand so you’ll be able to follow no matter how new you are to SEO.

12 Best SEO Audit Tools 11

You can even maximize your site for a specific market using the Local SEO feature.

Hike SEO has published a couple of case studies for anyone interested.

How Much Does Hike SEO Cost?

Hike SEO only has one plan and that plan costs $59.99/month.

12 Best SEO Audit Tools 12

Remember, that does come with a 30-minute phone call to help you set up your account.

website auditor homepage

Website Auditor

Website Auditor is a tool under Link Assistant’s (also known as SEO Powersuite) library of SEO products. This is not a web-based software that is ideal for people who want an audit tool they can install on their computers.

How Does Website Auditor Work?

Website Auditor is an SEO spider. That means it runs through all your pages and diligently finds issues. It works just like Screaming Frog, only with a slightly friendlier UX/UI.

website auditor in action

It shows you indexing and crawlability errors, redirect issues, as well as encoding and technical factors, among other things.

If your URLs are too long, it will let you know.

You even get access to Content Analysis, a feature that lets you analyze the content of the page you entered.

How Much Does Website Auditor Cost?

Website Auditor licenses cost $124/year for the Professional edition and $299/year for the Enterprise edition.

website auditor pricing

If you’re only running a small team or working alone, you might want to purchase the Professional license instead of the Enterprise one.