Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which Is Better For Improving SEO Traffic?

ahrefs vs ubersuggest

Ahrefs and Ubersuggest are both great tools for improving SEO traffic. But most (if not all) users don’t have the luxury of subscribing to more than one product. So you end up choosing one or the other.

But which of these two should you go with?

In this post, we’ll show you what common features both tools share along with their differences. And by the end of it, you should have a better idea which of the two you should subscribe to.

What Is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which Is Better For Improving SEO Traffic? 1

Ahrefs is considered by many as the poster child of SEO tools. It has all the features you’ll need to create, launch, and monitor your digital marketing campaign.

But it’s not all about the features though.

This product also brags about its huge link database and amazing filter options. This one-two combo allows users to find the exact information they need at a moment’s notice.

Ahrefs Features

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool. So needless to say, it’s packed with powerful features that’ll knock your socks off. It covers everything you need from keyword research to rank tracking.

Here’s a breakdown of everything Ahrefs has to offer.

Site Explorer

Do you want to understand your competitors better? Wish you could see how much traffic they get and which sites link back to them? Then you need Site Explorer.

what is ahrefs - site explorer

Site Explorer will tell you any domain’s organic search traffic.

Ahrefs will also provide the keywords that the domain ranks for. And remember: Ahrefs has that huge database. That means it keeps track of millions of keywords at any given time. This gives you the most accurate keyword information available.

And you’ll also have access to your competitor’s backlink information. That includes data like new and lost backlinks, the referring domains, broken backlinks, anchor text used, internal links, and more.

You’ll even see the keywords they pay for through PPC ads.

Keywords Explorer

Keywords Explorer is arguably Ahrefs’ biggest feature. There are a lot of SEO tools that offer keyword research features but—depending on who you ask—they’d say that Ahrefs has the best one.

what is ahrefs - keywords explorer

It offers thousands of keyword suggestions, support entries from at least 171 countries, compiles data from 10 different search engines, and provides all the key metrics you’ll need to assess the quality of every keyword suggestion.

Ahrefs claims to have accurate search volume numbers. 

Keyword Explorer categorizes the entries for easier access. You can view the results in the following ways:

  • Phrase Match — These are phrases that include your target keyword.
  • Having Same Terms — These are ideas that include your target keyword (in any order).
  • Also Rank For — These are terms that your top-ranking pages also rank for.
  • Search Suggestions — These are phrases that pop up through Google’s autocomplete feature.
  • Newly Discovered — These are recently added search queries to Ahrefs’ database.
  • Questions — These are keyword suggestions phrased as questions.

And we can’t move on from this section without mentioning the filter options.

You have a number of ways to filter through your list of keywords. You can use keyword difficulty, search volume, word count, SERP features, include/exclude words, clicks, clicks per search, cost per click, and return rate as options.

Combining these filter options will enable you to refine the results to focus on the exact parameters you need.

Site Audit

Site Audit lets you go over your website to find any red flags that prevent it from ranking higher in the SERPs.

what is ahrefs - site audit

Even better, Ahrefs will provide recommendations on how you could go and fix these issues.

It’s a great way of assessing your domain’s SEO health. Ahrefs uses over 100 pre-defined SEO factors as its checklist. That means it covers almost every issue that’s associated with low SEO performance. Basically, it covers all the bases.

Rank Tracking

Of course, you need a way to monitor your progress to see if your campaign makes any difference. And thanks to Rank Tracking, this process is way easier and efficient.

what is ahrefs - rank tracker

Just enter your target keyword and Ahrefs will check if any of your pages rank for the term. You can add multiple keywords and countries. That means you can even keep track of localized campaigns.

And you can see where your pages rank in SERP features as well. That means you can see if your pages show up in the featured snippet, top stories, image packs, AdWords, and knowledge panel among others.

Content Explorer

Using this feature, you can research landing pages and see how much traffic each one gets. There are other metrics you can use to determine their quality though. This includes social media shares, number of referring domains, and traffic value.

what is ahrefs - content explorer

And you can use parameters to refine your searches. You can view pages based on their status (published once vs republished, live vs broken, etc.), organic traffic, number of words, language, domain rating, and more.

It’s a great way to find inspiration on what content users want to see based on your target keyword.

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs is a premium product and its pricing reflects that. Its Lite plan costs $99/month. The Standard plan is $179/month. The Advanced plan is $399/month and the Agency plan is $999/month.

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which Is Better For Improving SEO Traffic? 2

You can lower the costs if you opt for the annual billing option which gives you two months free.

It’s not the most affordable SEO plan out there but you have to consider the value you’re getting for the price. Ahrefs is one of the most complete tools in the SEO space right now.

But admittedly, not everyone will have the budget for this product. That’s where Ubersuggest comes in. 

What Is Ubersuggest?

ubersuggest review

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool from the mind of Neil Patel, renowned marketing expert and blogger.

His tool aims to provide users with high-quality keyword research but at a more affordable price point. It’s an alternative for those who’d like to start an SEO campaign but don’t have the budget for it at the moment.

But more than its price and features, Ubersuggest offers a clean and easy-to-use interface. It makes keyword research easy for anyone who’s picking it up for the first time. 

Ubersuggest Features

Cheaper plans don’t necessarily mean that you’re left with lackluster features. In fact, Ubersuggest has a number of tools that let you come up with a strategy that’s just as good using other SEO tools.

Let’s look at what Ubersuggest has to offer.

Keyword Ideas

This is the feature you use to research new keywords that you’d want to use on your next campaign. 

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which Is Better For Improving SEO Traffic? 3

As with Ahrefs, Ubersuggest categorizes the results to help you manage all of your options. There are five categories in total.

  • Related Keywords — These are terms that aren’t exact matches but are still related to your seed term.
  • Keyword Suggestions — These are entries that are directly related to your seed term.
  • Questions — These are keywords that come as questions.
  • Prepositions — These are keywords that include prepositions.
  • Comparisons — These are keywords that compare your keyword to a similar brand or product.

Metrics will accompany every keyword. Use these to gauge the viability of the keyword. You can assess keywords by their search volume, cost per click, paid difficulty, and SEO difficulty.

Content Ideas

Content Ideas is a big help to those who have run out of ideas for their next post. Simply enter your target keyword and Ubersuggest will provide a list of top-performing pages for that term. You’ll see each post’s estimated visits, number of backlinks, and their social shares.

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which Is Better For Improving SEO Traffic? 4

Using Content Ideas will make sure that you only publish content that your readers want to see.

Domain Overview

Domain Overview lets you spy on other domains and see how well their SEO health is. It shows how many organic keywords they rank for, their monthly organic traffic, domain score, and total number of backlinks.

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which Is Better For Improving SEO Traffic? 5

It will even show each domain’s top SEO keywords, pages, and ranking.

Top Pages

Top Pages reveal a domain’s most popular pages along with its estimated visits, backlinks, and social shares.

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which Is Better For Improving SEO Traffic? 6

You can sort the results by region.

Domain Keywords

It’s the same as Keyword Ideas but this time, you can check what keywords your competitors use to rank on search engines.

Site Audit

You can view Site Audit as Ubersuggest’s on-page SEO tool. It shows you what possible issues you may have overlooked in your domain. 

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which Is Better For Improving SEO Traffic? 7

Once it’s finished crawling your site, you’re not only provided a list of problems, but you’re also given fixes that you could apply. It’s a convenient way of removing SEO-related problems without resorting to hiring an SEO agency.

Or if you’re an SEO agency, it’s a quick way of finding issues without resorting to manual assessments.


If you need to know which domains point back to yours, Ubersuggest’s Backlink feature is more than up to the task. 

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which Is Better For Improving SEO Traffic? 8

But more than the backlinks themselves, you get to see metrics that’ll help you decide whether it’s worth keeping these backlinks or if it’s time to disavow them. 

You can use domain score, page score, link type, or anchor text to make your decision.

Ubersuggest Pricing

We’ve made a big deal about Ubersuggest’s pricing. So how cheap are its plans? Are they really as affordable as we’re making them out to be?

Well, yes. They are very affordable. Let’s start with its monthly plans.

The Individual plan is $12/month. The Business plan is $20/month while the Enterprise/Agency plan is $40/month. You’ll find it hard to find plans that are this low.

Ahrefs Vs Ubersuggest: Which Is Better For Improving SEO Traffic? 9

And it gets even better.

For those who hate monthly plans, you could choose the Ubersuggest’s lifetime plan. Here, you can pay a one-time fee and have access to the product forever.

Even better, Ubersuggest will continue to provide support should there be an update.

That is quite the bargain, don’t you think?

Ahrefs vs Ubersuggest: How Are They Similar?

Ubersuggest and Ahrefs are similar in some ways. Let’s explore some of the things that they have in common.

Similarity #1: They Both Have On-Page Optimization Features

On-page SEO is the foundation of any online marketing strategy. Before you look for backlinks or optimize for keywords, you want to be sure that your domain doesn’t have issues that could prevent your success.

Thankfully, regardless of which SEO tool you go with, you’d have a way of addressing these concerns.

Similarity #2: They Both Have Keyword Research Tools

If you’re looking for new keyword opportunities, you can rely on both tools to provide fresh words and phrases to use for your campaign.

Now, there are differences as to the metrics that come with the keywords — which we’ll discuss later on. But as far as gathering new keywords, they can both get the job done.

Similarity #3: They Both Have Competitor Research Features

Both Ahrefs and Ubersuggest allow users to spy on any of their competitors. That means getting access to their most popular pages and seeing all the domains that link back to them.

This makes it easier to come up with link building strategies. 

How Are Ahrefs and Ubersuggest Different?

Given the price difference between the two products, it’s only fair to assume that there will be a difference somewhere. Let’s talk about those.

PriceAhrefs is significantly more expensive than Ubersuggest.Ubersuggest has a lovely price point that’s perfect for startups and one-man operations.
User ExperienceWhile fairly clean, Ahrefs might seem intimidating for anyone new to SEO tools due to the many options and features available to them.Ubersuggest is easy to use. Anyone can sign up and start their campaign in minutes.
Data and MetricsAhrefs is the clear winner in this department. Not only does it have a better link database, but it also has more metrics to show users.While not awful, the data and metrics you get from Ubersuggest aren’t as comprehensive as the one you get from Ahrefs.
Filter OptionsAhrefs has the best filter options in the industry. You can really narrow down your search based on specific parameters.
This goes for both keyword and backlink research.
Ubersuggest does have a few filter options but they’re nowhere near what Ahrefs has to offer.
ContentAhrefs lets you find the most popular content based on a keyword.Ubersuggest also has a feature that lets users discover content. But because of its cleaner interface, we feel that Ubersuggest has the edge here.
Free TrialAhrefs will let you try their product for seven days. But you will have to pay $7 for the opportunity.You can log into Ubersuggest using your Google account and it will let you use the product for free. There’s no limit as to how long you could use the tool but there are limitations to the amount of data you could access.

What’s Better About Ahrefs?

Ahrefs wins in these departments:

  • Data Quality — You gain access to a huge database when you sign up for an Ahrefs account. So much so that you’d have to take full advantage of its fantastic filtering system to manage your information.
  • Collaboration — Depending on the plan you select, you can have as many as five users per account. If you want more users beyond what’s allotted to you, you can pay an additional $30 per user. Ubersuggest, as of this writing, doesn’t appear to support additional users.
  • Higher Data Caps — Both Ubersuggest and Ahrefs implement data caps in their plans. If you handle a lot of domains, you might want to get Ahrefs because it has higher limits than Ubersuggest.

What’s Better About Ubersuggest?

There are things about Ubersuggest that some folks might prefer:

  • Affordability — With plans starting at $20/month, it’s hard to argue against grabbing Ubersuggest especially for anyone who’s working with a limited budget.
  • Content — This is a great choice for content creators who don’t have a real need for SEO features like backlinks and on-page SEO. If keyword research and content suggestions are enough for you, Ubersuggest is better for you.
  • Support — Not that Ahrefs doesn’t offer support. But Ubersuggest has a lot of training materials, templates, and worksheets on standby. There’s even bi-weekly coaching and Q&A calls available. And if you run into issues, you can contact the team via email.

Who Should Get Ahrefs?


If you’re a medium- to large-scale operation and getting serious with your SEO efforts, Ahrefs is the right SEO tool for you. It has more advanced features and offers room for growth.

It covers more aspects of SEO that you might not get from Ubersuggest.

Who Should Get Ubersuggest?

ubersuggest sidebar

Ubersuggest is better for content creators and freelancers. Its affordability is great for anyone who can’t afford to splurge on something like Ahrefs right now. And the lifetime plan makes it a compelling investment, especially for those who hate paying monthly fees.

If all you need is a keyword research tool and content ideas, then you’d end up paying a hefty price for features you don’t need if you choose Ahrefs. Use Ubersuggest instead.