AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool?

accuranker review

A rank tracker’s job is simple: to check search engines and see if your pages rank for the keywords you’re targeting.

However, you do need a rank tracking software that’s both dependable and accurate. Without these two factors, your entire SEO strategy will be jeopardized.

With that said, is AccuRanker the right ranking tool to use? Does it deserve your attention?

You’ll find out in this in-depth AccuRanker review.


SEO beginners might find the interface overwhelming at first. But SEO specialists will get it right away.


With the amount of data it provides, AccuRanker will undoubtedly make any online marketer’s life easier.


The ability to refresh the keyword list on demand and see a keyword’s historical data makes it useful. 


Accuracy is one of the main reasons a tool is considered effective. And on that, AccuRanker really delivers.

What is AccuRanker?

On the surface, AccuRanker seems like your typical rank tracking service provider. Like many of them, AccuRanker can track your keyword performance on search engines. Through this feature, you can make informed decisions and pivot your SEO strategy as needed.

This can spell the difference between going up or down the search engine results pages (SERPs).

But the reason this SEO tool stands out is the other features that it provides.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 1

Not only do you fresh updates to your keywords, but you also get custom reporting, quick access to customer service, enterprise-level data access for API, and in-depth analysis of your key metrics.

Even well-known companies like HubSpot use AccuRanker to increase their organic traffic (went up by as much as 45%).

How AccuRanker Works

AccuRanker’s core functions make it a good tool for tracking keywords. And if used properly, these can allow you to increase your SERP ranking significantly.

So what can AccuRanker do for you?

In this section, we’ll list down all of AccuRanker’s core features along with an explanation of what these mean for your SEO strategy.

Instant On-Demand Updates

What’s the point in using lapsed data? When going over a keyword strategy, you need the latest information to make sound judgments. And with AccuRanker’s on-demand updates, that’s exactly what you’ll get when using the tool.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 2

AccuRanker does a great job of presenting you up-to-date information on the keywords you add to the list. 

And not only is the information recent, but you also have the option of selecting what time period to compare it to. 

For instance, if you want to see how the more recent rankings compare to last week’s, you can do so by selecting a date under the Compare To drop-down menu.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 3

There is a dedicated Refresh button so you can update your keyword list should the need come up.

You can also filter the results by location, rank, URL, searches, Share of Voice or SoV (more on that later), SERP features (featured snippet, related questions, etc.), date created (date you added the keyword), and more.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 4

The Age column shows you when the keyword was last updated. 

Ranks History

What if you want to dive deeper into a particular keyword? AccuRanker lets you explore each keyword on your list. 

Specifically, it allows you to see how the keyword performed over time through Ranks History.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 5

With Ranks History, you’ll have a clear view of how your page performed on search engines based on the keyword you selected.

It shows you if the page went up or down the rankings over a given time.

And if you’ve added a list of competitors in your profile, you’ll also see how they’ve fared in the rankings for the same keyword.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 6

Scroll further down Rank History and you’ll find the page that ranked for the search term as well as other useful information. These include the search date, its rank position, the URL of the page, CPC, AdWords competition, estimated monthly page visits, SoV, SERP features, and a link to the SERP page where the page ranks.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 7

If you’d like to go over the information offline or need to send a copy to a co-worker, you can download the results as an Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets document. You can also email the results directly from AccuRanker. 

Share of Voice

Share of Voice (SoV) is a metric that combines your monthly searches with your rankings. Its goal is to get you to understand how you’re progressing on organic search.

AccuRanker has a dedicated page on Share of Voice and how it’s calculated.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 8

SoV is present throughout AccuRanker. You can view it while in Overview, giving you a glimpse of your domain’s overall SoV performance. However, you can view it by keyword as well.

If you’ve subscribed to a plan that includes more than 1,000 keywords, you’d have access to Share of Voice Pro. This gives you a more complex Share of Voice data that goes beyond the overview and keywords list. 

You’ll gain access to:

  • Share of Voice Competitors — This lets you see not only your SoV but your competitors’ as well. And if there are untracked SoV, you’ll get to see those too.
  • Share of Voice Tags — This shows you data for the tags you added (assuming you use the feature) to AccuRanker. 
  • Share of Voice Landing Pages — This displays the figures of your landing pages based on the combined total of keywords that point to them.

Tagging and Landing Pages

Tagging, in simple terms, is grouping keywords into one category. This is extremely helpful especially when you’re managing hundreds or thousands of keywords in one account.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 9

Tags come in handy when you want to filter keywords by category.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 10

Do you want to see data on a URL level? Then you need to use Landing Pages.

AccuRanker combines its data with Google Analytics (or Adobe Analytics) to give you a deeper insight into your landing page performance in the SERPs.

So what exactly will it let you see?

You’ll discover the number of keywords and search volume data that each page gets. You also get the SoV, cost value, organic visitors, average time spent on the page, the average load time, bounce rate, and more.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 11

But remember: You’ll need to integrate any of the two aforementioned analytics tools to get the most out of the Landing Page feature.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 12

Landing Page lets you switch between Share of Voice, Revenue, and Search Volume. By doing so, you have a better idea of how you’re doing in each department.

In-Depth Analysis

The features mentioned above give you a great deal of information. But AccuRanker has more to offer its users in terms of in-depth analysis. 

This includes the Aggregated SERP Analysis feature.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 13

So what does Aggregated SERP Analysis do?

It lets you track pages that have the possibility of becoming more prominent in SERP features like reviews, video carousel, related questions, featured snippets, image pack, FAQs, related searches, thumbnails, videos, and ads.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 14

Ranking Distribution shows you a chart indicating how many keywords are ranking and in what position. And because it’s shown in chart form, the data is easier to digest.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 15

And in case you don’t know who your competitors are, AccuRanker provides a list of your top ten competitors based on the keywords you added.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 16

You can even compare your competitor’s keywords with yours and see the results in a graph.

How to Use AccuRanker

The initial setup of AccuRanker won’t take long. You can begin using the tool as soon as you sign up for an account. All you need to do is supply some information about your site and you should be on your way.

Step #1: Add Your Domain

From the dashboard, you’ll find a button that lets you add your domain. Go ahead and click it.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 17

A pop-up box will appear. Here, you will have to enter your domain name along with other relevant information. This includes your display name (or project name), the default search engine you want AccuRanker to use, your group name, Google Business name, and Twitter handle.

More options are available in the Advanced settings.

Step #2: Populate With Keywords

After you add your domain, head back to the main dashboard. Here you’ll find an option to add your keywords.

Enter all your keywords one line at a time in the field provided. If you’re unsure what keywords to add, you can click Show Keyword Suggestions to see AccuRanker’s recommendations.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 18

Off to the side, you can reconfigure what country and search engine you want AccuRanker to use.

To make life easier, you can create tags straight away. That means all the keywords you added will be grouped as one.

Do note that you can also upload your keywords in CSV format.

Step #3: Integrate With Third-Party Applications

On the menu located on the left-hand sidebar, you’ll find the Integration menu. Once clicked, you can start integrating third-party apps like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, Adobe Analytics, and more.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 19

AccuRanker is more powerful if you integrate apps, especially with analytics tools. You’ll get more useful and accurate results if you do.

Should you need help integrating some of these applications, AccuRanker has step-by-step guides available. For example, here is its guide for connecting Google Analytics to AccuRanker.

Step #4: Configure Your Account

If you’re working with a team, you can add new members to your subscription through the Account settings.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 20

The Account settings page has a number of tabs. The first one, Account Information, is where you edit your account name and add your logo. In the next tab, Users, you can add new users by entering the user’s name and email address. You can also set if the user gets admin privileges or not.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 21

The rest of the tabs is where you’ll find the options to update your external access, subscription information (billing, payment method, etc.), connected integrations, and wallet.

Step #5: Explore Your Dashboard

Once you have everything set up, you can now explore your dashboard and go over your keyword rankings.

From the dashboard, select a domain to inspect.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 22

This would redirect you to a new page. It’s here that you’ll find all the data you’ll need to assess your site.

Take note of the tabs located above all the graphics. Clicking on these tabs will bring up new information. For example, clicking the Keywords tab will display all your keywords as well as their current position in the SERPs.

AccuRanker Pricing

With AccuRanker, there are no plans to choose from. You either pay monthly or yearly with the latter option saving you 10% of the cost.

Instead, your bill will depend on how many keywords you intend to track.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 23

Those who plan on tracking 1,000 keywords or less will have to pay $109/month (or $99/month for yearly billing). On the opposite end of the spectrum, those who would like to track 50,000 keywords will pay $2,149/month ($1,929/month if billed yearly).

The nice thing about this pricing structure is that whatever option you go with, you’ll have access to all the features including unlimited users and domains.

This is unlike other SEO tools where they limit access if you’re not on their biggest plan.

Even better, users can upgrade or downgrade their accounts. This comes in handy in the event that you realize you’ll need to track more or fewer keywords.

And if you ever change your mind, AccuRanker has a 14-day refund policy that starts from the date of your purchase.

If you want to try the product for free, take advantage of AccuRanker’s 14-day free trial.

AccuRanker Review: Pros and Cons

So should you use AccuRanker as a rank tracking tool? Before you sign up, take the following points into consideration.

PRO: Accurate Data

AccuRanker claims to deliver 99% accurate data both globally and at a local level. And based on everything we’ve seen so far, there’s no reason to doubt the company. The amount of data you’ll have at your fingertips is amazing. 

And because you can update it to reflect the most recent stats, there’s no doubt you’ll have the latest information at your disposal as you implement your SEO strategy.

CON: Not Beginner-Friendly

AccuRanker is great for those who have an idea of what to do with the ranking information generated. But for those who are new to SEO tools, they might become overwhelmed with the amount of data to go through. 

It’s strictly a rank tracking tool — it won’t hold your hand as you go through the process.

PRO: Pay for What You Use

AccuRanker’s pricing strategy is great because you only pay for what you use. If you’re not tracking more than 1,000 keywords, then there’s no need to upgrade to a pricier plan.

And if you need more keywords, the option will always be there for you. You can switch to a higher plan as needed.

CON: Limited Features

If all you’re looking for is a rank tracking tool, then AccuRanker might be the tool for you. It delivers on what it promises. 

However, while some SEO tools may not be as accurate as AccuRanker, they do offer rank tracking features on top of other SEO services you might need. And they are comparable in pricing.

AccuRanker Review: How Good is This Rank Tracking Tool? 24

As an example, Ahrefs has a limited rank tracking feature in its Lite plan ($99). It can only track 500 keywords every 7 days. But you also get access to site audits, site explorer, and other features that make Ahrefs a robust SEO tool.

PRO: Full Access

As mentioned earlier, you won’t have to upgrade your plan to get a taste of AccuRanker’s powerful features. They’re included no matter how many keywords you decide to track.

Verdict: Will AccuRanker Work?


Rafael Rivera



Simply put: Yes.

AccuRanker is one of the best rank tracking tools in the market today. Its accuracy is impressive and the fact that you can refresh the data at will is outstanding.

Online marketers will love using AccuRanker for planning their SEO strategies.