What is SEO Tools Finder?

SEO Tools Finder is a website that reviews the best tools and software that will help you make an educated choice as to which premium tool you must buy and take your SEO strategy to the next level!

Read Reviews of Popular SEO Apps

There are a handful of critically-acclaimed SEO tools that will appeal to you. I break each one of them down to see if the hype is real.

Find Underrated SEO Tools You Need

Just because the tool is popular, doesn’t mean that’s what you should buy. There are other tools out I reviewed that may be better suited for your business.

Get the Tools at Discounted Prices

I am also on the lookout for the latest discounts and deals of the SEO tools I reviewed. By signing up to my newsletter, you will get the deals ASAP straight to your inbox.

Below are other things you will learn from the site:

  • Find SEO guides and resources that will help you learn how search engines can work to your advantage. This way, you get a better understand how you can use the different tools and software available at your disposal so you can produce better results in your campaigns.
  • Provide insightful and exclusive content about the industry with the help of SEO experts and professionals. Of course, you will learn how they use specific tools to power their strategy.
  • If you have an SEO tool that you want me to review, you can send them over for our team to review it for you. This way, you help promote your tool to people so they can try it out.


Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez

The Guy Who Set Up The Blog and Sometimes Writes the Reviews

I’ve been a content writer since 2006 and have developed an affinity for SEO. My passion for the practice of ranking websites has landed me writing gigs on publications like Monitor Backlinks, Niche Pursuits, GetResponse, Search Engine Journal, and others.

More importantly, I’m an SEO tool addict. I try to get my hands on the best, latest, and even the most obscure tools to play around with them. This eventually led me to set up this blog to talk about it, since nobody in my real life would understand what the hell I’m saying.

Aside from writing for a living, I’m also a pro wrestling mark, a heavy metal aficionado, and a lousy guitar player.

nikola roza

Nikola Roza


I started my writing career in 2017 after two failed attempts in 2015 and 2016. And I haven’t looked back. 

My passion for SEO got ignited when I was able to rank my brand new blog for my brand’s name. And since then it never went out but kept burning stronger and stronger as I got more and more success with SEO.

And what really helped me turn my mediocre SEO results into superb SEO results were tools, SEO tools to be exact.

I’m a tool addict and am not afraid to admit it as I use my addiction to fuel my growth in the SERPs.

Is that just an excuse for me?

Only time will tell:)


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