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What’s the Best SEO Tool to Use?

Learn the questions you need to answers and variables to consider when shopping for an SEO tool to help your website generate more traffic on Google search.

SEO Factors that You Need Tools for

Not sure the kind of SEO tool you need for your business? Let us help you identify the SEO factors you may want to focus on your site and tools that will help you.

Don’t Have Budget for SEO Tools?

You really don’t need to shell out cash for SEO tools! If you don’t mind manually getting down and dirty with SEO, then these free software ought to do the trick!

Why Do You Need SEO Tools for You Website?

SEO is one of the best ways to get more of your audience to visit your website and learn more about your brand. And you can learn the best SEO practices and techniques to get the job done.

However, due to the complex processes that some of these SEO tactics requires, it’s hard to keep up with the demand with just your knowledge. You’ll need to as much help you can get to get these tasks done in record time.

This is where SEO tools come in. Below are the reasons why you need to use SEO software now more than ever.

Saves You Time

Using these tools help you gather data and information about your campaigns with a few clicks of a button unlike before when you had to do them manually.

Automate Boring Tasks

Skip repeatable SEO tasks like competitor research, keyword brainstorming, and backlink analysis so you can focus on the meat of your SEO strategy.

Unearth Useful Data

Find insight SEO information that you wouldn’t normally find in your manual research. Then use this data to supercharge your SEO strategy and improve your campaign.

Lets You Focus on Results

By harvest SEO data in minutes using these stools, you can implement and put the information into action so you deliver the results to your website faster!


To make it easier for you, below are the top four SEO tools I highly recommend based on my time testing and using them. You can be sure that they will help you get the job done, no matter what your SEO needs may be.

Best SEO Tool



Ahrefs is the best SEO tool in the market, period.

It returns comprehensive data about a keyword, content, or website. You can then drill down on the results using its powerful filtering system so you can find the information you’re looking for.

You can even interact with its vibrant online community on Facebook to ask questions, learn more about SEO, and grow your website’s organic traffic faster.

Ahrefs is for people who are serious about their SEO. And if you’re one of them, then Ahrefs is the real deal.

Surfer SEO

SurferSEO is one of the better SEO tools in the market for content creators and publishers.

It provides all the data you need to create content that a notch above the top 10 results, thus increasing your chances of ranking above them in search results.

The Content Editor, while still in beta version, is going to be a killer tool moving forward. With its affordable price point, I can easily see this tool breaking it big once the beta features go live.

In my opinion, SurferSEO right now is a perfect complement to your primary SEO tools like Ahrefs or even SEMrush.

It gives additional insights to data not available on the aforementioned tools. It’s also a more budget-conscious tool for people who conduct competitive analyses aside from content creation.

Best Marketing Tool

semrush logo


Simply put, SEMrush is one of the best marketing tools in the market – if not the best. It has everything you need to optimize and maximize your site’s performance in all aspects of your online business. And you can do that in a single dashboard! The best thing about this tool is the ability to research for data, whether it’s keywords or content, and turn it into actionable items for your marketing strategy.

Most Affordable

seo powersuite logo

SEO Powersuite

SEO Powersuite is the best desktop-based SEO software in the market. It allows you to develop and roll out an SEO strategy using the four tools for your site or clients. The Website Auditor and Rank Tracker help you audit your site as well as research and track keywords for your website. The SEO Spyglass and Link Assistant can help you implement a solid link building strategy. However, the former has a limited database while the former doesn’t hold up on its own – it’s best if you import data from a third-party tool to find link prospects. Regardless, it doesn’t make SEO Powersuite any less powerful than it already is.


As far as keyword research and SEO tools are concerned, KWFinder is the real deal.

As seen on their website, KWFinder makes SEO research very, very simple to a fault. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional, KWFinder delivers results and loads data at an impeccable speed.

Also, the different Mangools app complement each other very well. While the KWFinder is arguably the best of the bunch, the others stand on their own very well. They don’t feel forced together.

It also helps that each app link to each other seamlessly to produce a very efficient workflow in not only researching for the best keywords but also analyze SERPs, spy on backlinks and others.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a very good keyword research tool, then KWFinder is it.


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